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Wheninrome reviewed on 13 Feb 2013
Seems that Mariner is trying to work the entire scope of the writing process with this offering. I do use Contour and StoryMill from Mariner, and personally, glad to see an app like this. I do agree that there is a lot of “free” information already available, but I like having some of that information readily accessible, which is what Persona does for me. I am intelligent enough to know that the profiles and personalities shown here are not comprehensive, but there is plenty of information that will serve to get me started on a character and to think about some aspects of a character’s personality I might have otherwise missed. I also appreciate the juxaposition of personalities. I consider this a “springboard” type of product. As far as price, I am a firm believer of supporting the small (or mid-size - whichever Mariner claims to be) company, perhaps now more than ever.
Overall, Persona is a good “first effort.” It does need a bit of tweaking but again, I have used it as a starting point for my writing and pretty satisfied with it.
[Version 1.1.0]


Wheninrome reviewed on 13 Feb 2013
Oh, I am so excited about this app! I confess that I have only begun tooling around in it. The only mistake I have made so far is to download it while at work - I am not sure I can concentrate on work - I'll be thinking about planning my bike trips! Hurry up and get here, Spring!

Seriously, I am really liking what I see. The options available are amazing. Being able to set personal preferences is a bonus but having the ability to plan a ride, in advance, is fantastic. I don't see using this app as squashing any spontaneity either but rather enhancing it.
[Version 3.7.722]


Wheninrome reviewed on 16 Feb 2011
Let me confess from the get go here - I am a fan of Mariner so yes, this review will appear biased. And, as someone who is relatively new at writing but with a lot of experience in drawing and painting, I know that creativity begins in the brain.

I just recently downloaded Montage to try my hand at writing a screenplay.
So I tooled around a bit and found some goodies that have made me excited about writing my script. One is the full screen deal - as a painter, a blank canvas is not a threat but very appealing. And so it is with the full screen view of Montage - this nice clean area (with the color of my choosing) is very nice indeed.

Next on the goodie list is those character and location areas where you can add all sort of things about each one (including pictures which is very nice) and having it all right there is something that I know I will take advantage of.

Equally of value will be the list of folks I can send a script to (when I get up the nerve) because, well, as stated earlier - this is a new experience for me so I’ll need all the help I can get.

So overall, at this point, I’d have to say that I am a happy camper. Although, I did notice in reading the user guide (yeah - I am one that actually reads those things) - did I see correctly the copyright date of 1998-2009? Come on guys! It’s 2011! Isn’t there a newer version of Montage out there?
[Version 1.5.4]


Wheninrome reviewed on 23 Nov 2010
This application is extremely useful because of its simplicity. Simplicity is not a bad thing either - especially when all you are looking for is something to assist you with basic tracking of expenses. SEE Finance is clean and neat - just like we all wish our finances could be! Yes - you can do more than keep a simple check register. What's nice is that you don't have to sort through a bunch of other stuff to get there. I do agree with the user who would like a 'dismiss' function for recurring transactions. When you open the application and the recurring transaction window appears, well, you don't always have time (or the money, perhaps) to agree to posting the transaction. While there are options when you set one up, let's face it - when it comes to money management, we all start out with good intentions but things happen sometimes that thwart even the best of them!

That's just my 2 cents worth!


Wheninrome reviewed on 08 Nov 2010
It's hard to see, at first, what a product like Narrator can do for you. But once you play around a bit, the uses become clear. Narrator is kind of like Shrek, who equates an ogre like an onion - there's lots of layers.
So, for one layer, if you're like me, when you write a letter for a business purpose, you need to read it out loud. A lot. Yes, you can read it yourself, but in order to be effective - you really need another voice. Narrator cleanly fills that role. As a small business owner, Narrator sure has come in handy.
Another layer of Narrator that again, isn't as apparent - is as a study buddy. Now, I am a visual learner, so I really appreciate things like diagrams and videos. I need to see what I am learning. So knowing that a product like Narrator can act as a study buddy for those who need to listen in order to really learn their material - well, let's just say that I can sympathize and wish that there was something like that for us visual learners when we were in school.
Lastly, as someone who is going to have to be on the lookout for AMD (for the uninformed, that's Age-related Macular Degeneration)and who already has a family member with it - in addition to books on tape and the like, a person with low-vision now has Narrator which is one more way to enhance their quality of life. And that's no small thing.
I haven't gone through all the layers of this product, but if what I've uncovered so far is any indication of all that's inside Narrator, I know that I will not be disappointed.
[Version 2.1.0]

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