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Tvalleau commented on 10 Mar 2014
Mavericks only. Too bad, because as of Feb 2014, less than half of Mac users were on OS 10.9 or later. Given that the app is free, I guess that's a rational call for the developer. However, no one who was making actual money from an app would abandon 50-60% of their customers.
[Version 4.0.6]

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Tvalleau replied on 11 Mar 2014
I have "actually used" the software since the day it was released. My comment was about that he's quit improving the Lion version.
Tvalleau commented on 05 Oct 2013
Their license says " consent to (i) the access to any computer or device to which you have downloaded and installed the Filedart software application, and (ii) the transmission of your Content by Grio..."

not "exclusively for the transmission" but "AND the transmission".

Regardless of their intent, this gives them the right to access your computer for anything they want (and, oh by the way, the content you actually want transmitted.)

You should be sending them files, not them retrieving them from your computer. There is no reason I can think of to willingly give strangers access to your computer.
[Version 1.1]

Tvalleau commented on 23 Mar 2013
Only works on drives that have SMART access/reporting.
[Version 1.0.7]


Tvalleau reviewed on 29 Dec 2012
Been using FTP for decades, and have almost every Mac program for it. Each one fills a particular bill. Expandrive has gone to great lengths to make sure that a mounted "drive" is treated by the OS as just a regular local drive. This is "non-trivial" since there are lots of "gotcha's" that can pose problems.

Using Expandrive is like having your own "DropBox" and for the times when you'd like a remote volume to "just be there" I've found nothing better.

Furthermore, the developers are engaged with their product and responsive.

For me, and my level of satisfaction with it, Expandrive is perfect, and a reasonable value as well.
[Version 2.3.5]

Tvalleau commented on 05 Sep 2012
$150!!! Yikes. I'd upgrade my version 2.5.2 for $49, but not 3x that amount!

Since I'm on ML, I'll just delete it, and use the free dictation that comes with MoLo.
[Version 3.0]

Tvalleau commented on 16 Aug 2012
Are these folks still in business? Nothing new on their site for four months; emails go unanswered...
[Version 4.0.0]

Tvalleau commented on 11 May 2012
Note that Muse is subscription -only- and is $24.95 p/mo. ($14.95 p/mo if you sign up for a year.) You cannot purchase a standalone product.
[Version 1.0.948]

Tvalleau commented on 04 Mar 2012
Still 32-bit only...
[Version 1.8.2]


Tvalleau reviewed on 12 Feb 2012
I really wanted to like and recommend this software, but I can't. (And I paid for it!) The first version choked on some invalid cookie, and froze up solid. I sent off stuff to the developer, who was prompt and identified the problem. So, I waited for the version released today (1.4.2) and gave it a go. On first install, it read thru all 4800 cookies... and then just sat there. So I quit it and restarted it and had it read thru them all again. This time it presented a list of cookies, and suggested that I "clean" some 2900 ad-cookies. I accepted the offer. Once that was done, I looked at the remaining cookies, and scrolled thru the list a bit. Then I noticed the cookieman in the menubar, so curious, I clicked on it. Nothing. No drop down menu, nothing. OK... back to the app.... which was now frozen solid. I did a force-quit, and found the startup item and trashed it, as well as the remaining bits and pieces of the software. At least I did get some ad-cookies removed, but I'm now twice bitten by this software, and won't bother to try again. I'm running 10.7.3 with 24 GB RAM. I'm glad others don't seem to have these problems, so take this report as only one anecdotal note, and balance it again the others. (As for me, the software didn't work two times now. I'm not in the mood to spend my time helping debug software, and would rather eat the loss, and just wash my hands of the whole thing.)
[Version 1.4.2]

Tvalleau commented on 05 Feb 2012
The software is fine, BUT... don't ever change hard drives; don't ever have a hard drive go out on you. Don't use a different ethernet card. Don't add RAM. Don't ever replace a motherboard, or buy a new graphics card.... because if you do, you'll lose your license to use the software, and your only option will be to buy it again.

Think I'm exaggerating? Check it out:

Since at least one of those things happening is virtually inevitable, you're really paying Microsoft a rental fee, not even a license. Pay for it, and use it as long as you can... but be prepared to lose every dime you paid... even the next day if your machine changes. (Yes: I made the mistake of buying a $70 larger hard drive...which ultimately cost $220, since Office refuses to run now.)

That's it. I'm done with Micro$oft. If they want to treat me like a thief, I'll deal with companies that treat me like a customer, instead.
[Version 14.1.4]

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Tvalleau replied on 22 Feb 2012
Except, of course, that the point of my statement is that the "activate by phone" -will not work- if you "run out of activations." That is, if you replace your RAM, (reactivate by phone) and then put in a new hard drive... reactivate by phone doesn't work anymore.

What you have to do is find their support center phone number (which is not well published) and then spend time on the phone convincing someone there that you are not a thief, and then they run off to their supervisor, and finally someone will condescend to give you a valid activation.

Adobe does this too, but at least their hardware checks are a bit more sophisticated than M$'s checks, and thus it happens less frequently with their products.

What these companies have provided are the "tools to get around it" exactly twice. Then you're in phone-hell.
Tvalleau had trouble on 19 May 2013

Installing this latest version wiped out my address book.
EXPORT your address book >before< running v

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Tvalleau replied on 19 May 2013
Should note: it's the DYMO address book I'm talking about, not the Contacts from Apple.
tvalleau had trouble on 03 Sep 2009
I love DockStar, but 2.1.2 crashes my Mail hard on 10.5.8. Reverted to 2.1.1 and notified developer.
[Version 2.1.2]

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tvalleau replied on 03 Sep 2009
Great developer. 18 seconds after I posted, he fixed it in 2.1.3! :-)
tvalleau had trouble on 10 Dec 2005
Ditto: crash on launch. I've sent off the crash log to the author... and yes: it's in the share directory.
[Version 1.5.44]

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tvalleau replied on 11 Dec 2005
My gosh. I sent in two crash logs. I even explained that crash logs append data at the bottom of the list, not the top. I put the program in all the places suggested during my attempts to get it to run (the share folder; the games folder; etc) I placed the SDL in first one, then the other, and finally both frameworks folders. I re-installed the original game; I downloaded and installed three recent versions of the software.

Finally I sent off a second crash log.

In return for this effort, I received letters villifying me as "a butt"; suggesting that I get the code and compile it myself and so on.

Now when you consider that I went to a lot more effort than any of the several -other- people who posted the same problem (crash), I'm not sure why I was singled out for attack.

I tried to politely simply refuse further communications, but instead received a long letter letting me know what an idiot I am, and telling me to "read the instructions" (which I'd done about twenty times.)

Look: there are many other people having trouble with this software. I -understand- that you're doing it voluntarily. But so what? That's YOUR choice. I tried to help by providing crash logs and so on.

PLEASE: don't attack those who are trying to help you. If you don't like the criticism, pull the product.

Finally: PLEASE stop emailing me.
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