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Whitebuck reviewed on 02 Apr 2014
I keep certain Folders for which I need the old search Bar layout and operation mode on a routine basis and the new search is thwart with inadequacy and difficulty of use. I am back to using Pages 09 - 4.1. Thanks to Super Duper Backup App. After installing 5.1 and discovering the functions that I required were mucked up by Apple. I re-installed 4.1 to find that Apple had deliberately broke the look up in Dictionary - Thesaurus option or sabotaged the option, obviously to force the acceptance and use of 5.1. This is the same tactic they employed when trying to force people to upgrade to Mavericks. They broke the Growl and other third party interface functions in Apple Mail and other Apps, under the guise of a Security updates. Following that underhanded tactic, I switched to Thunderbird and never looked back. Now it appears they are once more forcing me to search for an alternative Application. The new Apple Software and Hardware protocol "Business Plan" is extremely maligned. "Free" does not compensate for such selfish and inconsiderate dirty deeds!
[Version 5.2]

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Whitebuck replied on 02 Apr 2014
Correction, "This is the same tactic they employed when trying to force people to upgrade to Mavericks." It was not Mavericks, but Lion or Mountain Lion, I don't recall which.
Whitebuck commented on 31 Mar 2014
Comment or first impression. After visiting their Web Site.
Just checking out their Web site is very disconcerting, knowing it was Made with Everweb. In Firefox 28, their Buy and Download Links did not work! I was forced to open the links in Opera Next. And they are trying to sell upgrades before a consumer has even purchased a License! Contemptible greed, suggest a lack of integrity. It seems that they intend to victimize their consumers with perpetual extortion, for overpriced upgrades. From what appears to be an unscrupulous Software vender. My excitement for a possible replacement for iWeb was quickly tempered. I await, a reply from Rage Software.
[Version 1.3.1]

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Whitebuck replied on 31 Mar 2014
I recant, for Firefox does work after allowing "Google analytics tracker" in Ghostery.

Whitebuck replied on 31 Mar 2014
1. We are upfront about all costs and licensing fees BEFORE a user must purchase
2. We provide a year of FREE upgrades and support
3. We don't require upgrade fees, ONLY if the user determines they are worthy of the fee
4. We offer other pricing structures that in most cases save people money because they don't need to pay for hosting too
5. We update very frequently

At most, EverWeb will cost you either

a. $80 ($79.95) for the first year and $50 (49.95) for every year after that


b. $100(99.90)/year with hosting

Paul Levine
RAGE Web Hosting
1136 Centre St. Suite 262
Thornhill, Ontario
L4J3M8, Canada

Paul Levine was quick to respond, congenial and very helpful.

Yearly updates for 49.95 after the first year are exorbitant in my opinion and not protocol with any of my other 169 Applications. To much like taxes!

I do not want to pay $50.00 a year for an application. A more affordable and typical upgrade protocol of every 18 to 24 months or longer is acceptable and some of my favorites are one time purchase for life upgrades. Oh well, it is what it is.

Whitebuck replied on 31 Mar 2014
After correspondence with Everwebs developers they do not appear to be unscrupulous in any way and their initial price for EverWeb is acceptable. That said, I still vehemently dis-like and disagree with their update protocol and pricing for their EverWeb App without hosting. But it may be exactly what others need. We all have different requirements and demands from our software. If their pricing scheme changes, I may ultimately purchase it to replace Apples abandoned iWeb. Because I love the simplicity. I downloaded it and still intend exploring it further.

Thanks again to Paul Levine of Rage Software for his patient, politely informative and quick replies.

Whitebuck reviewed on 04 Mar 2014
Nuance is absolutely rapacious with their updates. I use Apple Dictation and if I must use my Nuance app, I am fortunately, able to use MacSpeech Dictate 1.5.9 (7849) in Snow Leopard and Mavericks, when it becomes unusable or incompatible with OSX. I will uninstall it and bid adieu to Nuance/Dragon Dictate and their skulduggery.

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. -Elie Wiesel, writer, Nobel laureate (b. 1928)
[Version 4.0]


Whitebuck reviewed on 27 Sep 2013
Too many problems with Chromium/Chrome. This time it's the update 29.0.1547.76. Browser crashes, fails to open after auto update, so I manually downloaded and re-installed, same problem! So, I uninstall and reinstall, same problem! No more Chromium/Chrome for me! Waste of time and energy. I have earnestly tried to like and use Chromium/Chrome over the last three years. I capitulate, It's not going to happen. Long live Firefox Desktop. I hope...
[Version 29.0.1547.76]

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Whitebuck replied on 30 Sep 2013
Affirmation of my statements and for my decision.

From the developer:

"We cannot do anything with Chromium crash reports, only the official Google Chrome."

Thank you for sharing, Mdewakanton. This also further confirms the dubious and irremovable connection between Chromium and Chrome.

Whitebuck replied on 30 Sep 2013
@Aadams77, the reason for your redundancy is...

Whitebuck replied on 30 Sep 2013
@Aadams77, no harm no foul. My statement "This also further confirms the dubious and irremovable connection between Chromium and Chrome." Is to validate, that one cannot have the chicken, without the egg. Which so many have mistakenly assumed otherwise. Including myself.

Whitebuck reviewed on 06 Sep 2013
Thank you, LateNiteSoft, for the expeditious update 1.9.3. I use your application after every update on any of my software. With only one minor bug experience, during my years of use. An excellent application and would highly recommend to all.
[Version 1.9.2]


Whitebuck reviewed on 17 Jul 2013
Review and information correction for MacUpdate. Price is 15.00 EUR not 15.00 USD (dollars) actual USD cost is $20.07, below is info from my receipt.

Merchant information:
XXXXXXXX Instructions to merchant:
None provided
Shipping information
Shipping method
Not specified
Description Unit price Qty Amount
Item #: OSX02
€15.00 EUR 1 15.00 EUR
Total: €15.00 EUR
From amount: $20.07 USD
To amount: €15.00 EUR
Exchange rate: 1 USD = 0.747384 EU
[Version 3.8.1]


Whitebuck reviewed on 04 Jun 2013
Looks like Snow Leopard will be my last Apple OS X and MacFamily Tree 6 will be my last Synium Software. Their ill conceived logic or lack of and their insistence on the App store, destroy and stifle free and open enterprise! CHOICE!
They have already stopped supporting my other "purchased" Synium Software, Chronories, because of their decision, for App Store distribution exclusivity. Below is their explanation on their web site for discontinuing Chronories and the reason why I choose to avoid the App Store Software whenever possibly.

"Why have we stopped selling Chronories?"

"Apple implemented some major modifications to the way applications are allowed to interact or access data from different applications. Unfortunately, Chronories is one of the applications that are severely affected by these decisions. While technologies like "Sandboxing" improve the general security of the whole system, several applications can no longer be maintained as before. Even updates to the existing app are nearly impossible because Sandboxing is required for any further update."

"This is we had to stop selling Chronories... although we really liked it a lot."
[Version 7.0]


Whitebuck reviewed on 30 Nov 2012
Pay 9.00 dollars for bug fixes and fixing what wasn't broke with less than. Looks like no more iStat Menus for myself! Far too much money for too little, even if, it was a true upgrade.
[Version 4.00]

Whitebuck commented on 19 Sep 2012
Heads up to anyone using the Apple Mail plugins Letter Box, Wide Mail and Growl Mail, this security update inexplicably disables all three. Farewell Apple Mail. I just finished transferring all mail accounts to Thunderbird. Apple seems to be trying very hard to force Mountain Lion on all. Thanks to Apple's new business plan, I was already in the process of setting up the Linux distro Ultimate Edition 3.4. Which is an awesome iteration of Ubuntu. Dual boot, not that hard. I wish they hadn't of forced my hand, for I was so content with my iMac, OSX and all my costly Applications, oh well...Onward thru the fog. Because, it doesn't look like Apple cares what I and many others think or do.
[Version 2012-004]

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Whitebuck replied on 19 Sep 2012
About the security content of OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.2, OS X Lion v10.7.5 and Security Update 2012-004


Available for: Mac OS X v10.6.8, Mac OS X Server v10.6.8, OS X Lion v10.7 to v10.7.4, OS X Lion Server v10.7 to v10.7.4

Impact: Viewing an e-mail message may lead to execution of web plugins

Description: An input validation error existed in Mail's handling of embedded web plugins. This issue was addressed by disabling third-party plug-ins in Mail. This issue does not affect OS X Mountain Lion systems.


CVE-2012-3719 : Will Dormann of the CERT/CC

This is an unbelievable malicious act! Not Security!


Whitebuck replied on 10 Feb 2014
Now dual booting Linux Kubuntu and Mavericks with it's annoying unaddressed bugs in Finder and System Preferences, along with it's painfully slow initial loading of System, Native and Third Party applications. If they had a equivalent to Super Dupers backup application in Linux, I would of already made a full transfer to Kubuntu. Will and must eventually get there. For Apple has become woefully obstinate.

Whitebuck reviewed on 28 Aug 2012
Thank you Mozilla for the best browser, hands down. Your continued improvements are definitely realized and greatly appreciated.
[Version 15.0]

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