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Vinkri reviewed on 17 Nov 2012
Rage Webdesign is a very good html editor.
Very easy to use, even if you're a HTML newbie, as I am: it's designed to help you write correct code, whether it is on the page you're designing or in the CSS file of your brand new website.
The simultaneous preview is absolutely great.

Yes, it' worth the price.
Yes, it's efficient ans easy to use.
Yes, it's powerful.

On the minus side, it lacks stability.
Many times, I'm going through the different windows of the app (modifying the CSS file, then checking the preview for the changes...) and it freezes, with no reason.
Tried it on a friend's mac, and same stuff occurs.
Annoying, but then, when reopened, my changes were saved... so it could be worse.
[Version 3.6]


Vinkri reviewed on 03 Nov 2012
My mac is more than 4 years old.
And it was cluttered with files. I knew there were duplicates, but I couldn't find the time to look into it.

A bundle later, I got the opportunity to try TidyUp.
It"s easy to use (no need of a manual)
It's powerful (criterias to find duplicates are numerous and relevant)
It works well.

On my scale, that makes it a very good app, though $30 is a bit steep for a tool you'll use once a year.
[Version 3.0.4]


Vinkri reviewed on 03 Nov 2012
Got this one in a bundle (yes I bought a lot of bundles).
I'm a Rapidweaver user and frankly, never found better.

Flux is certainly more powerful than any other website creation tool.
But it requires extensive knowledge of website structure, html and CSS...

Definitely not for everyone.
From the editor's description, I thought it was a really easy website creation tool, WYSIWYG and all... It is not.
I guess it's worth the 144 bucks, but not to me.
[Version 4.1.18]


Vinkri reviewed on 03 Nov 2012
Well Cyberduck is free.
Can't beat the value, then.

But I don't like it.
Very Windows like interface, I believe.
And slooooowww: when a file transfer takes 10 minutes with cyberduck, a similar one takes only 30 seconds with Interarchy.

But the deal breaker for me is that it has some unexpected errors: some transfers won't occur for unknown reasons.
Some folders won't show their content, I don't know why.

I'm using a Mac for productivity and ease of use.
If I have to get a computer degree or read a big user manual for simple operations like using a FTP client, I'll get a PC.

I know the majority of users like Cyberduck a lot and I guess they did't have any issue with it. But I got too many. So I'll stick with Interarchy or Transmit. Even though I have to pay for them.
[Version 4.2.1]


Vinkri reviewed on 03 Nov 2012
36 bucks...
For an app that allows you to take control of everything with you keyboard. Macros, yes, but not limited to.
$36, yes.
For priceless gain of productivity and the absolute comfort for keyboard addicts.
For giving up on every other tools, launchers.
For launching complex operations with a hotkey. For example, I'm launching a complete maintenance of my Mac with a simple keyboard combination.

36 bucks yes.
And definitely worth the price.

You start to use it for simple stuff (open an app, for example) and before you know it, you're doing a lot more with this gem.

Very good.
[Version 5.3.2]


Vinkri reviewed on 03 Nov 2012
A long time ago, I did a review of DT Personal... which I tried to use for taking notes on the fly, manage all my documents with tags and lots of things that I thought were what the app was supposed to do.

I didn't like it and found the app to be too heavy, ugly and awful.

A bundle allowed me to upgrade to DevonThink Pro. I gave it a try, again. And used it for what is is for:
putting information in a database. But information related to my projects (not everything on my hard drive like I was doing before): research results, leads, ideas...

To long to describe everything you can do with this app.
Just a piece of advice: don't try to use it to replace the finder. Use it as a tool that can gather all your data in a structured database.
The longer you use it, the more it will contain information and the more it becomes useful.

If you're searching the web a lot, just use DTPro with Devon Agent. It's a bomb.

Some stuff I miss, though: the feature to record audio notes directly from Devonthink.
And a writing interface that wouldn't ashame me when I show it to other people.

Powerful app. But to handle with reason and focus.
[Version 2.4.3]


Vinkri reviewed on 03 Nov 2012
I often have ideas when I'm not supposed to: when I'm writing an email, using skype or working on my website... the idea pops up in my head and I have to write it down quickly, before I forget it.

And guess what? NO application allowed me to do that fast enough. Whatever I was using, I had to launch it or click on its icon somewhere. Then wait 2 seconds for it to open, then jot down my idea and save it. Then I could go back to whatever I was doing before.
Until now, I was using Dovonthink's drawer... Mouse driven. And slow.
In other words, a pain in the ass...

Then I discovered Notational Velocity.
When it"s launched (in a fraction of a second), just write your idea, then close it.
Created a trigger hot key (with keyboard maestro) to launch it wherever I am on my Mac.
When I want to note something, all the process takes less that 4 seconds.

I take notes all the time, now.
A brilliant app.
[Version 2.0 β5]


Vinkri reviewed on 10 Sep 2012
If you're watching videos on Youtube but can't wait for them to load completely...
If you subscribed to training videos on Udemy or any other site and are annoyed that you can't view them offline...
If you listen to audio files on the web and want to get them on your MP3 player...

... then Jaksta is the solution.

Easy to use: Absolutely no learning curve: you click on "start" and any video you reach in your browser is downloaded.

Fast: you downloads are quicly over.

Good features: converts videos in numerous formats. Even if you don't know which format to use, you just choose the device you want to convert you video for...

Very good quality software.
[Version 1.2.7]


Vinkri reviewed on 09 May 2012
Not many apps deserve a 5 stars rating... But Dropbox is one of them. Not really an app, by the way, but a whole solution.
Dropbox is for me a revolutionary solution to store data in the cloud with a local access through your regular Finder (or Windows Explorer, or tablet, or phone...).
Back up is now easy, Time Machine has become of no use with the history feature. You can't imagine the amount of stuff you can do with dropbox.
Of course, it's only 2 Gb for a free account... but hey, in 10 days, I was able to turn my account to a 20 Gb storage capacity. Free. That's enough for me, as I don't want to put my whole iPhoto library or my iTunes collection...
Perfect for sending big files, hosting a small website, setting up collaboration, synchronize data...
I absolutely love it.

Google Drive is a similar solution. So, no use for a battle, here. I use both and I'm happy with it.
[Version 1.4.3]


Vinkri reviewed on 06 May 2012
I tried Pagico a few years ago and didn't like it. It was messy, buggy and inefficient.
But today, the game changed:
I found the app to be easy to use: it has an intelligent understanding of what the user wants to do.
The dashboard is a very efficient: a complete view of "what's next"!
And wherever you are in the app, all relevant data are linked and they can be accessed through the interface (which is, if I may, much more friendly than Devonthink).
The good thing: whether you are a fan of GTD or Agile or any other productvity method, Pagico can adapt easily to it.

Some regrets? Yes, maybe... It's not as open as Devonthink. But hey, not many apps can have 5 stars!
[Version 5.3]

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