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Tom-Smith commented on 09 Oct 2013
Unfortunately buggy. Won't, for instance, operate on pdfs open in recent Adobe Reader versions. It has one function not present in SizeUp, which is bug free: the ability to re-size windows from the keyboard, so I keep it around for just that.
[Version 0.8.2]


Tom-Smith reviewed on 09 Dec 2010
I gave Latexian a thorough try out, as I said that I would do.

Previously I've used BBEdit to write Latex docuements, kept as BBE Projects, and I processed them through TeXShop. This has required constant switching between subsidiary documents in BBE and the parent document in TeXShop. The process was also slow, with most time spent waiting for the appearance of the typeset documents. It was a frustrating process, even with the aid of some scripts to speed it up. I've also tried other document production systems, including TeXMaker, TeXWorks, TeXFoG, LyX, and Publicon, which I used for years (though not for LaTeX).

With many free apps available, I never thought I'd find one I'd want to buy, but Latexian is it. The speed of the Live Preview has to be seen to be believe; nothing else comes close. You can see and fix complex expressions essentially in real time. The navigation system is very intuitive. The Preview File feature means that I can typeset or Preview directly from a subsidiary document without having to switch to the main one. The clippings library has also proved essential for saving and retrieving expression templates. Code completion is also a time saver. The regular expression support is excellent and the multi-file batch find is very usable.
I've also corresponded with the dev, and he's proved very responsive.

Latexian still isn't perfect yet; I don't like the layout of the Quick Insert palettes, for example. But, to my mind, it's the single best Tex production application around.
[Version 1.0]

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Tom-Smith replied on 09 Dec 2010
I forgot to mention one other feature which contributes to Latexian's speed and convenience. With BibTeX entries TeXShop required three manual typesetting runs: Latex, Bibtex, Latex. Latexian has an option to do all the runs automatically.
Tom-Smith commented on 17 Oct 2010
I haven't found Latexian to be all that useful. My Latex projects consist of a main .tex document with sub-documents that are "input:" into the main document. My current workflow is to use BBEdit projects to edit the .tex documents, LaTeXiT to preview sections of them, and TeXShop to produce the final versions.

Latexian provides Previews only of the Main document. Although there is a tool to go from a section of a .tex file to the Preview, it won't work for me, since all the substance is in the subsidiary documents, which won't preview on their own. Too bad. The Live Previews work pretty well. I like the fact that, unlike TeXShop, Latexian does not need manual passes through LaTeX and BibTeX and LaTeX again. I'd buy the app immediately if it knew how to link subsidiary documents to the Previews it creates.
[Version 1.0b5]

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Tom-Smith replied on 08 Nov 2010
Thanks!. I apologize for not reading the help more carefully. I keep my TeX documents in BBEdit projects, and it's easy to write a macro to add the line needed to separately preview an included file. When I need to write a new LaTeX document, I'll give Latexian a full work out, but I now like what I see.


Tom-Smith replied on 10 Dec 2010
Oops-that was me above, with one of my (no longer) anonymous emails. Sorry.

Tom-Smith commented on 06 Jan 2010
I tried it and like the two-pane layout, compared to having to position windows in TeXShop. However the built-in pdf preview is almost unreadably faint on my system (10.5.8 PB G4). Too bad.
[Version 1.9.2]

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Tom-Smith replied on 06 Jan 2010
Sorry, my comment applied to TexWriter, not to TeXMaker.

Tom-Smith replied on 06 Jan 2010
Actually, my comment applied to neither TeXWriter or TeXMaker but to TeXWorks. I apologize to the devs of both products.

Tom-Smith reviewed on 18 Nov 2009
I found myself using KP so much that I did buy it without waiting for a sale. I use it frequently to copy text into tables, and it has saved me from many errors. The only feature lacking is the pronunciation of keys like -tab-, -caps lock-, and -return-. (I omit -shift-, because KP recognizes it as a modifier key for pronouncing symbols like "question mark.").

It's difficult to rate a unique niche app, but it is a solid 4.5 to me.
[Version 4.0]

Tom-Smith commented on 19 Oct 2009
I've searched far and wide for a similar app. Short of an expensive program intended for sight-impaired people, I haven't found anything like it on the Mac. (The program from the 2004 comment is long gone). I probably won't purchase this unless it turns up in a Bundle or Promo someplace. It's over-priced for those like me who would use it only infrequently. I don't know how it works in Snow Leopard, but it's fine in 10.5.8

Why would you want to use it? It's perfect for entering bank account or other long numbers when cut and paste is not available. It's also OK for light data entry--it is a substitute for 100% read back or double-entry verification. And, for sight-impaired people, it can aid touch typing, without having to look at the screen as much. However, it can be tiring to use for along time. One looks at the source material and listens to it at the same time--result: sensory overload.

If you type too fast, you hear gibberish, so slow down or set the Speaking Rate to "Fast" in the "Text to Speech" pane of the Speech Preferences Pane. Some voices work better than others, so experiment.

What's annoying is having to turn the app on and off when you want to pause it temporarily. But it was easy to write a script to this and assign it a hot key (with FastScripts or iKey). Here's a script below to do it. Be sure to zap gremlins in a text editor before using.

Toggle Keystrokes Pronouncer
tell application "System Events"
if exists application process "Keystrokes Pronouncer" then
tell application "Keystrokes Pronouncer" to quit
tell application "Keystrokes Pronouncer" to activate
end if
end tell
[Version 3.2]

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Tom-Smith replied on 19 Oct 2009
I should have included the most obvious use--for people who have to do a lot of touch typing into the computer from another source.
Tom-Smith commented on 30 Sep 2009
I've noticed a couple of enhancements in 2.5 so far, more informative process icons for the indices and the ability to share archives over a local network. According to email sent to users there are also fixes for a few Snow Leopard issues
[Version 2.5b6]


Tom-Smith reviewed on 22 Sep 2009
I agree with the previous viewer, but I'd give the PTHPB 5 stars. I think that its "problem" is also its major virtue: there are so many configuration choices to set in preferences, it takes time to set up. And, the documentation about how some of the options about Window behavior fit together could be clearer. Other apps don't have as many options or features, and so are somewhat simpler to use. So this is an App for those of us who want a lot of control, and in this category, I think that it's the best.
[Version 4.5.2]


Tom-Smith reviewed on 30 Aug 2009
1PW is good, though not perfect as a form filler--I agree with other posters about this. This is primarily a review of the 1PassWord Palm App, which is one reason I bought the Mac program. I consider the Palm application a sloppy afterthought, almost a joke. It is currently impossible to enter information on the Palm and sync to the Mac. Worse notes contained in the Mac 1PW entries can be seen only 2-3 lines at a time on the Palm, making it practically impossible to read them.

The Mac application is a very poor place to keep reference information about confidential items. One must classify each item (e.g. password,identity, and it is not possible to convert one kind of item to another. So, for example, I cannot keep all the information about a credit card in one place (online account, summary data, wallet information). I have to look at two entries. 1PW can get confused if you register for a web site one one screen, but must log in on another. 1PW will take you to the sign-up screen, not the log in screen.
[Version 2.9.29]


Tom-Smith reviewed on 27 Feb 2009
I agree with the last review, but the reviewer didn't mention two features that I have found useful. First, you can export mbox files that can be imported into Apple Mail. Be warned, that to import a mbox file into Mail, you must select a folder that contains the file.

The reviewer also didn't mention Mail Steward's superior SQL search capabilities. They beat anything that Mail itself can do. Although Devonthink and a search engine like Foxtrot can do searches, they are not specialized to email. So you cannot as easily set up search criteria such as recipient, date, subject, original mailbox, and so on.

The search set up is a little awkward. There are two screens with the same criteria, the second is the Advanced Screen. If you want to search for recipient A OR recipient B, for example, you set A up on the 1st screen and B up on the 2nd with an OR connector. The way I do it is to set up as much of the search as possible on the search screens, then edit the resulting SQL statement if necessary. If you set up a tentative SQL statement, be sure to save the search first, so that you can reedit it if necessary.
[Version 8.1]

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