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Tonyboy reviewed on 10 Sep 2010
I think HexFiend has the potential to become a must-have Mac app, but there are a few features I would personally like to see before adopting this as my killer-app must-have hex editor:

a) "Jump to Offset" should be able to handle hex offsets. Also, when I jump to an offset, it would be nice if the position was highlighted, not just the line.

b) Font sizes / choices should be persistent across relaunches.

c) It would be nice to be able to visualize data as more than int, float, hex and MacRoman. I'm thinking other useful visualizations would include binary, octal, decimal, signed/unsigned integers of various widths, and various character set representations (Latin-1, UTF-8 sequences, UTF-16, etc...).

d) A killer feature would be the ability to view raw offsets on the disk (disk editor functionality). For instance, I'd like to be able to view the first 512 bytes of my hard drive (the Master Boot Record), which is represented nowhere as a file object. Probably a good idea to view this as read-only! :D

e) Another killer feature would be the ability to specify templates, so that I could annotate and describe segments of data in a file. ResEdit had TMPL resources to do this, which were simple and elegant ways of visualizing data structures.

All in all, I like where Hex Fiend is headed, and can't wait to see future versions of this project!
[Version 2.0]


Tonyboy reviewed on 23 Jun 2010
I really want to like this software, especially in light of its 2 Apple Design Awards, but the latest version is bogus. It's badly packaged, there's zero documentation, and I don't even know how to create a new document to experiment with.

Straight to the trash it goes! :(
[Version 2.26.3]


Tonyboy reviewed on 14 Nov 2009
Finally, a sophisticated, elegant, and versatile player on Mac OS X. I look forward to seeing this one evolve and grow!
[Version 0.6.6]


tonyboy reviewed on 15 Apr 2009
Bonjour Browser is a great little tool for debugging various network problems (e.g. with a printer, Airport Express, etc...). I use it often in my job as a sysadmin, as well as at home, when troubleshooting my home network.

A killer addition to this utility would be an accompanying command-line tool, similar to dig, but for mDNS. `mdig Fallout.local.` To my knowledge, no such tool exists for the Mac.
[Version 1.5.6]


tonyboy reviewed on 04 Nov 2007
Absolutely beautiful application! What OS X freeware *should* be: simple, powerful, elegant.

Two small suggestions on making this piece of software even better: ability to pass extra arguments and parameters to qstat (in the case of SGE), to select other people's jobs, extended job information, queue names, etc...

Also, a bit of documentation would be great!

[Version 0.1.2]

tonyboy commented on 10 Jul 2007
Excellent, very elegant solution! I do have a couple of things I would like to see in a future implementation:

(a) Mounting without turning on Disk Mode on the iPod, or mount the iPod on-the-fly if it isn't already.

(b) Mount the iPod as a complete read/write iTunes library so that I can access all of my iPod songs, edit them, use a visualizer, and do everything else I would in iTunes, but with my iPod as the source of the library. (Don't know how syncing would handle some of this stuff, though...)

Excellent app! Must-have!
[Version 2.0b1]

tonyboy commented on 05 Jul 2007
Simply beautiful.

I look forward to seeing this one evolve. My only small criticism is that for a visual display that visually morphs, fades and glides, there are, from time-to-time, what look like abrupt cuts between particle configurations. These cuts seem a little out-of-place and are a bit visually confusing.

This is a very minor grips for such a breakthrough visualizer. I still can't figure out how it seems to match the mood of each song: funky songs look funky, gentle songs look peaceful, etc...

[Version 0.1beta]

tonyboy commented on 15 Mar 2007
This software looks like EXACTLY what I need to share my music library between my home and my work computer. It would solve a big headache I've had in managing my music library.

But it costs 29€, and there's no way I'm paying that much for something that I might even be able to write myself.

Sorry, but no...
[Version 3.4.1]


tonyboy reviewed on 23 Feb 2007
I have to admit, I haven't been very impressed with Microsoft's Mac products in the last little while, and I was prepared to dislike this product from the start, but so far so good...

The feature set is fairly complete and the interface is nice and clean as well...

The only oddity is that I'm actually reviewing the newer 6.1 version, which isn't posted here on MU, but is available from, not in the standalone package (v6.0) but as a bundle for the IntelliType keyboard. Odd...
[Version 6.0]


tonyboy reviewed on 24 Aug 2006
Does exactly what it says -- great for rotating small movies taken with a digital camera held sideways!
[Version 1.0]

tonyboy had trouble on 15 Feb 2007
I was having a problem with TextWrangler asking me for my SSH key passphrase even though I had sshLogin installed.

This was happening because TextWrangler was being launched from a script being run on a remote TTY, not my login console. Thus, the environment variables that sshLogin had set up pertaining to the ssh-agent mechanism were not present, and so sshLogin was not being used.

The work-around for me was to launch TextWrangler manually first, and then run the script as usual, since the existing instance of the launched program had inherited the environment form my login console...

Clear as mud? :)

This is probably an unusual situation, but I thought I'd just publish my findings in case anyone else was having the same problem...
[Version 1.3]

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