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Wasted my time reviewed on 13 May 2008
Bean is great!

Possible enhancements:
- Convert multiple spaces to one space (I often type two or more spaces if I write fast.)
Search & Replace is such a long way for that correction. A shortcut for that (maybe ctrl-alt-apple-space) would be great.

- Delete line breaks/line feeds in a selection (usefull if you get a hard formatted text with to long lines from someone) A shortcut for that

- Ability to delete points in a selection (Some people use points instead of spaces in some documents, Search & Replace can't replace points, I don't know why it can't do that)

- Standard background in another color (light grey or so) instead of white (white is so hard for the eyes on modern LCDs)

- Delete given background colors

- Save Search & Replace actions for later use (if possible)

- The Multilingual Edition is still at 0.91...
Is it hard to localize for some reasons?

Again: even in it's early state an absolutely great app, many thanks.
[Version 1.2]


Wasted my time reviewed on 13 May 2008
All this "developer power", what for?

TextEdit, Bean, Smultron, Textwrangler, etc., are better and they are free, so what for?
[Version 4.0]


Wasted my time reviewed on 13 May 2008
Tested iCab for a week now and I must say, it's the best browser on Mac, fast and highly costumizable, wonderfull app.

my memory is completely eaten after 1 or 2 hours of use, I habe to quit and restart iCab then.
I think that's only on sites with javascript, it would be great if iCab could free up the (javascript use of...) memory from time to time.
And if you generally turn off javascript in the preferences, but want to active javascript for some sites, the way to the filter manager is a very long and time consuming way, a button in the status line for that would be much easier.

But overall iCab is a fantastic browser.
[Version 4.1.1]

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Wasted my time replied on 13 May 2008
> "it's not iCab, it's webkit"

Hello Mr. Clauss,

Thank you for your reply.

As I've recognized the same with Safari some time ago, I've written to Apple about it, - they told me that there is no memory waste.
(So Apples own app Activity Monitor must be very stupid...)
Javascripts can take as much memory/resources as they want, like standalone miniapps, so if I open 20 or 30 sites one after one in a web session, after some time the memory can be full. I can't quit Javascripts that I don't need anymore, like I can quit normal apps. They only quit when _the scripts_ want.
They called that normal..., but I want to quit anything what and when I want, it's _my_ Mac.
Javsscripts can block the usage of the menuebar, block the context menue, the usage of buttons, they can block my ability to close their windows, they can open 20 windows if I click on only one link and many more. They "have the right" to use time events so that I can close adversing windows they opened only after 30 seconds and thelike.
I know I can restrict a few of the Javscript "rights" in iCabs preferences, but not all and some websites can trick that out.

I don't think unkown people from anywhere should have the right to takeover my browser, I think that _I_ have the right to block all that or quit it at every time I want to, again: it is _my_ computer.

And I thought there would be a way to kill the Javascript usage of ressources at least when I've closed that windows, but Javascripts seem to have many rights and a high dominance on a Computer (once started, nearly can do and use what they want in my browser/memory).

And yes, Apple told me to use Leopard (of course they told me that...).
But I have to stay with Tiger for a while (compatibility of some apps)

I tested this with the latest version of Safari (3.1.1), as I remember it installs a brandnew version of Webkit on my Tiger, but is was the same, my memory was completely filled after opening a few websites with intensive Javascript usage. I have 1 Gb of memory...

After all, I think the webdesigner/programmers have rights on my Mac that they shouldn't have, it's my Mac and I like to have the controll over it.
If I can't quit the usage of resources of Javascripts when I don't need them anymore (sites closed) while I'm surfing the web, it seems very obscure to me. And I don't want to restart my Mac to get rid of all the Javascript garbage. That's to much like it was on OS 9.
I don't like that unkown people from anywhere can do such things on my Mac while I'm surfing. Maybe the whole Javascript thing is a potential security hole, maybe only I think of that as unsecure.

I don't know, I wish iCab whould have something like a "Terminator" for Javascripts that are unwanted or not needed anymore. I would like to have the option to quit anything at every time on my Mac. But Javascript seems to be the uncontrolled exception.

In my eyes something like "Terminate Scripts and free up" buttons in the Statusbar whould be a great enhancement to your great browser.
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