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Trekker reviewed on 24 Dec 2012
I've tried most of the DVD rippers out there. This is by far the best in the whole lot of them! I downloaded the demo, ripped the five dvd limit on the demo, was so impressed after using other programs that I immediately bought a license.

I found it very easy to rip a DVD for my iPad, to rip onto a blank DVD-R, or to store and play from my hard disk. Highly recommended.

I gave it only .5 stars on "Stability" simply because MacUpdate forces reviewers to pick a number of stars and I don't know how stable it is over the long-term. It worked fine for my 5 free rips. MacUpdate should allow users to leave Stability or Features, etc. blank because it's hard to know that from just a demo.
[Version 4.0.2]


Trekker reviewed on 16 Aug 2012
I forgot to add the stars to my review, below. I'd give Mail Steward and John the developer more than 5 if it were possible. Great program and very responsive and committed developer!
[Version 9.2]

Trekker commented on 15 Aug 2012
Mail Steward/Mail Steward Pro are both simply the best email archiver out there. I have 11 different email accounts on three different services with 100,000's of emails and Mail Steward Pro handles them all with ease.

I can't say enough good things about John, the developer. Fast and efficient user support! He's worked late into the night -- even on weekends -- to help me diagnose and correct a problem I was having even though no one else was having the same problem. We sent dozens of emails back and forth at all hours of the day and night. His commitment is amazing! I've never had such customer service from any developer ever before. The best!

So if you need to archive email, Mail Steward and Mail Steward Pro are your top choice!
[Version 9.2]


Trekker reviewed on 03 Aug 2011
Really Useful App!

This is already improving my concentration and workflow. Single Application mode doesn't work well for me because I switch between apps a lot and often i have to cut and paste between them or drag and drop between them. In Single Application mode, the other app disappears immediately. This allows the other app to hang around for the number of seconds you select, which gives the opportunity to drag and drop or cut and paste more quickly, with less mousing or keystrokes. Great job!

The only suggestion I'd make is to give users the choice of something like 5 seconds instead of 15 seconds being the lowest that can be chosen.

Very, very useful and well-done app. I'd pay for this on the MAS.
[Version 1.0]


Trekker reviewed on 01 Aug 2011
What was the best and most efficient password manager ever is now buggy and massively inefficient. In addition to the missing features, and the slow and inefficient interface non-improvements, now 1Password gives me the message that the database for the browser is corrupted and I must quit Safari with CMD+OPT+Q to clear the corrupt database. This is happening at least three times a day.

I've also discovered that some sites that IPassword used to log me into without problem will not accept its input anymore. It's become a sporadic piece of software..

I can't figure out why the developers ruined a great piece of software, confused the interface, and released a buggy version with, they admit, critical features missing. Why not just make it compatible with Lion and leave well enough alone? Why not at least wait until they squashed rid of the big bugs and made it feature-equivalent to the previous version before before releasing it?!?. This is the second time they've changed the interface since I've used 1Password and I have to relearn and develop muscle memory all over again. Maybe the developers have the time to repeatedly relearn new interfaces for the software that they use for daily production, but in the real world of business, efficiency and consistency is critical.

Stay away until this is all fixed. Maybe it will become a great piece of software again, but it surely isn't now.
[Version 3.7.0]


Trekker reviewed on 31 Jul 2011
This is the best note software that I've ever used, for my particular needs, out of myriads that I've tried. This is simple, clean, functional, elegant, and stays out of the way while still being instantly available anytime I need it. It has exactly just the right amount of features for my use. The developer is really responsive too. I suggested a feature, and within one day he had released a new version that implemented that feature. He also responded within an hour of a small bug report I sent, and he worked with me for two days while we tracked it down and squashed it. Very professional and very responsive! 5 Stars all around!
[Version 1.0.2]


Trekker reviewed on 31 Jul 2011
I've been using Sophos for a few months now, after getting tired of paying Intego's very high annual subscription fees. It doesn't slow down my system like Intego's products do, and has found PC viruses on three occasions that Intego missed.

In a two month test to see if I could ditch Intego's pricey software, I would first run Intego and then run Sophos. Three times Sophos has found PC viruses that Intego didn't find or report, let alone quarantine.

And... it's free!

Very highly recommended!
[Version 7.2.1]


Trekker reviewed on 30 Jul 2011
I've been a total fan of 1Password for years now, and couldn't imagine living without it, until the update for Lion. Features I used many times a day from the Snow Leopard extension are non-existant or so well hidden that I can't find them. Instead of click on the 1Password button and select from an easy-to-access menu, now you have to click on the button in the toolbar of Safari, then click on the "All Logins" button and then either type the name of the login you want OR manually scroll the whole list of logins — which is in the hundreds and hundreds for me. What is the developer thinking?!?!?! From one click to pull up a menu to select from, to this time-wasting, frustratingly obtuse method.
[Version 3.7.0]

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Trekker replied on 30 Jul 2011
I read the blog about where the developer was going. It doesn't help. Features are missing and there are major bugs. For example, I used to be able to select a website from the previous extension's menu and 1Password would open a new tab, go to the website, fill in my username and password, and load the unlocked page. No way to do that now. I have to manually open a new tab, click the 1Password button, click the "All Logins" button, then either type in the name of the site I want or manually scroll though a list to find the login I want. What used to be quick and elegant and take only one click, now takes four clicks, at a minimum, and takes a lot more time. 1Password is now a time waster when it used to be a time saver.

And it doesn't matter if i understand the direction the developer was going when there are bugs. For example, after i click, click click, search, click and finally get logged into a website I've gone to 10,000 times with the old extension, now, AFTER 1Password logs me in, it asks me if I want to save the password FOR THE WEBSITE 1PASSWORD JUST LOGGED ME INTO. There are other bugs as well. Bottom line, what used to be an elegant one-click solution and time saver, is now a many click and search buggy time-waster.
Trekker commented on 27 Jul 2011
Dane - Please update Widemail for Lion. Even though Apple has made progress with in Lion, I really need the alternating row colors that Widemail provided but which Apple doesn't. It's so much easier on my upper-middle-aged eyes. Please...
[Version 2.0pr4]


Trekker reviewed on 05 Jul 2011
Great program, BUT... I just upgraded and discovered that a feature that I liked and used a lot has been removed from this new version for some reason. The maps feature has gone missing. I don't like it when a developer REMOVES a key feature in an "upgrade", and charges me for the privilege. So before you upgrade, know that Time Palette is now a lesser program than it used to be. If they were to make one of those late night commercials it would say, "Time Palette! New and Improved! Now with LESS FEATURES that you've come to rely on in previous full-featured versions! More money for less program!"
[Version 6.0.1]

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Trekker replied on 05 Jul 2011
That's great news! Thanks.

I run a lean system so I don't run things like EarthDesk.

Sorry If I came on a little strong in my first post. I really appreciate the fact that you worked hard to get out a Lion compatible version BEFORE Lion ships. I understand the deadlines you were under. Thanks!
Trekker had trouble on 15 Jan 2011
I have this set to never accept cookies in the preferences tab, but a cookie form always pops up no matter how many times i delete it. it's like a zombie that can't be killed. why is it showing up when I have the preference set to never accept cookies? Is there a way around this? I don't want Google looking over my shoulder all the time.
[Version 1.6.7]

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