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Vitalis rated on 06 Jan 2014
[Version 1.0.4]

Vitalis commented on 03 Sep 2007
Just a guess, made with REALbasic?
[Version 1.0]

Vitalis commented on 22 May 2007
It would be nice to have a visual playlist so we can choose songs on demand instead of re-dragging another song on the player, but nice to see that atleast it does do multiple files in order
[Version 0.2]

Vitalis commented on 18 Apr 2007
And then there's also Unison, which has been on the market for quite a long while and a couple of others, so I wouldn't say this is the first Newsgroups/Usenet reader for MacOS X.

Other then that it seems like a neat app for a 0.5 release.
[Version 0.5]

Vitalis commented on 13 Apr 2007
Very neat application :D

Just wish it would work with password protected repositories ^^
[Version 0.7.2]

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Vitalis replied on 14 Apr 2007
Maybe it's something server sided, but after checking out something from a password protected repository,
It tends to try to upload it without asking for a password to open the server up for me.
Which one way or another, results in a permissions denied error.

I've tried this with another app as well resulting in the same error, unless I use svn trough the terminal, so it might not be the application's fault ^^;

Vitalis replied on 15 Apr 2007
The server itself needs a password to connect to, otherwise it won't open any connection at all,
so when i use svn commit in the command line, it'll first ask for a password to allow me to collect to the server before it allows me to actually commit.

It stands loose from svn commit --username --password, so i think it would be something i'd have to adjust on the server to allow log in without a password

Vitalis replied on 15 Apr 2007
It's the server that's password protected, not the repository, maybe that's got something to do with it.
Or indeed it's something with my svn, though i couldn't imagine what.

I'll try it again when i make some changes on the project again ;)

besides that little problem with my set up, it's a really neat and simple little app that works well :)

Vitalis replied on 15 Apr 2007
Here's where i'm stuck:

"You can use "svn+ssh" URLs if you have arranged SSH to allow you access without a password prompt."

I haven't allowed access SSH without a password prompt on the mentioned server ;)

also, in a future release you might work on some font controlling so it's easier to see what is said in the diff pane
Vitalis commented on 31 Mar 2007
Now I just need something like this for the dutch television guide.
[Version 0.42]

Vitalis commented on 18 Feb 2007
Not quite SoundApp yet, but neat so far ;)
keep it up! i'd love to see a full 'os x version' of it :D
[Version 0.1]

Vitalis commented on 14 Jan 2007
This is one incredible piece of software, though it still has some bugs to fix
[Version 1.2(612)]

Vitalis commented on 23 Dec 2006
Unless you're on a intel mac, you should just use "Spirited Away"
Which is a much better implementation, and free at that.
[Version 1.0b]

Vitalis commented on 22 Dec 2006
Now just delete unwanted languages at the same time as unwanted binary space, and a 'droplet' to do this automatically, and this app'll be superb!
[Version 2.1]

Vitalis had trouble on 03 Dec 2007
Much better error message, I moved safari from it's 'default' folder.
However, I would want to sub-sort my apps in folders and still keep pithhelmet active, is there a way to do that?
[Version 2.8.2]

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Vitalis replied on 03 Dec 2007
I find it looks much neater to sub-organise my apps, even though i hardly use the finder, and making aliases all around just makes a whole new mess.
Vitalis had trouble on 26 Oct 2007
So, is this a SIMBL replacement or will you still need to install SIMBL itself?
[Version 1.0]

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Vitalis replied on 26 Oct 2007
Alright! I'll test it out as soon as i've installed Leopard ;)
Vitalis had trouble on 26 Mar 2007
Where to find this "Mono"?
[Version 0.2.1b]

Vitalis had trouble on 25 Jan 2007
Sounds like a winner, but just a question.
Does the one you want to share music with also have to be in possession of Maestro? or is it enough to activate the sharing option in iTunes to see their playlists?
[Version 0.75pb]

Vitalis had trouble on 08 Nov 2006
Still seeing the bug that makes it growlnotify every article while non of the indicated articles have actually updated, which makes the actual updating progress annoyingly slow.
I'm keeping 1.8.x around untill i find/get an answer as to why this is happening...
[Version 1.9.3]

Vitalis had trouble on 11 Sep 2006
Shows Growl messages for every article even if they're not updated at start-up, and following eachother only slowely, it takes a while for it to finally be done and over with.
[Version 1.9.1]

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Vitalis commented on 12 Sep 2006
It seems updating has slowed down to a crawl in general.
Vitalis had trouble on 10 Sep 2006
At startup of the program in version 1.9, it treads every single article as a new article...
[Version 1.9]

Vitalis had trouble on 15 Jun 2006
Feeds use Growl notification updation for every single news-feed even if they haven't been updated before shutdown at start-up which it didn't in the previous version.
[Version 1.8]

Vitalis had trouble on 14 Apr 2006
Somehow, it's nearly impossible to re-order the RSS Menu items in the preferences > RSS > listbox
[Version 1.7]

Vitalis had trouble on 12 Mar 2006
Nifty workings, but what difference does it make with the apple included Java Tool Template?
[Version 1.0]

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