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Vagabundo reviewed on 13 Nov 2011
This is a fantastic piece of software. And I am so grateful the developer is still supporting my PowerMac G5 running Leopard. Thank you!
[Version 20111113]

Vagabundo commented on 04 Jul 2010
Does it support the PPC platform? I know it says Intel here on Macupdate, but this info is not always accurate. There is no platform support info on the developers' website.
[Version 1.0.8]

Vagabundo commented on 18 Apr 2010
No support for OS X 10.5.8 ... bummer.
[Version 1.1]

Vagabundo commented on 26 Feb 2010
@ LEGAL EAGLE. I totally agree with DOOBIEXX. This is BETA software, and as so, it is not unusual to come across bugs. Even applications deemed stable for public consumption (none-BETA) get corrupted sometimes.

I hope you realize that a bug is not part of the feature set a developer purposely designs into de application, and that using this forum to charge on him solely to bring it up to his attention, is mean and irresponsible.
[Version 0.9.5]


Vagabundo reviewed on 17 Dec 2009
Info.xhead is without a doubt one of the best applications of its kind. Version 2.0 incorporates a number of handy features. I like the newly redesigned user interface. It looks a lot slicker, but still maintains some of its classic look and feel. Still, like everything else, features and all could be further improved - I only hope it doesn't take a year or two for any improvements to be realized.

The developers, in my opinion, have succeeded at putting together yet another solid update to this fantastic application. But this alone is only part of what they should offer; addressing customers needs and concerns in an honest and timely manner is equally important. Sadly, this seems not to be the case often.

I'm sure that with every OS overhaul, comes challenges to developers. Maybe more so to some due to the nature of their applications. But there are developers offering their software as freeware or donationware who keep up with those challenges and who provide outstanding customer support with nothing more than the satisfaction of helping users have the best experience using their software. I commend them for that. People should show appreciation for their time and passion by making a donation whenever possible. The developers of Info.xhead would certainly benefit by adopting some of that passion.

But why am I praising this application while at the same time showing the stick? Well, it's simple. It's sad to see customer support not doing justice to an otherwise fantastic application. My critique is intended to encourage the developers to take better care of their customers, after all, they have built a great application. Why not going full circle then?
[Version 2.0]

Vagabundo commented on 15 Dec 2009
Is Timer Utility related in any way to Timer 3.5.3? Both have exactly the same icon and are at the same version. However, when you click on Timer developer's link (Nitewing 98) you go to this address where he calls it Timer II V2.6. It was uploaded to MacUpdate today. I'm confused.
[Version 3.5.3]


Vagabundo reviewed on 22 Nov 2009
Whenever I see and update to Timer Utility, I'm like... what new features could the developer possibly add to an already useful, elegant application while still keeping it simple? Well, there you have it. He manages to do just that. Thank you developer! This is a great little app to have.

One thing I noticed on this update is that when time is complete, the "Dismiss" option appears to have been removed? I would really like to see it back.
[Version 3.5.3]

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Vagabundo replied on 22 Nov 2009
You are totally right. Don't need it anymore. I can just press the space bar and it will "dismiss" it. Wonderful! Great job!
Vagabundo commented on 20 Nov 2009
Couldn't figure out how this thing works. Selected a file, invoked TagoMan, selected tag, clicked on "tag selection" from the actions drop-down menu, and nothing was tagged. Tried several times, and nothing was tagged. Searched if application offered a different approach. Tried whatever I could find, and nothing was tagged. Quit TagoMan, invoked tagger, selected tag, and a file was tagged.
[Version 2.0.1]


Vagabundo reviewed on 16 Nov 2009
This is a very good little app for searching tagged files. But I find it somewhat cumbersome dragging and dropping files on its icon in order to tag them, so I don't use it for that. Instead, a better solution for me is to tag files in DefaultFolder X's saving dialog when creating them. For existing files I use another excellent little gem: Tagger. Here is the link to it: With Tagger, I simply select any number of files, launch it and tag away! Quick and easy.

Because Tagger also uses the OpenMeta system, you'll be able to search files using Tagit. I don't quite like the idea of having two different application for tagging and searching files. But until Tagit offers an easier, better alternative to drag and drop, I'll stick with both. On the other hand, if Tagger incorporates searching capabilities, it would currently be a better choice in my opinion.
[Version 1.2.1]


Vagabundo reviewed on 26 Oct 2009
Several months ago when looking for a simple notes application, I came across meinKOPPPro. I was impressed with its overall feature set, UI and low price tag and so I rushed and gave it a 5 star rating. Sadly, I now have to recant it. As a started using it more and more, a number of bugs became apparent. Some not to bad, others too annoying they were hard to ignore. With time, I just couldn't put up with them and so I stopped using it overall.

Still, I think meinKOPPPro is a well thought out multi-task application that would serve people well when not needing or wanting to delve into a similar but more complex one such as DEVONthink Professional if and when the bugs get worked out. For me, they were to much to handle and sadly I had to part with it.
[Version 1.1]

Vagabundo had trouble on 06 Dec 2013
Hello There:

I never took it to rip DVDs until just recently when I got the idea of extracting the music from a 1999 concert I got on DVD to play on my iPod. I learned that using HandBreak in conjunction with VLC (has the libdvdcss library to circumvent copy protection) would allow me to do this. If successful, I would then use a separate tool to extract the music tracks from the resulting file.

The problem: HB was not able to properly rip my DVD; the file would result in audio and video braking. I tried several times, and with different settings, but the result was the same. My guess is there is some type of copy protection libdvdcss cannot go around. I then used Mac DVDRipper Pro, and it just worked - happily enjoying my music now.

Curious about HB being as highly-regarded as it is, and thinking that the failing to rip my music DVD was due more to my lack of experience at using it than to anything else, I tried it again on a movie I own on DVD. This time it couldn't even scan it, saying the source is not a valid file, or something to that tune. Now the question is, what am I doing wrong? Or is it often HB/VLC combo is not the best solution? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

[Version 0.9.9]

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Vagabundo replied on 26 Dec 2013
Thank you for your help. I thought that the libdvdcss file was already embedded with VLC, which I have installed (I read somewhere that if you have VLC installed, you are good to go). Anyway, I'm going to do what you suggest and see how it goes.

Thank you again.

Vagabundo replied on 26 Dec 2013
I downloaded and installed the file, as you suggested. And this time HandBrake ripped the video without any problems. All is good now.

Thanks a lot for your help.
Vagabundo had trouble on 14 Apr 2011
Version 2.9.6 doesn't install on my PPC.
[Version 2.9.6]

Vagabundo had trouble on 20 Nov 2009
Does anybody know if its possible to delete tags from the tag list? How do you do it? I created a tag that I won't ever use by mistake and I can't figure out how to delete it.
[Version 1.2.1]

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