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VeryCarla commented on 14 Jan 2009
Wow, eighteen dollars? Really? Ouch. That was unexpected. Well, it's certainly the developer's right to ask people to pay for the app. It's also my right to say, "Sayonara, Senuti!"
[Version 0.50.4]

VeryCarla commented on 27 Dec 2008
Looks nice, seems to work well, but can someone please tell me what good the nutritional information feature will be if the app doesn't have some basic vegetables in its list?
[Version 1.0.5]

VeryCarla commented on 18 Dec 2008
Well, after my trouble with the earlier beta I said I'd try it again on a fresh install. A couple weeks and a couple new betas and an OS upgrade later, I've done just that. The result? Transmission 1.41b4 works perfectly. I've not a single complaint.

I do have one request for the devs though. In older versions the users pane of the Inspector would show a number in the % column. I have no complaint about the colours you've implemented there, but I do wish it would give me a number as well. It's hardly a make-or-break feature, I know, but it'd be nice.
[Version 1.41b4]

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VeryCarla replied on 19 Dec 2008
That did it! Thanks! :)
VeryCarla commented on 15 Nov 2008
I like the fact it supports my ancient-but-still functional CanoScan FB630UI, but can someone tell me where the descreen option is hiding? I scanned a CD cover to test the app, and it left obvious banding across the image, which looked good otherwise. Given the wealth of options and settings, I really hope descreening was not omitted, and that I just overlooked it.
[Version 8.4.95]

VeryCarla commented on 04 Sep 2008
XLD has actually been updated several times since this version was released, most recently today.

It seems Sparkle has enabled the developer to work more quickly than MU can follow. :)
[Version 20080822]

VeryCarla commented on 28 Jul 2008
Gotta admit, I'm a little cheesed off with The Unarchiver. It asked me nicely which filetypes I wanted associated with it. I only wanted it to handle stuffit archives, since I don't want to install StuffIt because it takes over every file format and I don't like that.

So what does The Unarchiver do? It takes over every file format anyway.

Screw you, Unarchiver. If I wanted a grabby program that didn't play well with others I'd've installed StuffIt!
[Version 1.6.1]

VeryCarla commented on 04 Jul 2008
Doesn't really seem to do anything much. How is it uninstalled?
[Version 1.2]

VeryCarla commented on 17 Jun 2008
Nice to see this updated. Wish it were universal, but whatever: it's free.

And if you don't like Musashi's UI there are other options. Thunderbird, Mail, GyazMail...pick one.
[Version 3.5]

VeryCarla commented on 04 Jun 2008
Woot! Works just fine now! :)
[Version 1.1.1]

VeryCarla had trouble on 15 Dec 2008
Shows a blank page when "Block Ad Banners" is enabled. Disabling the option restores normal functionality. I assume it's not meant to do that. I have Saft set as a Safari launcher; could that be the problem?
[Version 10.5.6]

VeryCarla had trouble on 17 Nov 2008
1.40 seems to work OK but I'm having problems with one of the torrents I'm seeding randomly stopping. It gives an error along the lines of "resources temporarily unavailable" and then pauses the torrent. It is a rather large torrent (~30gb), so I wonder if that has something to do with it. It's happened three times since upgrading to 1.40 this morning, but with the previous version it had been seeding for a week without issue, so I'm pretty sure it's a 1.40 issue. Has anyone else seen this behaviour?
[Version 1.40]

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VeryCarla replied on 19 Nov 2008
Reverting to 1.34 has fixed the problem.

VeryCarla replied on 22 Nov 2008
That's a good idea. What I'll probably do is wait until the Mac OS X 10.5.6 update drops, then do a full backup and re-install, and install 1.40 fresh and see if I can replicate the errors.
VeryCarla had trouble on 01 Sep 2008
Downloading a 3gb disk image, Transmission told me the file was complete. Turns out it wasn't even half done. Is this happening a lot, or am I special?
[Version 1.33]

VeryCarla had trouble on 17 Aug 2008
Twice now in the last month (most recently about an hour ago) launching Quake II has caused my MacBook to spontaneously restart. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I've got an original MacBook, 1.83ghz, 2gb RAM and I'm running 10.5.4.

Knowing my luck it's my hardware. :)
[Version 1.1]

VeryCarla had trouble on 08 Aug 2008
1.31 seemed to be working a little better, but that's come to a stop. I just added a fully-seeded torrent and it's just sat there for nearly ten minutes saying "data not fully available". The tracker is up and running and I was seeding something else earlier. I'm going to revert to 1.22 now, assuming the server with the older version of Transmission ever responds.
[Version 1.31]

VeryCarla had trouble on 06 Aug 2008
Every torrent I start, even well-seeded torrents sits there with a "data not fully available" error. Nothing happens. Torrents I was seeding at full speed with 1.22 crawl with 1.30. I have changed NOTHING in my setup. I ran the update from within Transmission and then re-launched the app like normal, and now everything's fritzed.
[Version 1.30]

VeryCarla had trouble on 05 Aug 2008
The CD ripping feature doesn't seem to work. I'm working with a clean, unscratched CD which I want to rip. I've had xAct 1.64 working for half an hour, and it's produced zero results. I don't hear any noise coming from the drive at all, and there should be something, as it's a fairly noisy drive.

MacOS X 10.5.4, MacBook 1.83ghz Core Duo, 2gb RAM. Ripping to internal hard drive from internal CD-RW.
[Version 1.64]

VeryCarla had trouble on 21 May 2008
Why, when I pause or resume play does CoverSutra put up a bezel which says, "No Playlist Selected"? There most definitely IS a playlist selected, and the music starts or stops as expected.
[Version 2.1.2]

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VeryCarla replied on 24 May 2008
Thanks for replying! That seems to be the only issue affecting me, and it's not affecting performance, so I'm going to keep using the current version.
VeryCarla had trouble on 15 May 2008
I had a torrent reach a 15:1 ratio and then stop, like it hit a brick wall. I cleared it and then re-downloaded the torrent file and started it again, but it won't move. I'm the only seed at this point, and it's not budging.

Has anyone else had this problem, or is it just another in an ever-growing list of bugs only I ever encounter? :)
[Version 1.20]

VeryCarla had trouble on 04 Apr 2008
WebDAV is a nice touch, but it fails to connect to my site. It gets stuck on "Listing". I have no problem accessing the site with Goliath 1.0.1.
[Version 1.0]

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