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Tryme commented on 02 Jun 2012
I have to say that when I tried this app previously I could not see what all the fuss was about, the only advantage I saw in it was not having to open iCal in Lion, which Apple successfully transformed into a great lumbering ox - unusable, arguably the worst of the 'enhancements' Apple made to ruin a perfectly good OS.

With the addition of Tasks, Fantastical does move up in the interest stakes - I'm taking advantage of their reset trial period promo to see if I can be persuaded that it justifies the rather steep asking price in comparison to competing products - especially with Mountain Lion just around the corner and Calendar having been flagged as getting an overhaul to reflect it's name change.
[Version 1.3.1]


Tryme reviewed on 26 May 2012
I have tried this software on 3 or 4 different occasions - each and every time has been a painful exercise in frustration. Not once have I been able to successfully complete the jailbreak process.

After 3 attempts, all with different error message results - the last one being the most frustrating - the software it has just downloaded and patched was incompatible with the device - I have resorted to using other software to get the job done.

I'm not a novice, I know my way around Macs & Apple products and have jailbroken a number of devices over the years without issue - except for when attempting with this software. I won't be wasting my time with this rubbish again.
[Version 0.8.5]

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Tryme replied on 27 May 2012
@Libertyforall1776 - it's almost a case of 'what errors haven't I gotten!' - it's absolutely crazy. Both units are AppleTV 2 - alternating between the 2 of them I have had incompatible device..., restore failed (no reason), -1600, -21.

I hadn't realised that Absinthe wasn't yet working with AppleTV or I would not have bothered. In sheer frustration at the hours of lost time, I had one more shot and successfully jail broke 1 unit - the other would not - 3 attempts before I gave up in disgust.

I tried different things that others had suggested - but in reality I have to question some of the suggestions such as cable - I have used this cable to jailbreak without incident using other software. I have encountered issues with this software each and every time I have used it - that tells me the weak link is more likely to be the software. This is further reinforced by the volume of similar comments a simple web search brings up.

I'm glad it has worked flawlessly for others - I simply do not have time to waste playing russian roulette - as annoying as it is, the other AppleTV will wait to be jailbroken when a more reliable software utility is available.
Tryme commented on 15 Apr 2012
Command Shit 3/Command Shift 4 or use Aoolications>Utilities>Grab.

Want to annotate? Use Preview

All standard in the Mac OS and not sending data to a third party.
[Version 1.0.8]


Tryme reviewed on 29 Mar 2012
About time Apple released an update to patch the unbelievable amount of serious bugs in 10.6 - having no sort order with shows on the AppleTV was diabolical, the mess it made of apps on iPhone another disaster. Once upon a time this degree of bugginess would never have happened with Apple software, and any quirks were usually patched very quickly.

I lodged feedback via all the relevant Apple feedback channels telling them I did not appreciate being a beta tester for their software.
[Version 10.6.1]

Tryme commented on 15 Mar 2012
I'm sure this utility serves a purpose for those people that follow that very 'Windows user trait' of storing hundreds of things on your desktop, perhaps you should do a little web searching and learn about the exponential impact each and every one of those items on your desktop is having on the performance of your system.

With so many options for quick access on the Mac, there is no excuse for hundred of folders and files cluttering up the desktop and draining system resources, then in an attempt to organise that chaos, using a utility that further depletes system resources.

This is not an attack on this particular product, simply a comment on the bad practices that necessitate it - when it comes to system performance - using this to clean desktop clutter is akin to trying to put out a fire with petrol.
[Version 2.0.2]


Tryme reviewed on 09 Mar 2012
A suggestion to the developers - perhaps somewhere in your app AND on your website it might be nice to provide a way to contact you, or at least report a bug! You have a bug tracker page that is offline.

This app is fantastic with exception to one very annoying bug, if you download via the app it slows to a complete crawl until the download completes.

Why anybody would pay for a crippled, feature barren app like 'Reeder' when this far superior app is free is as confusing to me as the appeal the Khardasian sisters hold for so many people.
[Version 1.1]


Tryme reviewed on 24 Jan 2012
I am amazed at all the high ratings for this app - a pretty UI does make a good newsreader - what is noteworthy is that there is almost as much functionality missing as there are 'features' - and that is before we get to the bugs.

Gruml is a MUCH better, full featured newsreader with a modern Mac UI, has all the functionality missing from this app and it is FREE. Anyone that is prepared to pay $10 for this, contact me, I have some great tickets for the maiden voyage of a ship called Titanic.
[Version 1.1.4]


Tryme reviewed on 09 Jan 2012
Excellent, fast app for mkv to m4v. Never had an unplayable file. Have only struck a couple of mkv's that it can't process (the compression thing @Olc mentioned).
[Version 1.1.6]


Tryme reviewed on 02 Jan 2012
I am in awe of this app. I've been a long time user of DVDpedia but was starting to find it a little cumbersome to maintain and the GUI a little dated. I have a large collection that took a very long time to get it to the level I wanted so my biggest consideration was being able to export all the data, including covers, in tact.

When I looked at the available plugins and saw a .pedia import tool I was over the moon, the whole transfer process from DVDpedia to DVD Hunter took less than 10 mins and went without a hitch. Completely painless which is rare when migrating databases.

The only criticism I have is the icon, it is truly hideous - but in the scheme of things, minor and easily changed.

This app has everything you need for a modern collection including an iOS app - and they are both free, which is unbelievable. A big thank you to the developer.
[Version 1.1.23]

Tryme commented on 30 Dec 2011
Before making such bold statements like 'Stop using buggy software..." the developer should eliminate the bugs in this software.

On opening I received 6 dialogue windows about not being able to locate a file - this was a fresh install.

Drop a file into the library and you get a drop down window to tag it, followed immediately by the spinning beach ball - which doesn't go away. Tried with several different files, same result.

Deleted. I don't have time to waste on rubbish like this.
[Version 1.0.7]

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