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Umaromc commented on 27 Mar 2014
The software works but despite it NOT being in my list of startup items the executable item within the app package located at ../contents/MacOS/Amazon Music Helper is constantly trying to phone home.

Any ideas on how I stop it unless I actually launch Amazon Cloud Player? The darn thing is being flagged for approval by Little Snitch more often than I feel comfortable with.
[Version 2.0.2]

Umaromc commented on 05 Mar 2014
As of April 2014 Sophos will discontinue support for version 8.x (near bottom)

Please make sure to use MU's supplied link for 9.x
[Version 8.0.21]

Umaromc commented on 22 Feb 2014
32-bit is up to 2.0.10, BTW
[Version 2.1.4]

Umaromc commented on 09 Feb 2014
While the default download is 64-bit, there is a 32-bit version available as listed on the developers' website:
[Version 1.62]

Umaromc commented on 03 Feb 2014
Does anyone know if this phones home? Does it collect data?

[Version 3.0]

Umaromc commented on 02 Feb 2014
Wow, an update? ANyway, I've no idea why MU's developer link page brings up a FAQ about setting up your own server for BlackOps Mac.

Here's the Black Ops Mac info page;
[Version 1.18]

Umaromc commented on 12 Dec 2013
64-bit download
[Version 9.4.09]


Umaromc reviewed on 10 Dec 2013
I haven't had to use this extensively but over the years older versions have really, really saved my ass–excuse the language. I'd done things to my earlier installs of OS X where Pacifist allowed me to reinstall components of OS X off of the install disks that otherwise would have called for a complete reinstall!

Only recently (a year or so?) have I purchased a license, I really wish I had awhile ago but I sincerely feel better purchasing a copy... God only knows when it might save my ass again!
[Version 3.2.3]

Umaromc commented on 04 Dec 2013

Not a review, feel free to delete, 12 Beta released

I know, I wish this sht would die...
[Version 11.9.900.152]


Umaromc reviewed on 04 Oct 2013

I'd been using TotalFinder for quite awhile and only recently decided to give this free utility a try because TF was annoying me with random crash popups. Very, very cool features and easier to setup than I thought it would be.

It hasn't given me any errors so far and, I'm finding, offers me more utility than TotalFinder. Being able to auto-stretch column lengths based on file name, change font and background color, CMD-# through tabs... that's on top of what TotalFinder offers. I think I'll be sticking with XtraFinder for awhile.
[Version 0.17.4]

Umaromc had trouble on 04 Sep 2011
Mac Pro 2009/ OS X 10.7.1/ Radeon HD 5870

The problem beguiling me is loading discs in the SuperDrive (either, I've two) and having them not appear on the desktop and freeze up any attempt to read loaded devices to unmount/force eject (ie; Disk Utility or the Eject pulldown button in the menu bar)... I couldn't even shut down without the process freezing up–the screen would turn grey with the rotating bars and never shut down–forcing me to hold the Power button to force shutdown. This subsequently would give me hard drive file count errors any time I ran Verify Disk which I'd have to fix via Single User Mode. After watching how the Finder would refresh after login after Total Finder loaded I decided to try uninstalling Total Finder. I now have no problems with discs showing up. None.

To help troubleshoot I was perusing logs but haven't found anything useful. Will post further results later, God willing
[Version 1.2.5]

Umaromc had trouble on 09 Jul 2011
THIS is the correct link:
[Version 6.0]

Umaromc had trouble on 20 Sep 2009
I don't know what to say... checked info on installed DivX Player... guess what? 7.0 was installed in place of my 7.0.1 installation rather than the 7.1 I expected- AWESOME! 7.0!
[Version 7.1]

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Umaromc replied on 20 Sep 2009
In case you're wondering... yes, that is malevolent humor in my post. Thanks.
Umaromc had trouble on 04 Nov 2007
MU admin: clicking the Download now link only seems to reload this page. Problem doesn't persist when downloading from developer's site.

Thanks for your time and attention. :)
[Version 1.6]

Umaromc had trouble on 07 Jun 2007
Stellarium 0.9.0, Universal
2007-06-06, r2229+macosx support

This is the really final release build of Stellarium 0.9.0.


1. You need to be running Macosx 10.4, preferably not 10.4.7. Drag the icon from this .dmg window to your mac, and double click on it there to run it.

2. You don't need anything else for this build, it is all bundled inside.

3. If you had an earlier version of Stellarium set to start in full-screen mode, you want to remove your earlier configuration file. As listed in the Known Issues section, this version of Stellarium does not run very well when started in full-screen mode. Simply move the file:


(That is: in your home directory, the Library directory, then the Preferences directory, then the Stellarium directory, the file called "config.ini")
to another location, or to the trash. Stellarium will copy a new config.ini file that starts in windowed mode.

4. An issue with mis-directed shared libraries discovered for the Intel architecture has been resolved.


There are four star catalogs included with the build, and additional star catalogs available from the Stellarium website, the "Extra-data-files" package. Each star catalog file listed there you wish to add to the stars available can be placed in:


Up to catalog 6 has been tested on a PPC iBook with 750mb RAM, and there was something of a performance hit. The more RAM and the faster processor you have, the more stars catalogs you will be able to load.


0.9.0 right now cannot *start* in full-screen mode. It can start in windowed mode and toggle back and forth to fullscreen mode. This seems to have to do with OpenGL and Qt, and it will be investigated in future releases.

The video mode list of the config screen has no options in it, the switch to Qt has made that display obsolete. It will be resolved later.

About half the time when quitting, Stellarium will crash on glDeleteTextures. It will show a "The application Stellarium quit unexpectedly" dialog. This does not seem to hurt anything, but there is an order of destruction that needs to be corrected in future releases.

ATI cards in Macs are known to not support point sprites properly. If you run Stellarium, but don't see any starts whatsoever, edit ~/Library/Preferences/Stellarium/config.ini, add this line:

flag_use_gl_point_sprite = false

to the [projection] section.

This build does not include all possible star catalogs. Details about how to download additional star catalogs separately and make the available to Stellarium will be forthcoming.

There is no audio support in this build.
[Version 0.9]

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