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Tingo reviewed on 09 Jul 2011

Pt. 1. I agree with you there, I had the same surprise and still haven't figured it out, but I decided to let it go, partly because such renewable licenses are quite common in the corporate world where I work, and partly because I can't discard my own uncurable ability, let alone that of others, NOT to see things that are in plain view in front of my nose on the screen (just had the case again yesterday, on a shopping site). Maybe Sana Paul will light our lantern here?

Pt. 2. This has been mentioned on the following discussion, which incidentally is of a better quality, for the technically inclined (as of yet, there are no psychopaths there to spread their vomit all over the thread):


As you'll see from what I posted there, the CPU usage of MacKeeper Helper on my system is tantamount to 0.0%. But the Wine usage is an altogether different story, although not the cause of any hassle as far as I am concerned.

Pt. 3. I suggest you do as I have done for years: I have a separate external drive (it used to be rewritable CDs) where I keep all the latest working application files, actually all the way to Classic applications. You won't believe how often this has saved my life.

Pt. 4. MacKeeper has been installed since the beginning of this year on another computer than the one I'm writing from, which has Parallels installed (they actually both came in the same MacUpdate special offer package). No such bad luck as yours.

@Pukky: It must be the Mediterranean air that both you and I are breathing that makes us relatively happy about MacKeeper (or deluded, as some other posters might put it).


Pt. 1. Curious. Here, MacKeeper has been installed on two different MBPs (one early 2010, one early 2011, i.e. different processors) within three months from each other, and I haven't seen the shadow of a crash. As a matter of fact, I'm still waiting to experience a crash on any of these two machines (and no, I'm no more getting paid by Apple than I am by MacKeeper). What feline brand of OSX are you using?

Pt. 2. Curious too. Two licences of MacKeeper, and I'm not getting any newsletter, never have. Which is fine with me.

@Tom_bovo: See above, @jeffrey2020, pt. 2. And, as nobody wishes you any harm, please do use a favour: don't choke.

@Sana Paul: Maybe you should visit the Tech Guy forum link above. Some questions are awaiting the answers of a qualified person.

@all: I was pleasantly surprised by how MacKeeper's Shredder behaved when I was expecting the worse to happen. For the seriously interested, more details about this on the Tech Support Guy thread above (hope MacUpdate's people don't object).
[Version 1.0.5]

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Tingo replied on 13 Jul 2011
Indeed, I've also noticed that we speak quite different Englishes, "dude". I don't know how Russian gets into this, but if that makes you happy, I'll try to speak it in my next life. It sounds quite nice, actually.

Btw, thx for the -smileys. Quite honourable indeed.

Tingo replied on 13 Jul 2011
Thank you for telling me what you think that I should be, or rather have been, thinking. However, by asking you to do us the favour of not choking, I did indeed mean that you should not choke (on your vomit), and not that you should choke. Elementary, my dear Watsonevich. That's just because I was being charitable, a semantic subtlety to which I cannot be sure whether your perception of English is impervious or not.

Your understanding of certain forms of the English language doesn't seem to have grasped that I don't speak Russian, and I have not a clue of what dungeons you are extracting some of your statements from, considering that I haven't had a "staff" for the past thirteen years or so. So, "dear dude", now that you haven't induced any guilt feelings in me (by choking, contrary to my recommendations), would you kindly stop wasting everybody's time with your ridiculous assumptions – defined as "theorizing" in your English, but called surmising in mine.

Tingo rated on 01 Jul 2011
[Version 1.0.4]

Tingo commented on 25 Jun 2011
All in agreement with Keesbakker here. Here's what I posted today on a few other forums, where the denigration campaign against MacKeeper is also running full blast:

"I may be wrong, even as a Mac user for the past 17 years, and a user of two other OS's for 10 years before that, but...

For contractual reasons with clients in the corporate PC world, I have to have an AV application. ClamXav and Sophos, independently, caused me way too much trouble, and I considered MacKeeper. Before purchasing it last February, I looked into others' opinions on the net. One of the results is that I am as flabbergasted now as I was then at the level of insulting and misleading stuff hurled at MacKeeper, not to mention the downright false information posted by some, or the century-old Anglo racism towards Russians (yet, if these Anglos knew something about anything, they'd know that the people behind MacKeeper are from Ukraine – but they're all commies, ain't they?)

I've experienced trolling of the kind I'm reading above on countless forums discussing sensitive political issues, but I had never seen it on a Mac forum, nor on any tech forum for that matter. It would been enlightening for the rest of us if that/those poster(s) came out of the wood, or the woods, and told us what motivates it/he/she/them to go on bashing this app.

My experience so far, and it's been a few month, is the same as Jmay's above, on June 9th, so there's nothing to add there.

I've only had one problem, and it's been with their support. Because the application update function also scans an external disk where I have Tiger installed, it reports as out-of-date some apps that either cannot be updated under Tiger or that I can't be bothered updating. I asked them how I could tell MacKeeper not to scan that external disk. First I got a reply from someone that hadn't even read my mail properly (typical, in our world), then no reply at all for a long time. It ended up curiously with the person at the other end asking my authorisation for their techies to remotely "enter" my computer – with my participation and under my observation. I'm not overly paranoid, but considering how unimportant the issue is (and how irrelevant their suggestion seems to be to it) and above all that my clients would kill me if they knew such a thing was taking place, I have denied them the access they requested. So far, I'm using a work-around, and that's switching off the external harddisk before scanning for app updates.

ADDITION: A while back, I was called to rescue when a couple of people, for reasons yet to be understood, went on a rampage of calumny on a Shoppers' forum against a restaurant owned by a friend of mine. Curiously, most of the comments there ressembled the "Thanks to all who commented", "Thank you to all of you who took the time to make such detailed reviews" and "Thanks to all you guys who have inspected...", as well as variants of "Terrible xxxx [restaurant, software], avoid this at all costs" that are mushrooming above. All, of course, under different ad hoc user names. Strange how uncreative people can be, not?"

ADDITION ON THIS FORUM, NOW: curious how all people in favour of MacKeeper, including their staff, are getting sad smileys, whereas the denigrators' are all positive.
[Version 1.0.4]

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Tingo replied on 26 Jun 2011
Tombovo, Sir, me read you(r) posts, me only (happy) idiot Mac user from bad African country. Sorry disturb Master Anglo.
Tingo commented on 08 Sep 2010
I'd hate to double post, so here:


are some comments I've just posted about Unsanity's approach to customer care in general, and the bugginess of the last version, allegedly Snow Leopard-compatible, of WindowShade.
[Version 5.0.5]

Tingo commented on 08 Sep 2010
I have made good use of several of Unsanity's products, in a professional environment. As far as I'm concerned, flawlessly under Tiger, so no complaint here. Yet, I have to agree with most comments that those people, to put it mildly, have a talent to positively defecate on their customers & users.

One thing is that they ask for ideas. I did provide some suggestions to them, but never even got the slightest acknowledgment. Fair enough, maybe what I'd sent them didn't make sense in their eyes. Maybe they're too busy, I said to myself (but how come, when I was running my own online store, we ALWAYS found the time to reply to requests, even the silliest ones?)

Quite different, though, the total lack of response I experienced after they finally upgraded some of their haxies so they could run under Snow Leopard. I purchased several of them, and was even granted a voucher for the purchase of other products - within a month. I wrote to Unsanity asking for a proper invoice, as the "receipt" they issue online and my mail is not considered as valid by my tax authorities. I also asked them to put me on a mailing list for when the new version of FruitMenu would be available (Soon! - their site said). And: would they kindly extend the validity of their voucher to use it when purchasing FruitMenu, as it was the only one of their utilities I still needed? Finally, I reported that their update of WindowShade compatible with Snow Leopard was causing havoc when used on multiple screens: once your windows are minimized on a secondary screen, you can't get hold of them anymore! We're talking here of straightforward Apple monitors.
To this day, and in spite of four or five reminders, I have received no reply whatsoever from Unsanity. When the update of FruitMenu was released (no warning!), the voucher had expired two days earlier. Needless to say, its validity didn't appear to have been extended when I tried to purchase online. Moreover, after reading that the upgrade was free for registered users, I tried to use my current FruitMenu key (still working fine as of a recently reinstalled Tiger). To no avail (of course?)
I once again wrote to Unsanity, by now not with the friendliest of tones. Silly me, I should have known: response = zilch. So now I'm left with my money thrown out of the WindowShade that won't work properly (not even the latest update a few days ago), and, on the bright side, finding an alternative piece of freeware, XMenu, that does in Snow Leopard some of the things FruitMenu is supposed to do, but won't be doing "on my watch."
Curiously, passwords to Unsanity's haxies are not listed in Serial Box. Makes you wonder...
Last curiosity: a note with the recent update of WindowShade stated something like "this depression is so painful". Is this the explanation? "Depression" could be one of several things, of course...
[Version 2.6.1]

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