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Thefinaleofseem reviewed on 13 Jun 2012
I don't think Apple is ever going to fix the broken Software Update in Leopard. iTunes will get updated to the very latest version, but Quicktime? Nope. It'll remain at sub-7.5.5 levels, which means you have to manually run out and get it because iTunes WON'T WORK without it! What the heck Apple? This has been a problem for months! Anyone doing a clean install of Leopard could be in for a rather rude awakening, especially if they don't know enough to go hunting for QT 7.7.
[Version 7.7]


Thefinaleofseem reviewed on 05 Dec 2011
It seems okay, but then you notice that it has some autocorrect and autoformat defaults that can be just as annoying as Word, if not more so. No, I don't want it to autofill words as I type them, because it has the annoying tendency to set them as autofilled when it's incorrect. These are words, not website urls.

But the place where LibreOffice fails hardest (just like every other OO variant) is that it WILL destroy formatting horridly in a Word document. One of the much-touted features of these suites is that you can work on .doc and docx files. Unfortunately, it's only a matter of time before they wreck the doc you were working on. It looks good to you, but the next guy who sees it will have tables screwed up, figures missing, tabs knocked out of whack, and a whole lot more. I'm sorry, but that completely ruins the value of this software for me. You'd think they'd have figured this out by now, but apparently the lauded feature of MS Office compatibility really isn't that important to them.
[Version 3.4.4]


Thefinaleofseem reviewed on 19 May 2011
Bug-riddled, non-functional CRAP. Upgraded to this version. Error message at startup, but it still starts up. Close preferences window? Crash with no error message. Tell it to record? Crash with no error message. What utter junk.
[Version 1.90]


Thefinaleofseem reviewed on 11 Dec 2009
Plex has by far the best decoding engine for OS X. Nothing else I've tried will play 1080p as well. It's incredibly efficient.

The problem is that this application is absolutely crippled by the WORST interface EVER to be tacked on to a media player. I'm not exaggerating. I usually use MPlayer Extended for everything but 1080p because it's simple and easy to navigate. A few settings here, a few menus there, and it just works. Plex FORCES you to use a horrible, keyboard-only selection interface. It feels like a bad XBox 360 media center. There is no option for a standard preferences window. None. You have to use the arrow keys over and over, taking far more time to even FIND a setting than you would with a standard interface.

I can see why they used the keyboard-only interface. Navigation with the Apple remote, HTPC, okay, I get it. But to deny you the ability to use anything else is stupid beyond my comprehension.

In addition, you cannot disable subtitles. If the movie defaults to a subtitle track, then you're stuck with them. I have no problem turning them off in MPlayer, so why does Plex think that you're always going to want them on?

Plex has some awesome programmers working the engine. The people designing the interface probably flunked out of CS in their freshman year.
[Version 0.8.5]


TheFinaleOfSeem reviewed on 27 Jun 2009
Excellent software. Simple yet effective. Seems to do better than Quicktime in many cases and is definitely better at decoding than VLC. All it needs is good, clean multithreaded FFMPEG decoding support (it's currently in there, but it's noted as buggy) and this will be the perfect media player. Keep up the good work!
[Version rev11]

TheFinaleOfSeem commented on 09 Apr 2008
Very nice! A recent round of updates somehow flagged the root directory of my hard drive as invisible. I could still access it by the "Go to" command, but that was about it. Drove me nuts. I installed the developer tools, but apparently Setfile doesn't like messing with the root directory. However, this little script correctly reset the visibility attribute! Thank you very much sir, you're a gentleman and a scholar!
[Version 1.0]

TheFinaleOfSeem commented on 14 Nov 2007
New version, yet it doesn't work at all with Leopard. It wont recognize a connection to the server. The previous version did, but didn't show channels. At least it worked that well. This one is unusable.
[Version 3.0]

TheFinaleOfSeem commented on 29 Oct 2007
I had hoped to use this to bench Leopard vs Tiger on a less than supported machine. G4 450mhz, Radeon 7000, 512MB of RAM. Leopard was surprisingly responsive on it, and OpenGL Extensions Viewer ran fine, benching up to 1.4 and pegging it around 73-74fps on each. In crashed. Every time. So there's something buggy in this release, because I could not bench it on the old, supported OS, but I could on the new, unsupported (on that machine) OS. Strange.
[Version 2.32]


TheFinaleOfSeem reviewed on 21 Aug 2007
This may be a good VPN server/client combo, but VPN Tracker has utterly piss-poor documentation. You'd think they'd at least give you a decent walkthrough for connecting VPN Tracker Client to VPN Tracker Server, but you get an ancient version of that guide from version 2.x. I have tried for hours to get these two working and cannot get them to connect. The demo cutting the service off every three minutes only adds to the frustration. If this software actually had good documentation, I could recommend it, but the fact remains that these idiots can't even keep their manuals current, so how can you expect the software to work properly?
[Version 4.9.3]

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