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Trashie commented on 26 May 2012
If you guys really hate Apple's approach with iOS you should walk away. Android is more open than iOS by a long shot. You are wasting your time on iOS Apple will never change.

I find my Android devices superior to iOS anyway and have no issues with it talking with my Mac. I have both and prefer Android.

iOS is for people who just want it to work simple and easy out the box and do not mind paying for software since someone had to engineer it.

Apple is not a hobby company anymore they are a consumer company so they patch all this very quickly. Apple have lost that hobby feel now it is all gone in their obsessive control nature. If you want to be a hobby hacker (I refer to the real sense not in being bad) you need to leave Apple alone it is way too much hassle now.

Okay fan boys mark me down but before you do get an Android device and use it for a couple weeks and you will see exactly what I am saying. You can have both you know I do. One for Apples mass consumer methods which I actually like and one for more freedom and hobby use which I also like.

Anyway have fun just saying even MS is more open than Apple now.
[Version 2.0]

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Trashie replied on 28 May 2012
Now I am NOT referring to the USER sphere here I am referring to how easy it is to hack on the devices out the box legally for hobbyists and engineers. I said "hacking" I did not say "finger plonking".

I am not even insulting Apple which is why it is funny you attack me. You guys are insulting Apple not me - you are the ones breaking Apple rules not me. If I want to play in an open sense I use Android so I do not insult Apple and break my terms I agreed with them on purchase.

Well thank you for the insults you really do shine for the Apple community. Then again since "some" of you are pirates who use these jailbreaks - what should I expect but insults.

I am leaving the site account closed I am not interested in being involved with people who insult people who do not insult them. Do not bother to reply I will not see it.
Trashie commented on 22 May 2012
Java based. :(
[Version 2.5.1]

Trashie commented on 22 May 2012
If only this could come to iOS in the notifications drop down like Android has. Daily use on my MacBook can't live without it.
[Version 3.23]

Trashie commented on 27 Mar 2012
I like it just hate how Flash runs in it...the only thing that crashes Safari is Flash.
[Version 5.1.5]

Trashie commented on 16 Mar 2012
AWSOME very fast but the UI come on it is 2011 I remember we used this UI in what 2003?

Get a grip Camino project. Not it is not just about looks but when I look at this it is so naff and ruins my experience.

Get Firefox add-ons working in it and you got the best browser in the world there.

This seems a hobby project to make a fast ass browser not to make it feature or UI rich. So I don't really use it as it seems only for the developers to play in and they are blind to easy it would be to be the developers of the best browser and not some hobby thing.

Sad but AWSOME talk about a dichotomy.
[Version 2.1.2]

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Trashie replied on 25 Mar 2012
Most of the code is not theirs it is Mozilla's they can't sell it. Who would buy it? There is many better browsers on the Mac now for free or tiny fee.

It is a hobby project nothing more and know body would ever buy it or could they ever sell it as it is not commercial grade software. It lacks soooo many modern features people demand now.

I like it but take it for what it is a dying on the vine hobby project.
Trashie commented on 02 Feb 2012
Thought Mac did not care about the server market - guess this is just for Mac Mini users....?

I think Apple have all the pieces a little investment and they could nail the server market. They just never invested in it enough.

Bring Mac Ports in house bring back some great server hardware..keep costs in check...get some deals done with vmware...yeah they could do it they failed because all their attention was on the consumer market.

Then again do they want to do everything?
[Version 10.7.3]

Trashie commented on 31 Jan 2012
Nothing special many apps like it out there. Just another file locker.
[Version 1.5.3]

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Trashie replied on 31 Jan 2012
Oh BTW unless you on fibre/4G these apps are totally useless for anything but small files.
Trashie commented on 20 Jan 2012
I seem to be using safari mostly on macs, ie on win, ice weasel on debian etc - seems I don't care what browser I use and those are easy defaults. All do the same thing for a user. Speed on modern machines and fast connection is pretty much irrelevant these days.

Google Chrome is used mostly on their stuff I guess also although I don't use much Google staff personally.

Good browser though just I am tired of all these apps doing the same I really do not care about the letter t being styles wrongly in one or that the dom is a bit off on another when getting elements...just don't care as a user anymore which one I use.

Addons most are rubbish use once toys unless your have a special need. So who cares which browser people use.
[Version 17.0.963.38]

Trashie commented on 16 Jan 2012
Good app does some nice missing features but the memory use of this app seems to be very high....
[Version 1.5.1]

Trashie commented on 12 Jan 2012
WOW here it is V2 BUGGGYYYYY lol.

Then again it is Alpha and V1 is perfectly stable...however there is glimpses of greatness in V2.

Ideas and concepts reworked and refactored just not finished yet show this will be hugely popular when complete.

I never used projects don't care they are binned in V2. I prefer to work off the file system as projects just f-up using version management tools. That may be why they got nailed.

I just wish they would throw people at it as I know it is a tiny team working on it...Textmate is probably the least employee supported app considering it's user base and complexity I know of.

At this point all we have is a preview of what is to come. Let us just hope it happens sooner rather than later.

Nice preview enjoyed it but will stay with V1 until this matters a bit beta I would think I will move to it.
[Version 2.0]

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Trashie replied on 19 Jan 2012
I know V2 misses the split screen views people want..I hear it is on way though...I hope. Try one of the window snappers like flexiglass etc. It does work not to badly in the mean time. A lot of V1 users are dong that.

Still tinkering in V2 the new column editor modes I have never seen anything like that before...won't be long until the other editors try to rip it off. Read the blogs on their site it is very impressive now. Would be nice if they could combo something to avoid the mouse clicks as that is the bottleneck in speed - but still very nice.
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