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Uniquepito reviewed on 28 Jan 2014
An excellent update! Thank you guys.
[Version 2.0]


Uniquepito reviewed on 20 Aug 2013
Not worth the money. Compared to ForkLift or DCOmmander this commander is too expensive for the value offering. Also settings and functionality is too poor.
Idea is maybe good, but for the beginning the price is overestimated.
[Version 1.0]

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Uniquepito replied on 30 Aug 2013
Hello Piotr, so you've wanted feedback so here it is:
Functionality - please download free muCommander and compare functionality to app offered by you for $12. That's the first and my last point. I know muCommander is is ugly Java, but you should realize that if you want to bring some app on the market, which copies the functionality of already existing app it should bring some more value than then the others or release it for lower (I mean symbolic or even free of charge) price. To release such buggy app with basic functionality whereas there are many cheaper/or much more valuable apps is too foolish (no offense please). So please implement most of the functionality of muCommander and we can talk about the shopping even for $30. But now... I don't want to demotivate you or defame your work, you did quite good work, but you should realize it's not even worth for lowered price, so please think strongly about the marketing and focus for development. :)

Uniquepito replied on 30 Aug 2013
OK, so try to compare Forklift or DCommander to your product and don't get mad when someone points that your product is not valuable enough for the money. I am long term user of Froklift and I bought DCommander recently and I can recommend any of those two filemanagers, because the functionality (value offered for the money) is far far beyond the FastCommander. As a developer you should do what usually developer should do when he wants to bring a copy of existing product: buy one and then decide whether is worth to invest time and money to create something, and if you did something already (I believe FastCommander was some term project) it would help you to decide what price to ask for it.
Don't expect the Apple users are stupid enough to buy half-baked solution for the price when there are plenty other fully baked solutions for the almost same price.
To bugs: I haven't tried 1.1 and I'm not going to try, but 1.0 had random bugs and when I saw how "many" features it offers for the price (yes ft. vs. price again!) I've decided to drop it.
To features vs. price vs. benefits: Would you buy rather Prosche for the full price, but without AC, Window shield, mirrors and so on, but with the cool color or you would buy ie. Ferrari with all missing features on Prosche for the same price?

Uniquepito replied on 30 Aug 2013
You know what, I'll put it into list of term projects in Objective-C class to my students and we'll see whether one of my them can make better app than this in 3 months. Then he'll put it as free app, or maybe improves it and makes some money. Semester will start soon... :)

Uniquepito reviewed on 14 Aug 2013
Great media DLNA server for my LG Smart TV and it's free!
The only one thing I couldn't figure out, is automatic subtitle download from For some reason it's not working.


Uniquepito reviewed on 10 Jul 2013
What the problems still having somebody here? Works flawlessly and it's stable.
[Version 3.7.0]


Uniquepito reviewed on 30 Jun 2013
Why the hell it needs to install Java!?
I'd rather pay for native app.
[Version 0.80]


Uniquepito reviewed on 12 Mar 2013
This app is really great and very close with interface and controlling for those who are "Total Commander old school".
It has some missing features yet, but don't be shy and write to developer, he communicates very well and he implements requests and fixes bugs quite fast.
[Version 1.0.8]

Uniquepito commented on 29 Jan 2013
- Code completion heuristics are more accurate, and use an optimized default data set.
- New compiler warnings help identify potential bugs when using ARC and weak references.

And I say: Finally!!!
[Version 4.6]

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Uniquepito replied on 29 Jan 2013
Also, Ive forgotten to mention:
Debugger can inspect elements within NSArray or NSDictionary objects.

Uniquepito reviewed on 11 Jan 2013
I like more free widget:
[Version 4.0]

Uniquepito commented on 25 Jul 2012
Why it wants to update via AppStore app if I DID NOT installed it!?
[Version 2.1.9]


Uniquepito reviewed on 15 Apr 2012
Please implement support of highlighting same words in the opened file.
For example when user select some word, other - same words in the file will be highlighted... then this app will get 5 stars from me! This feature I'm missing so much!
[Version 4.0]

Uniquepito had trouble on 04 Feb 2014
Come on Mozilla dvelopers! How long we have notification center on OS X? 1-2 years and you are not able to implement OS X notifications for such long time?
[Version 27.0]

Uniquepito had trouble on 13 Jan 2012
I can't mount my external drive - WD 750GB.
It's still grayed out - no matter what. And yeah, I have installed extensions pack! Also enabled in VM settings USB ports...
I spent hours on google, found some console hardtyped solution for this, but I don't have time and I'm not in mood to kill my time with such half-baked opensource solution. I'm not blaming developers - they did pretty good job, and this product may be enough for somebody, but not for me. Anyway - buying Parallels!
[Version 4.1.8]

Uniquepito had trouble on 05 Oct 2011
In playlist, in case when I have mp3 with no album, artist or title tag should be at least shown name of mp3 file...
Custom column with mp3 file name would be great. I have many mp3s without tags and then I see empty spaces in playlist.
Anyway great APP! Finally have playlist!
[Version 0.3 beta 1]

Uniquepito had trouble on 05 Nov 2010
Missing feature from iPhoto 8 - right click on pic and "Show in finder"!!!!
[Version 9.1]

Uniquepito had trouble on 23 Oct 2010
I've opened in my profile folder using right click on it and open with Fraise. Then I closeed the window (app keeps running in the dock) and tried open the same file by the same way again... it won't open.
[Version 3.7.3]

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