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Tomq commented on 27 Aug 2013
Nothing: No menu icon, no change in volume; nothing!
10.6.8, reboot: nothing still.
[Version 1.0.7]


Tomq reviewed on 17 Aug 2013
5 stars all the way!
Extremely useful to have a floating, multi-Spaces screenshot.
Can delete it easily. Can save it also.
Perfect for my needs.
Great! Definitely worth the cost.
(Using SnapNDrag much less now.)
[Version 1.4.1]

Tomq commented on 06 Feb 2013
Well, at this moment I was able to download it for free from the Apple App Store. But I won't be using it. I like Typinator much better.
[Version 1.7.8]


Tomq reviewed on 05 Jan 2013
Simply excellent. Bought it.
[Version 1.0.8]

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Tomq replied on 19 Oct 2013
Been using BT for many months now and it is just great. One of the greatest benefits for me is to be able to add lots of menubar items which before BT I did not want cluttering up the menubar. Now I have the main menubar items in the main menubar and my secondary menubar items in the BT submenu. Just great!
Tomq commented on 30 Sep 2012
I have postponed upgrading from SL to Lion mainly because of QKs toolbars not working in Lion. But now I see that the QKs shortcut can be placed into DragThing toolbars, which I like a whole lot. So, this might be a work-a-round for some. Unfortunately I have dozens of QKs toolbars and hundreds of QKs shortcuts; so, lots of work to do if I want to upgrade to Lion. (Don't like Keyboard Maestro as much as QKs.)
[Version 4.0.7 (131)]

Tomq commented on 02 Feb 2012
Over 100% cpu usage. Yikes!!!!!!!
[Version 1.4]


Tomq reviewed on 19 Jan 2012

This is one of my all time favorite utilities in using a Mac ever since there were first made.

How incredibly useful for someone (like me!) who avoids the keyboard as much as possible, prefering the mouse whenever possible, to simply click Copy/Cut/Paste from here to there.
It is so simple and useful, its embarrassing!

The publisher has also gone to great lengths to successfully troubleshoot a very strange problem on one of my Macs.

[Version 1.2.4]

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Tomq replied on 19 Jan 2012
Was supposed to be 5 stars, but could not select 5.
Tomq commented on 18 Oct 2011
Nuts: another calendar program that doesn't understand that some people really don't want to see the previous 30 days in January on January 31. Some of us want to just see only what is in the future, not the past. Please make an option to put the current date always in the top week, as any calendar program should be able to do. Then I, and maybe some others, will decide to buy it.
[Version 1.0.3]


Tomq reviewed on 07 Sep 2011
Well, actually, 4 1/2 stars:

Initially I did not think BusyCal had the features I wanted, specifically scrolling weeks in the month view, but thanks to MacUpdate members I found it. So then I asked MacUpdate to remove my previous errorenous comments.

Now I have tried and bought BusyCal because I find it a very user friendly and a feature-filled calendar.

I should subtract a 1/2 star because the weekend date box colors cannot be customized. Currently there is only a very slight grey tint for the weekend date boxes—not enough for me to easily distinguish the weekends from the weekdays. In fact I almost did not buy BusyCal until I noticed the the weekend date numbers are a bright red color while the weekday date numbers are black; so this was enough to change my mind. Still, the colors of the date boxes and date numbers should be customizable; not everyone likes bright red weekend date numbers!

Another minor quibble is that the toolbar area at the top is not customizable. The "today" button is located at left border; not real convenient. And other common commands should be able to be placed in the toolbar area for convenience. (Fortunately I use Quickeys to make my own toolbar and place the commom commands in it. So it works, kind of.)

I had a little problem with the text baseline shifting a bit too low in a banner when I tried changing the font, but I eventually got it back to normal.

Also for the first time ever I have synked a calendar program with my wife's computer over LAN. The setup was trivially easy and it works very well and is a nice addition to keeping our appointments up-to-date with each other.

BusyCal nice calendar for my needs. I like the feeling of this program. And it is far better than iCal which I gave up on many years ago.

[Version 1.5.4]

Tomq commented on 28 Apr 2011
Agreeing with Drdul: Clock does not remember position after quitting and restarting.
Must have an option to get rid of Menu Icon altogether.
Then it will be usable.
[Version 1.0]

Tomq had trouble on 26 Jul 2010
Not compatible with DragThing's Window Dock.
[Version 0.9.6]

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