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UniqueNickName reviewed on 21 Feb 2014
So I thought i'd rely on this software to hard-burn the subtitles into a short 4 minute video for a client as a demo.

Pff, little did I know. You can add subs as much as you want - you won't get them hardburned. Add video, check "hardburn subs", select subs - can a user "without detailed command-line knowledge" expect that much simplicity from a transcoding software?

To make my point more obvious I'll point out that with this marvelous piece of software you can select "hardburn subtitles" along with "video passthrough". So it takes more than 4 versions to block incompatible choices?

So I ended up using other ancient underdeveloped software and four hours late in bed.

How can one sell software he doesn't even test?
[Version 4.0.0]


UniqueNickName reviewed on 10 Jan 2014
't was the year 2014. the so called industry standard was still crawling with unicode bugs from the late 80's making use of final draft in languages other than the dictionaries provided for - impossible. was it laziness of people making 200$ off a license for a piece of software that gets 1-2 new lines of code in 5 years? was it an ill joke? or was it a conspiracy to preserve the financial leadership of the Hollywood industry?

who knows? perhaps in the year 2114 we will know the answer… but most likely we will not.
[Version 9.0.2]

UniqueNickName commented on 04 Dec 2013
1.2.458 is out
[Version 1.2.448]


UniqueNickName reviewed on 04 Dec 2013
ah, why did i install this bloatware.

so i installed the trial, after checking a couple of windows-like buggish and mistasteful themes i uninstalled it and all the traces along with /usr/local/lib/libflavoursui.dylib and something else in that folder and after that - guess what - App Store will not open anymore. HA HA!

a message from the App Store crash log:

Application Specific Information:
dyld: launch, loading dependent libraries

Dyld Error Message:
could not load inserted library: /usr/local/lib/libflavoursui.dylib

after checking out dyld itself - it is modified!

so what do you call an app that modifies system files? anyone?
[Version 1.1.3]

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UniqueNickName replied on 10 Jan 2014

obtain a copy of Os X and expose yourself to my overwhelming understanding of UI design. and appreciate it greatly. give me an email and i'll send you my paypal credentials so you can really appreciate me greatly. until then weep quietly in the shadow of my superior understanding of UI. (emphasis on "quietly")

Interacto Labs, Inc.

i was wrong about the dyld getting modified, but i did use your uninstaller FIRST and the leftover's i cleaned manually. still, i do not fully understand why Appstore is so special that it needs to have your library hooked via it's own info.plist as well as why that doesn't revert when i uninstall your app. so my impression remains the same, a half star. have a nice day and get better, perhaps one day you'll get a full star.

you can start getting better by providing a basic set of themes that change the colors only without any crappy textures, like in ios or (god forgive me) windows.

UniqueNickName reviewed on 24 Oct 2013
I think there's not a single person that would disagree that this marvelous piece of software MUST embrace the native tabs in 10.9 and lose the previous implementation.

perhaps one way of doing it is to make "new windows always open in tabs" and "always show sidebar" applied even when Xtrafinder's internal tabs system is turned off. I personally could live without the double tabs because of cinch.

sort folders first doesn't work under 10.9 - that's a big downer.

feels like the developers is poorly motivated due to the price tag he put on this software.
[Version 0.17.4]


UniqueNickName reviewed on 12 Jul 2013
the best and only real alternative to final draft, which intentionally (it seems) doesn't support any language other than the ones they provide proofing dicts for.

if only the dev of Fade In could find a way to implement that patented(?) thingy of FD when you just press the tab button

another thing I'd do if i was the dev is import an enormous FD script with the FD template and the same font and compare the amount of pages. that's rather important for A.D.'s

it also would be a nice idea to check the ability to import a Fade In FD exported script into Movie Magic Scheduling (and the likes?)
[Version 1.2.443]


UniqueNickName reviewed on 11 Jul 2013
Nothing can compare if you have a nice set of ears
[Version 2.5.1]


UniqueNickName reviewed on 06 May 2013
no turning back to finder
[Version 0.16.2]


UniqueNickName reviewed on 19 Apr 2013
a most horrible interface, u get a feeling that the software is developed in a virtual machine.

anyway, why do you need a download manager? to download legitimate music of itunes? =0) perhaps it's better to give that money to the original content makers (software/media)?

had to make a clean install of a friend's system, which became unusable. this was one of the "gems" installed on it.

if you check who rated folx 5 stars - freshly registered users, dedicated to reviewing every other version and owning a computer just for the sake of this single app. :P
[Version 2.0.1030]

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UniqueNickName replied on 28 May 2013
my statement about 5 star ratings was a check on a previous review.

yes, a glance at the interface justifies the half star rating, cause there's a reason people buy a mac.

and thank you, Cpt. Eltima Obvious Software, for pointing out that a download manager can download something besides music. did you really not get what I was saying or are intentionally missing the point?
UniqueNickName commented on 19 Apr 2013
really want to start using this piece of software, but several times I downloaded it and trashed shortly after. why? cause there's not a hint of tracker management (add or delete trackers).

also, i switched to Transmission before because of it's support of Notification center.
[Version 0.9.92]

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UniqueNickName replied on 19 Apr 2013
also, the dock progress bar looks awful. still, very nice approach overall.

UniqueNickName replied on 28 May 2013
thanks, I tried your advice, and it seems that tracker management seems to be a feature missing from Mldonkey, not Speedtao. that sparkles little hope for it to appear in a future release, since mldonkey's not developed by you.

truly a pity.
UniqueNickName had trouble on 29 Aug 2013
on mac in reformat assistant pressing numbers on the keyboard doesn't do anything.

do you have plans of implementing the functions of FD tagger?
[Version 1.2.447]

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