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Thunderclap82 reviewed on 26 May 2009
I was very eager to try Montage and adopt it for my main screenwriting software. While the GUI design is nice and very Mac-like, there is one big problem with the software: page breaks. By that I mean when you are writing dialog in just runs onto the next page. Proper formatting would include the characters name as it re-organizes the page. Montage doesn't do this forcing you to do it manually. But then, if you make revisions, then there are extra page breaks and have to go through and clean it up all over again. It's very time consuming and not professional enough yet to justify making it your main screenwriting program.
[Version 1.5.3]


Thunderclap82 reviewed on 08 May 2008
There doesn't seem to be much different between the previous version and this one. Two additions include Blu-Ray support and editing Tivo files. Everything else behaves as it should. While I have no need at the moment for Blu-Ray burning I was excited for editing Tivo video files. Unfortunately the editing portion doesn't behave like it should. Marking in and out points aren't precise and usually jump ahead a few seconds. Scrolling through the video also barely works. It seems like this addition was last minute and was in alpha stage at best. Unless you have a need for Blu-Ray burning stick with version 8.
[Version 9.0.2]


Thunderclap82 reviewed on 08 May 2008
I recently installed ChronosSync to sync my Mac Pro and MacBook. The software does what it claims to do with little effort. The learning curve is small... it took me roughly 15 min. to get up and running and synching only what I wanted. The only minor issue I had (and I want to be clear this has only happened once so far) is the programmed slowed way down, so much so it was barely useable. A quick reboot fixed the problem.

The only thing I'd like to see is specific app check boxes so one doesn't have to go through and find the apps specific files such as Mail and iCal. It would be a welcome addition to just check a box and have the software do this automatically.

But that's only a request and doesn't prevent the software from working as advertised. For anyone interested in synching two or more Macs this software is well worth the price.
[Version 3.3.6]

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Thunderclap82 replied on 12 May 2008
I spoke to soon. Bidirectional doesn't appear to work properly. I'm trying to keep my Firefox bookmarks, Mail, iCal and Document folder in sync between my MacPro and MacBook. But after I run Chronosync neither has been synchronized properly. I've tried e-mailing customer support but they have yet to respond.
Thunderclap82 commented on 20 Mar 2008
Seems to tag faster than previous versions.


Thunderclap82 reviewed on 06 Mar 2008
I've only been using this program for a short time but so far it does what it's suppose to do and does it well. It offers a lot more features than I need for tagging movies and television shows but I can't complain about that. It's good that the software offers options for different users.

My only little complaint (and it is minor) is modifying certain information such as release date. Something like "2002-01-25T06:00:00Z" I try to edit down to "2002-01-25" yet for some reason it won't save that way and reverts back to the original. Again, just a minor issue.

Overall this software makes labeling my digitized media a lot easier.

Thunderclap82 commented on 19 Feb 2008
In response to all those MacHeist people complaining. How many programs did you get for the $50 you spent? Was it ten? So you got Speed Download 4 for $5?

I've been a registered user since version 3 when I spent $25 for the full program. I then spent $15 for the version 4 upgrade and then again for version 5. Why? Because Speed Download is good software with good customer support and it irritates me when a bunch of cheap bastards cry foul for no good reason.

Get over it.
[Version 5.0]

Thunderclap82 commented on 28 Jan 2008
Synergy still closes for no reason during use.
[Version 3.5a5]

Thunderclap82 commented on 24 Oct 2007
While this is probably a great piece of software for those concerned with what is coming and going from your Mac it wasn't for me. After installing it I felt I was on a Vista machine with all the popups and confirmations I had to select.
[Version 2.0b9]

Thunderclap82 commented on 23 Oct 2007
I tried installing this program and like others have commented the installer doesn't work.
[Version 2.0b9]


Thunderclap82 reviewed on 14 Oct 2007
Being a slideshow screensaver I didn't expect anything exceptional as far as features go. The only thing that hurts this small program is the lack of color photos. Everything is black and white. Considering how colorful a time of year autumn is color photos would have been nice and the lack of them is the only thing that hurts this product.
[Version 1.0]

Thunderclap82 had trouble on 29 Oct 2007
Over the weekend I upgraded to Leopard and this release candidate of Fusion. Now when I try to boot Vista through Fusion all I get is a black screen after the Windows load screen appears. I still hear the sound effects of Windows starting, etc. but can't see anything.
[Version 1.1.61385]

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