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Unicorn reviewed on 03 Jul 2013
I think that clusters may actually be slowing down my OS (otherwise it's the space that was used up). After I re-installed my OS and apps, I noticed that *everything* was MUCH faster. I do love the idea of saving space, but not at the cost of the speed and reliability of my overall experience.

This app should run completely seamlessly in the background, with adjustable priority/speed. It also should take fewer resources while doing its job.

The places in which you'd gain the most space would be documents, pictures, and apps. Videos, archives, audio, and other extremely large files will barely get any change. (the /system and /library is also excluded).

On Average I'd say that you'd gain 10-15% more space on your hard drive. However, I would not recommend this for SSD users because this is specifically meant for a HD.

I would recommend extra storage over compressing, because if you lose that much data it's bad, and there's most likely some files on your HD that you haven't used in months. I would recommend investing in a small SSD and replacing the disc drive with it, or a 64G SanDisk class 10 SDXC card. Running the OS/apps from either is well worth an investment, especially for the new MBP or Air.

All in all, this app is really is good if one were too lazy to sort through their data or cannot afford another storage device. It's okay for students/businesses if they have no other options. If it's just out of curiosity or wanting to make the best use of your HD, it's really not worth it in the long-run.
[Version 1.6.5]


Unicorn reviewed on 16 Jun 2013
Ommwriter opens new potential to writing with fewer distractions and increased concentration. The UI is very clean and easy to use. Depending on who you are, these functions may be enough for you. However, there is room for improvement, and this app alone might not be enough as it is now.

The first thing that should be improved is a refined UI. The sidebar should be put somewhere above that doesn't limit or distract writing. Currently, it is on the right, and there is no option of resizing it past its 4-inch margins. Another part of the UI that should change is the line grid that appears just for scrolling. With it disappearing and reappearing, it becomes odd.

An extra feature that should be added is mini tabs. This will help work with projects for school and such. By having this environment with extra spaces (to replace actual desktop spaces) I won't have to go left or right to read what I need to do.

With just those two changes, this app would be perfect. However, there are more optional changes if you'd like to gain a wider number of users.

Theme sets.
Different fonts, sound sets, colored text, etc. For example, the current version would be one theme. Each theme would have different backgrounds and stuff. I would highly recommend integrating this with the music and such, perhaps a changing theme as well. (it helps me not daydream XD)

I think that the 3 most powerful things of this app are:
fullscreen with a light background
meditative music and sounds
well-balanced colors.

The things that are most lacking are:
A distraction-free UI.
More backgrounds, music and sounds.
Colorful fonts and spellcheck.
[Version 1.30]

Unicorn commented on 27 May 2013
Still waiting for a way to decode TAK on mountain lion. This app used X11 when I was on Lion, but 10.8 doesn't work with that now. Some places suggest xQuartz as an alternative, but I don't know if this will work with that: http://xquartz.macosforge.org/trac/wiki/X112.7.2

TAK was made for windows, and I really wish someone would make it native for mac.
[Version 20130407]


Unicorn reviewed on 26 May 2013
I use this because Text edit (native mac text app) doesn't appear the same to windows users.
I have to save the text as formatted for windows. Sometimes I may even get a broken text file, and this helps with the different language codes you can open it with. I know it does more than that~ but I'm happy that there's something like this around :3
[Version 4.5.1]


Unicorn reviewed on 26 May 2013
Great app for what it does~ a non-windows dumped thing that handles what it says it will, and more!
The only thing I don't like is how it'll try to take over my browser's way of downloading. You can disable it, but it comes back after you update. I like opening things from my browser when they're finished sooo that's my only suggested improvement. I use other clients for some of the other features, but the main thing I use this for is ed2k and all. Updating from the client would be nice too, it kinda feels like a trial expired when it basically forces you to update x-x
[Version 0.9.93]


Unicorn reviewed on 26 May 2013
Sometime I like just sitting on my bed with my laptop~ using any other browser will start burning my legs, but this does just fine for things I need it to do. I don't use it as much as other things, but it's a nice alternative when I get tired of firefox burning up :)

The flash is disabled by default, unless you want to use it. There's some other weaknesses as far as website compatibility sometimes, but that's okay.
[Version 2.1.2]


Unicorn reviewed on 26 May 2013
Best FTP client on the web~ can't recommend any paid ones that can replace it. (I've tried others~) Very intuitive and user-friendly. No unnecessary screens.

This keeps logins like bookmarks, and has a nice upload ratio. Sure, it could use some customizations and improvements, but it's been great as it is. The only thing I don't like is how small the text can be. I'm not sure if that's customizable or not.
[Version 4.3.1]

Unicorn commented on 26 May 2013
Could there be some more positive backgrounds added, like flowers? I'm kinda wondering about the amount of resources it uses too. I mean, it doesn't feel very friendly :/ it's like I can't breathe.
This app is a really neat idea, not sure if I can recommend it tho
[Version 1.30]

Unicorn commented on 09 Feb 2013
Any news about TAK support for 10.8.2?
[Version 20130127]

Unicorn commented on 29 Dec 2012
Sometimes it will be unresponsive, and only let me close/reopen the windows. Sometimes it won't let me use quick preview, but it'll preview desktop things instead. If I move to another screen and back, it seems to fix that.
I use this with BetterTouchTool, and sometimes a gesture won't work with this, but the same hotkey will. (such as delete).

Definitely a few bugs to work out. And it sounds like they've been there since Xtrafinder.
[Version 1.4.8]

Unicorn had trouble on 13 Feb 2013
Is there a way to add 0 before a track number less than 10? (01, 02, etc. instead of 1, 2 etc)
[Version 9.18]

Unicorn had trouble on 16 Oct 2012
Is there a clear guide for how to decode TAK with xld and wine?
[Version 20121013]

Unicorn had trouble on 01 Oct 2012
Could there be some better support for TAK files? Sometimes there will be an embeded CUE file and XLD won't read that. Most of the time I have problems converting TAK too.
It would also be nice to put some space between "convert" and "get metadata". Sometimes I'll accidentally hit "get metadata" after tagging and i have to do it all over again.
[Version 20120908]

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