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Vgz reviewed on 24 Sep 2009
I've used NNW for years, I even paid for it way back when. This new version is adware, and has become an utter pile of garbage. After making the app free and now expecting me to pay for it again when it's worse than it was before is unacceptable. I've trashed the desktop client, deleted the iPhone version and I'm looking for something to replace them. Since they added the ads, the app has crashed constantly, and the google sync no longer functions properly. I'm glad the beta version actually synced to google properly so that I can transition my feed list easier.
[Version 3.2]

VGZ commented on 01 Sep 2009
Excellent Application. Simple and does what you need.

I do have one request though, please add support for growl ( notifications.
[Version 1.0]

VGZ commented on 30 Aug 2009
Are you working on an update for snow Leopard? It seems to work, for the most part. The only major issue I've seen is that it doesn't register when a disk is ejected. Had to turn it off and on in the prefpane to get it to stop showing the install disk for 10.6. Also, having to relaunch System Preferences to load the 32-bit prefpane is annoying. ^_~
[Version 2.6]

VGZ commented on 25 Feb 2009
b13 will work w/ Safari 4 beta, however it appears that the build was just a quick one to fix it so that it wouldn't crash Safari. Considering how quickly they got 13 out after Safari 4 was released as a beta, I'd guess that a bit of patience will be rewarded w/ another build that restores the missing functionality. Keep up the excellent work MHO.
[Version 1.0b13]

VGZ commented on 25 Nov 2007
Please add a field for natural armor and maybe add psionic spells as a type for magic.
[Version 2.0.4]

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VGZ replied on 12 Dec 2007
Natural armor could go in the armor field, except that if you have a character that has nat arm and is wearing armor, it can get confusing.
VGZ commented on 04 Nov 2007
Any chance on getting a universal binary version? VBA runs on my MBP, but it gets kinda choppy at times.
[Version 1.7.4]

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VGZ replied on 17 Mar 2008
Boycott won't run, at all. It's pops into the dock then dies. So, VBA is the only real choice.
VGZ commented on 09 Jul 2007
Current version is buggy under 10.4.10 on a MacBook Pro. The list locks to a given chapter if any changes are made or if the info panel is open. Only fix is to quit and reload.
[Version 1.4.5]


VGZ reviewed on 09 Jul 2007
There should be an option to NOT break the audiobooks into separate parts. I prefer having one file per audiobook so, for me, this program is not very useful on books over 12 hours. Please add an option to make single part books, no matter the length. I know iTunes and the iPod/iPhone can handle them. They worked perfectly fine with the 26 hour audiobook (HP5) I ripped and chaptered with ChapterToolMe.
[Version 1.0.7]

VGZ commented on 21 Mar 2006
Small feature request: Can you please add an option to put a timestamp on all messages? iChat's default of putting the time in after roughly 10 minutes of idle time between messages is kinda annoying to me and I'd prefer to have the actual timestamp for each message, makes it easier when going back through an older chat.
[Version 1.4b7]

VGZ commented on 23 Jan 2006
Breaks Safari's automatic RSS update. After I installed it, Safari 2.0.3 no longer updates my RSS feeds every 30 minutes. Reverting to the factory rules doesn't solve the problem. Telling Pith not to filter content doesn't work either. Removing the pithhelmet.bundle is the only thing that fixes the RSS settings in Safari. Guess I'll have to mess w/ Saft's blocking now.
[Version 2.6.4]

VGZ had trouble on 31 Oct 2007
Needs to be updated for Leopard. It will attempt to load with the new version of SIMBL, showing up in the menubar, but Terminal will crash immediately afterwards.
[Version 1.2.1]

VGZ had trouble on 26 Oct 2007
Warning, if you require PHP DO NOT upgrade to Leopard. This PHP installation will not work on Leopard. Hopefully an update will be made available by the developer soon.
[Version 5.2.2]

VGZ had trouble on 06 Jun 2006
There seems to be a bit of a glitch in the validation. I keep getting the following warning on this line of code:

' escaping malformed URI reference'

Double clicking the warning highlights the 'n' in 'span' specifically. The page validates with both dreamweaver's built in validator and the W3C validator, so something is wrong w/ the plug-in. Any ideas?

Also, has anyone else using this noticed just how few pages actually validate?
[Version 0.2]

VGZ had trouble on 25 Feb 2006
Great program, but there is a small bug in the interface. The production number and episode number fields are reversed. This can be worked around by entering the production number in the ep # field and vise versa.
[Version 0.3.2]

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