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Torgobob reviewed on 11 Apr 2014
The app would be great, but upon reporting a bug I was told flat out that the bug could not exist because I'm the only person ever to have reported it.

If you use a Gmail account (and the Gmail spam folder mapped under mappings), please try the following (and report it as a bug if it does the same thing to you):

1. Make sure the option to search the spam box is disabled.
2. Do a search for a generic term such as "and" or "the" (any term will work, but the more generic the more likely a match).
3. Look for an email in the search results that has no folders tied to it (the email in question will have been a spam message).
4. Click on it and try to delete it.

If you get the same "ghost" emails I am, please report the problem.
I reproduced this on 2 different macs using 2 different gmail accounts.

The person providing support refused to believe there was any possibility this was a real bug. That same individual also told me than when setting up a new Gmail account, the spam folder would NOT auto map by default, and refused to acknowledge otherwise. So I posted this:

In his las response he indicated he would forward the bug on to his developer and would not refund my $2 if they couldn't reproduce it.

I told them to keep the $2...
[Version 1.3.3]

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Torgobob replied on 15 Apr 2014
That isn't an entirely accurate easement...

A great app can get 1 star if it is unusable, which it is in this case, to me...

I can't search my emails reliably, so I am now using a different app...

Torgobob reviewed on 31 Jul 2013
The game has a massive learning curve, but I found when taking it very slowly it's not so bad to figure out.

Don't expect to be flying massive ships in huge battles any time soon.

The client runs well on my Mac (MacBook Air) though it does tax the CPU (the top corner of the keyboard gets hot after a while). Graphics look great and I've not had any technical issues.
[Version 1.3.1]


Torgobob reviewed on 30 May 2013
I finally got a response after a few weeks...

According to what they told me my email had gotten lost in a sea of spam...

They worked with me and ended up releasing an update which fixed my issues. It's now working fine for me...
[Version 1.6.5]


Torgobob reviewed on 30 May 2013
I've begun to notice AppZapper seems to no longer be showing any preferences or other library files for a number of apps from the AppStore...

I've recently taken the liberty to manually search my library folder AFTER using AppZapper, and sure enough after the last couple of app deletes there are still preference and other files to be MANUALLY found after AppZapper completes...

It's becoming as effective as hitting cmd-del in many instances...
[Version 2.0.1]


Torgobob reviewed on 04 Apr 2013
I installed Clusters on a new MacBook Air, and am seeing Clusters CONSTANTLY consuming between 110% and 150% of my CPU cycles, even though clusters is NOT actively compressing anything...

Both the menu bar icon and the system preference show clusters is not actively compressing anything, but after an extended period of being 'idle', clusters is somehow consuming the bulk of my idle CPU...

I emailed support with no response...
[Version 1.6.3]

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Torgobob replied on 10 Apr 2013
Oddly enough I seem to have found a work around or 'fix'...

When I installed the app I had only added my Applications folder, as I found a long time ago that larger Apps load faster when compressed with Clusters...

I added a second folder and ever since then Clusters has behaved normally. It appears if you have only one folder it consumes a large volume of the CPU bandwidth, but if you have 2 folders in the list it will behave as expected...

Torgobob replied on 18 Apr 2013
And then it broke again...

The process has gone back to consuming an average of 125% CPU bandwidth while in idle...

No idea what it's doing but that is a lot of CPU bandwidth seemingly being lost...

Torgobob reviewed on 26 Mar 2013
I just got a new MacBook Air and I just plain cannot get this to work on it...

It worked fine on my older MacBook Air, so I don't know why it's broken...

Basically the action is installed and selected in Growl, and when I click preview it behaves as expected. However NONE of my Growl based apps EVER send a single event to Notification center...

I've gone as far as adding the action to the individual apps in addition to it being a global action, but when the notification is sent, Growl displays it's own style, and that's it...

Uninstalling & Re-Installing does nothing, it just plain won't work...
[Version 1.1]


Torgobob reviewed on 30 Aug 2012
This app has one benefit I found which was unexpected for me...

When I compress my Applications folder with this, I find my larger apps load much quicker than before they were compressed...

Effectively the reduction in size means it can be read faster (and apparently in memory expansion has little delay), so in the end my apps are up and running noticeable faster...
[Version 1.6.1]

Torgobob commented on 18 Jul 2012
Found a bit of a bug that seems to have left me in a bit of a bind...

I ran Automation which took several hours to complete...

I then click on the Utilities tab upon completion, which first caused the active pane to update to Utilities, however immediately after that the Automation process started over.

I'm certain it wasn't anything unusual on my part as I'm now seeing the normal Utilities pane, and see the progress bar showing "Deleting Kernal Cash..."

I cannot wait for the process to go again so I'm going to have to force quit the process, which I'm hoping doesn't do any damage to my system...
[Version 2.4.7]

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Torgobob replied on 29 Jul 2012
I have diskwarrior, and nothing is wrong with my drive...

I also have no other system problems (even upgraded to 10.8 without issue)...

The second run through took a fraction of the time, so I'm doubting there was any malfunction...

Torgobob reviewed on 27 Sep 2011
I started using this app a while back as a sort of version control. ForeverSave 1 worked quite well for doing this...

Since v2 came out I have not been able to use the app in the same way. I've emailed them a few times and they seem to keep indicating it should be possible to use it the same way, but ironically enough I can't seem to find ANY way to get ForeverSave 2 to backup my files at all without auto-save enabled... Though they tell me it should work, if I open a file and make multiple modifications and multiple manual saves over a ten minute period, ForeverSave 2 simply will NOT do anything (the last email I sent them on this garnered no response, as of a couple months ago)...

With the autosave feature in lion now upon us the days of ForeverSave are numbered. ForeverSave would continue to work for me in the way that I use it, but unfortunately v2 simply does not work in that way anymore...
[Version 2.0.5]


Torgobob reviewed on 28 Mar 2011
Does what it says. Gotta get used to the upcoming change at some point in time & there is no time like the present...
[Version 1.0]

Torgobob had trouble on 09 Mar 2012
This is normally a great app but for the past week (at least) it seems to have stopped working.

When I run it, it scans my apps, indicates I have 165 total installed, but only version matches 5 of them (all the rest show a dash in the version column).

I tried deleting all my preference files but to no avail... I first assumed MacUpdate may have been down temporarily but it's been a little to long for that to likely be the cause...
[Version 5.0.12]

Torgobob had trouble on 22 Feb 2010
I see the listing for:

Added preference for Snow Leopard to let QuickLook inspect folders by showing them with transparent covers.

However, when I check this off & use QuickLook on a folder, nothing looks different. Either I'm not understanding what this is describing or its seemingly not working on my system...
[Version 4.0]

Torgobob had trouble on 22 Feb 2010
I see the listing for:

Added preference for Snow Leopard to let QuickLook inspect folders by showing them with transparent covers.

However, when I check this off & use QuickLook on a folder, nothing looks different. Either I'm not understanding what this is describing or its seemingly not working on my system...
[Version 4.0]

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