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Wakayama reviewed on 14 Sep 2011
be very careful. Defragged a storage partition, 8 hours for around 200gigs, but then could not launch apps from that partition. A short while later (minutes...) whilst trying to browse the partition, got a kernel panic. First one this year.
Upon reboot, the volume would not mount. Not happy. Disk utility could not repair it - really not happy. Fortunately disk warrior saved the day, and was able to resurrect the partition and get most of the apps working (regular files were not affected), but lots of adobe apps gone for good, so will need to reinstall those.
Only one star because I can't work out how to give negative stars.
Be very very careful, and have a complete backup before trying this.
[Version 1.0]


Wakayama reviewed on 20 Jul 2011
Fantastic app, and by the looks of it (this morning at least) there's a new version out - 3.4 - which isn't on mu yet. Many new and very welcome features, backing up to network drives being the handiest for me.

Worth every one of the 5 stars, and also each of the three times I've donated in the past. This has saved my neck, and data, many times, and for the price of a pizza and drink, it's a laughably value-for-money non-nagging piece of quality shareware. A great complement to time machine, especially when major OS updates are looming. Like now.
Cheers Mike, keep up the great work
[Version 3.3.7]


Wakayama reviewed on 17 May 2011
brilliant, just brilliant
[Version 7.3.0]

Wakayama commented on 14 Feb 2011
here, if you're online anyways, try this.|en|

you can upload a full document and it will translate it. For free.

How do I give this app -5 stars?

I'm giving it 1, just so I can post this, and save people money from buying crud
[Version 5.4.3]

Wakayama commented on 16 Sep 2008
Brilliant, brilliant app! Having accidentally destroyed the master boot record (MPR), and lost a couple of partitions on my macbook pro internal drive, AND gone through the usual suspects for trying to resurrect a drive, I was beginning to despair and just on the verge of shelling out $100+ for a programme to just get the files back (but wouldn't resurrect the partition itself), I came across this little app.
The destruction manual could do with a little more info, as I didn't really believe it could do the job all by itself from what I had read, but lo and behold, it did. For free, as in beer.
If you are trying to recover a lost partition, give this a shot - especially on an intel mac, it's suhweet.
Cheers to the developer(s) for this!

(I tried to enter this as a review, but macupdate isn't loving me today. So here are my five stars *****)
[Version 6.10]


Wakayama reviewed on 08 Jul 2008
many thanks! Too bad some companies *cough* Apple *cough* can't be as swift with patches.
Mind you, they are running a bit low on funds these days, so maybe manpower resources are an issue.

[Version 1.2]


Wakayama reviewed on 26 May 2008
does exactly what it says on the tin. Living abroad, I'm not able to get to watch 'catch up' on iplayer or the itv equivalent. This weekend I found two ways round this, one was issh, and the other was ivpn. I didn't realise they were both by the same chap - brilliant!
Anyways, the review. The server is very simple to set up, but don't forget to open the ports on the server side, and port redirect the router. I bet that catches a couple of newbies out, the port is 1723.
Client side, the only confusion was after entering the settings in leopard, you need to 'apply' the settings before hitting 'connect', which seems a bit Windows-ish to me. But that is nothing to do with this app or the author.
Many many thanks. Now I got iplayer, and printing direct to my office comp, and afp, and.... You get the picture.
[Version 1.0]

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Wakayama replied on 03 Jun 2008
no, not at all. You can just use issh to set up a tunnel and route all your http traffic via your/a computer in blighty (of course you have to have admin privileges on that computer and to have allowed ssh access on port 22, as well as port redirection on your router to make sure wan traffic actually reaches your server computer). That alone is enough for iplayer, and with firefox, you can tell it to use the socks proxy for http traffic, without all your other net traffic travelling down that little ssh pipe - your net traffic via the pipe will only be as fast as your upload speed on the uk computer.
BUT, with ivpn, you can do the above, and then pretend you are on your uk lan, so that printers on the uk lan become available, you can access your webmail/regular mail securely, have afp, etc etc. And remember that all this traffic going down the pipe is nice and secure through the vpn, as well as (and this is the important bit) as far as the bbc is concerned, you are surfing from your uk lan, and so can access all the content on iplayer, itv etc.
Crikey, I did rattle on a bit, didn't I? If I have time in the not too distant, I'll set up a little page, to explain how to do this all as it would affect a brit, but I can't promise it will be any time soon. Kid A, kid B, work, visiting family, they are all conspiring to keep me from doing interesting things like setting up little pages.
Good luck!
Wakayama commented on 13 Mar 2008
Brilliant little plugin, and always progressing. Just being able to command click on youtube etc files to save them to disk alone is worth it. Domo~ domo~!
[Version 3.0L159]


Wakayama reviewed on 13 Nov 2007
When I read the comment below about it not being supported in leopard I was really depressed. However, never one to believe what someone says (I'm still not convinced that mum is telling the truth about 'dad') I installed it anyways. At first my depression was deepened by its absence in the CM. However, if you look down the bottom, to 'more', you see it there in all its glory.

Do~mo, do~mo, Itoh-san, sueden kara domoarigatogozaimashita!
[Version 2.0]

Wakayama commented on 30 Mar 2007
this and other flv player are a total resource hog - on my g4 1.5 gig powerbook playback falls apart if I bring an other app or window to the foreground.

Do yourselves a big favour, and download the perian plugin for quicktime, and tame those flv files

it just doesn't get any simpler, and it's totally free

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