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UntilGravity rated on 03 Nov 2012
[Version 3.0.3]


UntilGravity reviewed on 13 Oct 2012
I use Google Drive for one reason only. It gives me a supplemental option for sharing/storing files.

To a lot of people Google Drive comes across as an unstable Dropbox copycat. I get it. From my experience, stability issues have gradually been getting fixed.

I've given Google Drive 3 stars overall because Google is actively trying to work out the kinks and even with the instability issues I continue to use it, but it contains lackluster features compared to Dropbox.
[Version 1.5]

UntilGravity commented on 28 Aug 2012
In response to Circus Ponies Software's replies to other comments about the name confusion, it's only unfortunate because you didn't do your homework. Good developers don't try to piggyback on the success of another company's product by stealing names even if the software performs different functions. I expect better from you, Circus Ponies. We all expect better from you. You generally develop solid products that can stand on their own. What happened?
[Version 1.0.2]


UntilGravity reviewed on 04 Aug 2012
For well over a year, Postbox was my go-to desktop client for email. It was my favorite for many reasons, to include rule-based topics, IMAP and POP account support, and the fact that my sent mail wasn't landing in Windows Mail junk folders every time.

The only real problem I had with Postbox was the memory usage. After running for a few hours Postbox would be using between 300 and 400 MB of memory. While that amount isn't ridiculously high for my computer, it was higher than I prefer for an email client. It was easily the most memory-demanding application on my machine - higher than VirusBarrier X6, higher than Safari with multiple tabs open.

I read the comments about reducing the memory demands. I followed the instructions. They helped a little, but not much. If anything, I found that some of the follow-up comments to those instructions did a great job of expressing my dissatisfaction in having to jump through hoops to get Postbox to use a more respectable amount of memory.

Crashes were rare for me with Postbox, but they were present. Setting up rules for each account was tedious, but does allow for focused rule sets. It had all the features I wanted, but lacked the low-memory usage and stability I needed.

With the recent upgrade to Mountain Lion, I finally went back to Apple Mail, but I'm not uninstalling Postbox just yet. I want to see what the future holds for Postbox and I don't fully trust that, even with Attachment Tamer installed, Apple Mail is going to be any better than I remember. It's definitely better at memory usage though.
[Version 3.0.4]


UntilGravity reviewed on 04 Aug 2012
Sometimes life hands you lemons and you can't find enough sugar to make great tasting lemonade. That's the basis of my failing 2TB hard drive story.

I tried Disk Drill and I tried Data Rescue 3 (DR). Of the two, Data Rescue 3 was the software I ended up trusting in the end. So, I purchased DR and let it finish doing its job.

After several days of waiting while the failing hard drive was cloned to about 90%, I canceled the clone per DR support's advice. It reached 90% after a couple days of cloning, but was only going up .01-.04% per day for the next few days. Canceling the clone was the only option I really had.

I ran a deep scan of the cloned drive. That took less than 24 hours. The recovery of everything it could find took less than 2 hours. Most of my files were recovered. I lost some forever, but only a few of them are irreplaceable.

I'm now a huge fan of DR. The support team is great. The software definitely does its job. It was my stupidity that caused the not-so-great tasting lemonade - DR added all the sugar it could. All I had to do is backup those irreplaceable files. You live and learn and I learned the hard way. But, I'm very happy that DR recovered most of my files.
[Version 3.2.2]


UntilGravity reviewed on 03 Aug 2012
It's sad to hear that CandyBar will no longer be supported, but I have to agree with Jazzyguy. It says a lot about the developer to know they recognized the lack of current/future capabilities for CandyBar and therefore decided to release it as a free application. I entirely respect and appreciate their decision.
[Version 3.3.4]


UntilGravity reviewed on 03 Aug 2012
If you want to easily create customizable statistics that appear on your premium geocaching.com profile, this is the app for Mac that you need. Custom graph colors and multiple text areas convert your profile into an experience that's as unique as you want it to be. And if you decide you don't like it - no worries, it's free. I've used GCStatistic for over a year and I really don't see any reason to dislike this app.
[Version 1.9.8]


UntilGravity reviewed on 30 Jul 2012
The latest update includes the one feature that bumps my rating up to 5 stars... individual system item control. Huge thanks to Surtees Studios for this update. This is exactly what I was hoping for.
[Version 0.9.09]


UntilGravity reviewed on 26 Jul 2012
OS X Mountain Lion has a few features that I find extremely useful, and a few that mean very little to me. I'll start with the few I don't really care about.

1. Notification Center - I'm sure some people love the integration, but for me, I already use Growl and let's face it, Growl supports so many more applications than Notification Center currently does. Maybe all of that will change in the future, but it can't replace Growl today.

2. Gatekeeper - I suppose if you are constantly downloading software from unknown developers Gatekeeper could be your best friend. As for me, I don't download software from developers that I don't trust, so even though I haven't shut it off yet (gotta test it out for a while), I don't think it will stay active for very long.

3. Launchpad Search - I never use Launchpad. It slows me down. So, why would I care about being able to search for apps in Launchpad?

Now, I'll talk about a few features that I really enjoy.

1. Dictation - I'm not exactly the fastest typist in the universe. I don't hunt and peck at the keys, but I never took a typing class and it shows. With Dictation turned on I'm substantially more productive and my employer is sure to love that. I do anyway.

2. Finder Quick Look - Often times I know exactly what the file is named and can locate it very quickly... then, there are the times that I don't remember the file name and I'm stuck opening a few possibilities before finding the right one. That problem has been solved.

3. Multiple Time Machine Backup Locations - I can finally justify buying that second external hard drive for work instead of using multiple partitions on my personal external hard drive and bringing it to work every day. Maybe then I can also learn to leave work at the office. My wife would appreciate that.

In a nutshell, my productivity has increased and that's the very reason I bought a Mac. So I give OS X Mountain Lion 5 stars overall.
[Version 10.8]


UntilGravity reviewed on 03 Jul 2012
Bartender has wonderfully tidied my menu bar, which is what it was intended to do. Plus, I really like the icon choices to represent Bartender on the menu bar. Tried and purchased - totally worth it for me.

In a future release I'd really like to be able to manage each of the system items, too. That way, for example, I could display the clock in the menu bar but make the WI-FI icon only visible on the Bartender bar. Currently it's either all or nothing. I find the lack of that capability a little limiting, but easily survivable.
[Version 0.9.07]

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