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Timmyb commented on 26 Oct 2013
Phones home at system boot even when the data collection preference and autoupdate are disabled.
Connection by 'virusbarrier.bundle' to www.integodownload.com
[Version 10.7.4]

Timmyb commented on 16 Apr 2013
Unfortunately , ClamXav had rather poor detection results in virus/malware tests run by ThesafeMac.com.
[Version 2.3.5]

Timmyb commented on 14 Apr 2013
So, they have just given up on posting the hash values for the downloads?
[Version 2.0.6]

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Timmyb replied on 14 Apr 2013
oops. my bad! Looks like they just swutched to displaying the hash on the download confirmation page rathe then on the download listing page...
Timmyb commented on 26 Feb 2013
-Installed 7.0.37781 got a system panic during the in app update to 7.0.38397.

-Safari and Firefox WebRep extensions are automatically and silently reinstalled at system restart even if they have been disabled from within the app.

-Bad privacy/EULA terms (as others have mentioned the mandatory WebRep browse extensions report back 8every* site that you visit including search engine queries.

--This is too bad because according to tets by TheSafeMac.com Avast has excellent detection rates.
[Version 7.0 build 37264]

Timmyb commented on 08 Jan 2013
The latest stable version (11 .5.502.146) appears to introduce yet a new Adobe installer that isn't really a full installer at all but requires a net connection so that the Adobe installer can download the files to install. I can't take this nonsense anymore from Adobe. Oh, and that isn't all. The download page for the installer (which isn't really an installer) tried to push Google Chrome into your download as well!
[Version 11.6.602.137]

Timmyb commented on 23 Dec 2012
Download page says version 1.7.7, but the apps 'about box' says version 1.7.5.
[Version 1.7.7]

Timmyb commented on 23 Dec 2012
MD5's of downloads do not match those published at http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-macosx.html
[Version 2.0.5]

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Timmyb replied on 12 Jan 2013
Thanks for that.
Timmyb commented on 15 Dec 2012
Absolute insanity.
WindowServer process consistently uses ~95% CPU during YouTube and other Flash content playback. In addition to The actual Plugin process and Safari usage.
Safari 5.1.7, 10.6.8, Flash 11.5.502.136.
[Version 11.6.602.108]

Timmyb commented on 08 Nov 2012
[Version 8.0.6]

Timmyb commented on 15 Oct 2012
Looks interesting, but how is this different from the web based map.google.com or the Google Earth app? Also, does this require Flash for the street views?
[Version 2.9.0]

Timmyb had trouble on 10 Oct 2011
The new version 11 ( seems to have a slight glitch on Youtube. The suggested videos that appear at the end of a clip (the thumbnails within the player) all show a duration of 0:00)

Timmyb had trouble on 30 Nov 2010
After an unattended upload of 2GB to AmazonS3 I noticed that all available memory had been used and was not released after quitting the app.
[Version 3.7]

Timmyb had trouble on 14 Nov 2010
1.6.4 does not seem to be reliably managing cookies at quit under 10.6.5
[Version 1.6.4]

Timmyb had trouble on 07 Oct 2010
~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/FlashPlayer/#SharedObjects is not being cleared. Doesn't this folder also contain Flash Cookies?
[Version 1.6]

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Timmyb commented on 08 Oct 2010
So, the items in that folder are not considered Flash cookies?

Timmyb replied on 10 Oct 2010
Thanks for staying on top this Bollywood!
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