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Wanderer commented on 05 Mar 2014
I have v2.6.6 so how can v 2.6.18 be newer?

Obviously you northern-hemisphereans are not familiar with the decimal system, and I've never seen it with two decimal points.

Seriously though, is x.x.18 newer than x.x.6?
[Version 2.6.18]

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Wanderer replied on 05 Mar 2014
What does the user have to do with it? It's the developer(s) that come up with the versioning system.

Wanderer replied on 06 Mar 2014
153957photography - thanks for the explanation, though I doubt it's only a few people on a slice of the planet that haven't heard of Semantic Versioning.

Wanderer reviewed on 16 Dec 2013
Stopped working as of the release of Mavericks 10.9.1, hoping for an update soon?
[Version 2.9.11]

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Wanderer replied on 16 Dec 2013
Wow that was quick!
Wanderer commented on 14 Dec 2013
iOS already does this, what's the point of Xmarks?
[Version 2.0.9]


Wanderer reviewed on 24 Nov 2013
This version stops working about 5 minutes after a restart. The shortcut (double-control in my case) won't open the search window although manually opening the application (using spotlight) works but that defeats the purpose.

Running Mavericks on a Mac Mini.
[Version 5.6.1]

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Wanderer replied on 20 Dec 2013
Still having this issue with 5.6.2.

Wanderer reviewed on 02 Jul 2013
Just downloaded this and the first thing it said was that an update is available. I let it update itself then it said... "Update canceled because it is not properly signed".
[Version 3.1.1]


Wanderer reviewed on 07 Feb 2013
So I upgraded to Lingon 3.1.3, is Lingon X another upgrade I have to pay for?
[Version 1.0.1]


Wanderer reviewed on 28 Oct 2011
This has been my BitTorrent choice for years but lately it has been stalling after 5 minutes or so and taking out my internet connection requiring a modem reset to get it back.

Has my ISP done something to block it?

Other BitTorrent clients seem to be working fine, no stalls.
[Version 2.42]


Wanderer reviewed on 28 Aug 2011
This is way too geeky, people who can use this don't need it. Put a human interface on it however and you have a winner.
[Version 2.2]


Wanderer reviewed on 19 Dec 2010
This is the worst piece of cr*p for the Mac I've ever seen. What's it supposed to do? The cursor disappears when another application needs my attention, when it comes back it looks like an Atari cursor from the time of Moses. I can't add any media no matter which format I have, why does it take over full screen? What's with that ugly ticker at the bottom? Garbage plus, it cost me download time and fragmentation on my hard disk now I've trashed it.
[Version 10.0]

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Wanderer replied on 20 Dec 2010
Clueless? I don't think so, been on a Mac since 1984!

This application belongs on a PC running Windows something or other, not a Mac where human interface guidelines exist for a reason.

Plex? that's the second most useless piece of cr*p after XBMC.
Wanderer commented on 27 Aug 2010
If the developer can't be bothered with a screenshot bigger than the thumbnail they're probably not bothered much at all. Does it convert Flash?
[Version 1.3b]

Wanderer had trouble on 04 Feb 2014
I used to be able to Quicklook .avi movies but since this update I can't. Not sure it's related to VLC but nothing else changed.
[Version 2.1.3]

Wanderer had trouble on 15 Dec 2013
Not a good start, what's with this error: "Your browser cannot
play this file."

It's a simple jpg picture file. Doesn't Copy play well with Safari?
[Version 1.40.0196]

Wanderer had trouble on 21 Nov 2010
Is it just me or has the file permissions column in list view disappeared with version 10.0.2?
[Version 10.0.2]

Wanderer had trouble on 27 Sep 2010
How can I get that prefs window back?

There is no dock icon nor a menu for the application.
[Version 1.37]

Wanderer had trouble on 02 Mar 2010
I'm in Melbourne Australia. The weather is for Melbourne but the radar image is of New Zealand! Please fix?
[Version 1.4.9]

Wanderer had trouble on 15 Feb 2010
Wrong password/algorithm for file 'Bank_Statement.damn-tf' !

Not a good start! The error above was caused by double-clicking on a .damn file

It didn't even give me a chance to enter a password.

I had "Link encryption and decryption passwords" checked.

What gives?

Lucky I didn't have the "Delete source after encryption/decryption" checked!
[Version 1.40]

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Wanderer replied on 16 Feb 2010
No to both.
Wanderer had trouble on 07 May 2009
I have 1.0.4 and the "Check for updates..." keeps telling me I have the latest version.

Should I update manually?
[Version 1.1.1]

Wanderer had trouble on 17 May 2008
It does not work on a PPC PowerBook running the latest Leopard.

The widget just sits there with the "Computer Generated Dreams" logo.

The demo on the web site did the same thing.
[Version 1.0.1]

Wanderer had trouble on 24 Oct 2007
Disk image will not mount, says "not a recognised format".

What's a .bz2 file anyway?
[Version 0.90]

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Wanderer replied on 24 Oct 2007
I used Expander to extract the dmg file but it was not recognised, as I said.

Why not just zip the bleeding thing?
Wanderer had trouble on 23 Aug 2007
Pretty indeed but now my Airport Menu does not work. That is, clicking on the new pretty icon does nothing.
[Version 1.0.9]

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Wanderer commented on 23 Aug 2007
It would be nice to know what these known issues are? No way I'm wasting more time to simply get the same result. Funny but the worked, didn't. Oh and you spelt Volume wrong!
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