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Tony-Aguila commented on 06 Feb 2014
Okay, so for me, the problem with fonts managed by FontExplorer not appearing in CS6 applications has been fixed with version 4.1.1. There was no need to clean font caches or anything else of that ilk. So apparently the issue brought up with the 4.1 update was indeed a bug.
[Version 4.1.1]


Tony-Aguila reviewed on 14 Jul 2013
CCC finally has won me over! I had always been partial to the “other” cloning utility but when I had to clone an ailing drive in my MBP the issue of preserving or recreating the Recovery HD partition (Mountain Lion) came up I first looked it up on the internet. In short, none of the solutions proved to be effective for me and I even tried Disk Utility to do it.

I was pleasantly surprised when CCC proffered the solution automatically when it sensed what I was trying to do. No software is 100% perfect and that is why I own both CCC and SuperDuper, Chronosync and FoldersSynchronizer. (Cloning is different from synchronization.) In the long run the investment pays off. And in this case, CCC proved to be the ideal solution.
[Version 3.5.2]

Tony-Aguila commented on 13 Oct 2012
Why not just go to ~/Library/Mobile Documents ? The Finder window will open as iCloud. You can then add files or folders like any other Finder folder.
[Version 1.0]

Tony-Aguila commented on 27 Sep 2012
After the Mountain Lion upgrade opening palettes in InDesign CS6 took an extremely long time, not evident in Lion. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling InDesign, to no avail.

I usually wait for Adobe Application Manager to alert me for an update but I was desperate for a fix to the problem so I downloaded and installed this update (8.0.1) anyway. Unfortunately it did not fix the problem.

It's true that this was not on the list of bugs that the update addressed, but I'm wondering if others are experiencing a similar problem since the Mountain Lion upgrade.
[Version 8.0.1]

Tony-Aguila commented on 31 Aug 2012
Version 2.0.9, which was just released, will not install or launch. The OS gives the message,

The operation couldn't be completed.
(OSStatus error -67049.)

Could be a Mountain Lion issue.
[Version 2.0.8]


Tony-Aguila reviewed on 29 Mar 2012
Kudos to Maintain support. They responded quickly, I supplied them information that they asked for, and they came out with a fix in no time. After testing the updated version, it now works correctly.

I also noticed that Cocktail has a Finder setting to make the user Library folder visible again.
[Version 5.1.6]

Tony-Aguila commented on 27 Mar 2012
I don't know if the problem is with my system but when I check the "Disable saved application states" option, the setting is not retained when I reopen the application. I tried changing other settings and they take effect, so it's only the "Disable saved application states" option that does not. I even clicked on the Defaults button to reset it and then checked the options I wanted.

The e-mail announcement clearly states that this would override whatever setting is selected in the General preference pane, but it does not.

I updated from within Cocktail 5.1.4, not from a separate download.
[Version 5.1.5]

Tony-Aguila commented on 19 Jan 2012
When I purchased my copy (family pack) it stated that my upgrades were free up to Sept. 2012. Now I have to pay for the upgrade. I understand that 5.0 is a major update but their claim of the free upgrade mentioned above was still misleading and there is nothing preventing them from introducing the next major update long before 5.x users' "free" updates expire. I love this program but I think I will stay with the old version since it fulfills my needs satisfactorily.
[Version 5.0]

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Tony-Aguila replied on 19 Jan 2012
Glad to know I'm not alone in this. I was already bitten by the KeyCue upgrade when I (unwittingly) paid for the update when it's the least-used part of the suite (Typinator-PopChar-KeyCue), only because I believe in supporting developers by keeping my versions up-to-date. However I already invested a lot of money into their suite and I even purchased the family pack when I only have two Macs. So in these difficult times, and with all three working to my satisfaction, I have decided to stick with what I have and decide (much) later whether or not I want to buy any more upgrades.
Tony-Aguila commented on 23 Jul 2011
The Dropbox contextual menu seems to be broken in Lion.
[Version 1.1.35]

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Tony-Aguila replied on 11 Aug 2011
Actually, their latest build (1.2.24) now works with Lion, in my case without any problem. A number of users report ongoing problems, though, so your mileage may vary.

Tony-Aguila reviewed on 30 May 2011
Great plug-in for creating symbolic links. I used to use Terminal to create symbolic links... this makes it so much easier. The only other feature I would wish for is for it to be able to create the link where I intend to place it. Right now, the link is created in the same location as the original, making it necessary to move it afterwards.

In addition to the contextual menu command, it can also show up under Finder Services.
[Version 2.0v2]

Tony-Aguila had trouble on 04 Jul 2012
Twice tried the update using the App Store app, both times it would not launch. The message said the app was damaged, to delete and reinstall from App Store. No joy. Next I tried deleting and restoring from Time Machine and the tried the update again. Failed again, twice.

Finally I did a restore from Time Machine, then used AppDelete to completely uninstall the program, including all associated files. This time, the fresh install from App Store worked.
[Version 3.0.3]

Tony-Aguila had trouble on 04 Jun 2012
I have been using this for a long time and finally purchased it at the App Store. With this latest version, it appends the file extension twice (… Odd.
[Version 2.4.4]

Tony-Aguila had trouble on 29 Mar 2010
WARNING! For users upgrading to Snow Leopard 10.6.3. I just updated and now none of the fonts activated within FontAgent Pro shows up in *any* application-InDesign, Illustrator, TextEdit, Word, etc. This happened intermittently with Leopard and Snow Leopard and the issue was always fixed by reinstalling FAP and/or clearing font caches. This time, neither works. I will have to either downgrade to SL 10.6.2 or look for a different font management program.
[Version 4.052]

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Tony-Aguila commented on 04 May 2010
I do not allow FAP to manage system fonts either--a big NO-NO, as far as I am concerned. A complete uninstall, fonts cache clear, and reinstall of FAP works for a while but after a week or so, the problem of activated fonts not showing up in other applications returns. I suppose it can be difficult managing 8,000+ fonts.

Now a different issue has come up. Auto-activation does not work with Adobe CS5. Expected, but still, they will have to come up with an update now.
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