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Tommy-Montag reviewed on 23 Dec 2013
I forked out the 4.99 for the separated cookie/data storage feature - it works as advertised - and it's been well-worth it, even just for accessing my webmail.

Fortunately, my webmail provider doesn't show ads or have intrusive page elements so I didn't have a need to fiddle about with userstyles or userscripts to create a distraction-free workspace, which made setup a breeze for me. It just worked right out of the box in a way that was very useful to me.
[Version 1.7.2]


Tommy-Montag reviewed on 24 Jul 2013
Even though it hasn't been updated in a bit, I use this OOo derivative all the time for everyday, routine easy work - quick updates of simple spreadsheets, composition of letters and other documents that don't require a lot of complex formatting. The Draw module of the app is also particularly useful.

It's easier to use relative to the other Open Office suites because menus, tool bars, etc. are stripped down to a minimum which makes it nice for a get in, get it done, get out quick type of work style.

It's snappy to open and responsive.

I'm a little tickled that the targeted age range is 7-12 years old as I'm decades past that. :)
[Version 1.1]

Tommy-Montag commented on 30 Apr 2013
Also useful for editing metadata of non-DRM'ed m4a purchases from the iTunes store.
[Version 0.19]

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Tommy-Montag replied on 30 Apr 2013
...and it says that right in the description. doh!

Tommy-Montag reviewed on 24 Feb 2013
XtraFinder is of exceptional value to me because the only features I wanted to use were tabbed Finder windows and the ability to Cut and Paste files.

Thank you to the dev for bringing these useful features to those of us not able to shell out $40 US for similar products.
[Version 0.16]

Tommy-Montag commented on 03 Feb 2013
Disappointed to see that Esellerate - despite all of its historically privacy-invasive practices and how it cheats its customers & affiliates - is _still_ being used to not only upgrade this product but also monitor basic installation of the "free" player.

Telestream - you can't find another, more end-user focused ecommerce provider? Or is it that you don't want to?


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Tommy-Montag replied on 03 Feb 2013
...and despite uninstalling using the Uninstaller provided, the licensing framework still remains.

Tommy-Montag reviewed on 03 Feb 2013
I tried this specifically to convert wmv files to mov for viewing in QT-compatible players (I prefer not to use Telestream's Flip4Mac products because of their licensing and privacy practices).

I found it to be more than adequate in doing this. It was fairly quick. There are no preferences to fiddle with - so no need to choose codecs, bit rates, FPS, etc. - just drag and drop, hit the button, and off it goes.

Playing the converted mov file in QT alongside the original wmv file in VLC, I detected very little loss of quality. The FPS, bit rates, etc. were identical to the original wmv file.

The one thing I didn't like was how the application automatically added converted files to iTunes as well as a folder in the Movies folder.
[Version 1.5.1]

Tommy-Montag commented on 01 Feb 2013
Also requires Java.
[Version 1.9.35]


Tommy-Montag reviewed on 28 Aug 2012
I stumbled upon this by accident, testing out various timer applications. Given my past experience, I thought just a simple countdown timer would suffice.

However, when I was trying out Pester, I realized that oftentimes, when I use a simple countdown timer and it goes off, I have long forgotten what it was I was attempting to time! Usually this involves cooking or baking and by the time I figure it out, whatever it was I was making is ruined.

Pester allows you give the activity being timed a name so that immediately sold me.

I also appreciate the relatively small memory footprint of ~ 30mb.
[Version 1.1b15]


Tommy-Montag reviewed on 17 Jul 2012
The folks at Ambrosia have a great piece of software here with an easy to use flexible feature set that's also an unbeatable value for its price.

I'm still using the same license I purchased some 5+ years ago to use on a G5 iMac... I almost feel guilty about that because I've been through three computers during that time (although it's important to note that the license only allows installation on one computer at a time).

Other screen capture programs I've tried have been too complex to even get up and running, and they have too many options. I just want to define my screen area to capture, get on with my capturing, save to disk, and be done.

Snapz Pro X does just that... no muss, no fuss.
[Version 2.3.3]


Tommy-Montag reviewed on 17 Jan 2012
I almost gave up on Fx after v. 8.0.1 came out because of its memory hogging. In comparison to Safari, it's still much more memory intensive, but at least it's back to being useable again for me in 9.0.1. A typical session in Fx 8.0.1 consumed ~400mb; that same session in 9.0.1 is down to 274mb. So a lot more could be done, but I am happy not to have ditch this beast simply because it was hogging all my RAM.
[Version 9.0.1]

Tommy-Montag had trouble on 06 Apr 2011
I'm using this on a machine with 10.6.6 as a standalone app built using Mesa Dynamics' Amnesty Singles - one could use another program that converts widgets to desktop apps as well I imagine - and it seems to run ok for me.

I am using the trial version of Amnesty Singles so there is a nag box that pops up. (I don't like eSellerate - the program's third party e-vendor - so I have removed all portions of the eSellerate privacy-invasive framework from the Amnesty Singles app. Otherwise I'd gladly buy a copy but can't find another way to do this. =( )

I can't really explain why I don't get the same errors as outlined below other than the fact that I am using it as a standalone app and not a widget.
[Version 1.0.8]

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