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TheBloke reviewed on 09 Apr 2012
Total con. Gives Mac software a bad name.
[Version 6.0]


TheBloke reviewed on 23 Mar 2012
A wonderful app, totally indispensable for me!

I moved recently from Windows to OSX, and the one thing I could not stand about OSX is the handling of applications and windows. I used Windows and Linux for decades, and would use Alt-Tab hundreds of times a day and was very fast at switching back and forth between windows.

So I found the Mac's handling of Cmd-Tab to be a huge regression - I found it simply dreadful having to Cmd-Tab between apps, then separately cycle between windows with another shortcut.

Enter Witch, which solves all these problems, and has quite a few customisations and extra features which actually make it much better than Windows/Linux switching.

I very much like the numbering of windows, allowing the quick selection of a window by hitting its number. It has a good selection of fully customisable shortcuts (I have the main switcher configured to Cmd-Tab, disabling OSX's default application switcher, which I never use.) You can ignore apps or windows that match certain patterns, which is useful for excluding certain types of windows/panels that you never want to switch to. And the appearance is fully customisable with sensible and attractive defaults.

It's also fast and stable - I've never had a crash or seen a glitch.

For me, there's only one missing feature right now: the ability to disable the mouse from affecting the switcher. I often Cmd-Tab with my left hand with the mouse in my right, and that can cause me to move the pointer over the switcher, changing the selected window. This can slow my down sometimes, getting in the way of quickly flicking back and forth between windows. I'm contacting support to suggest they add that.

It's wonderful tool and I really can't enjoy OSX without it. If I could run only one productivity/UI app on OSX, it would be Witch.
[Version 3.8]

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TheBloke replied on 23 Mar 2012
I'll add "great support" to my review - I emailed Many Tricks regarding my "ignore mouse" feature request, and they got back to me within the hour.

For anyone else wanting to do this, there are already some hidden settings that can configure how the mouse is handled.

Disable Witch through the PrefPane, then open a Terminal and run any or all of the following (their meanings are self-explanatory):

defaults write ~/Library/Application Support/Witch/Settings "Ignore Mouse Movement" -bool YES
defaults write ~/Library/Application Support/Witch/Settings "Ignore Mouse Clicks" -bool YES
defaults write ~/Library/Application Support/Witch/Settings "Ignore Scroll Wheel" -bool YES

I now have no issues or problems with Witch at all - it does exactly what it's meant to, in near enough the best possible way!

TheBloke reviewed on 14 Mar 2012
CopyPaste Pro looks like it could be a great tool, but unfortunately it is missing a vital feature that I need: fully customisable shortcuts, and better keyboard handling.

I am using a much simpler clipboard history (the one that comes with Alfred), and will continue to do so for two key reasons:

1. I can customise the shortcut key that opens the clip viewer.
2. I can choose previous clips with a shortcut key, or by typing to search.

I can't do these things in CopyPastePro, so even though it offers many more features, it is slower/more cumbersome to use than the tool I already have.

Please provide the option of customising ANY shortcut to open the browser - I don't like either Cmd+VV or Cmd+V (hold CMD). I want Cmd+Alt+V, but really it should allow you to record any shortcut.

Once the browser is open, I want to be able to choose one of the entries (or at least one of the first ten entries), by hitting a number. At the moment, numbers are used to select Clip Archive entries, but there's no way to select Clip History entries by number or any other shortcut.

One problem is that the clip history only remains open when Command is held down. This limits your shortcut abilities. I want to hit a shortcut, e.g. Cmd-Alt-V, and then release and have the browser remain. Then you could provide the ability to have Cmd+number = choose clip from browser, Alt+number = choose clip from archive, etc, and also you could provide a text entry box and allow free typing to search/filter the list. This is VERY useful - I often have hundreds of clips in my clip history, and I need to be able to free text search them. But I don't want to have to use my mouse to click a special entry in the menu for this, I just want to use my normal shortcut, type to filter, then hit enter (or Cmd+number) to select the clip.

So in general I think you need to review how your app is used by power keyboard users - it should be possible to access all the main features of the app with keyboard alone.

Really I think you should provide a dedicated "Assign Keyboard Shortcuts" preference screen, where the user can assign any shortcut to any and all of your features.

One final thing - I don't like the horizontal view of the Clip Browser. I want vertical. The Clip Palette supports vertical, and I can open that with a better shortcut (Cmd+Ctr+Opt+V), but then I can't control it with the keyboard, so it's useless.

I really like the potential of this app, and I would definitely use it if it supported fast use via keyboard, and fully assignable shortcuts. But as it is, I am using a much less powerful clipboard app, because that app is still far faster for me because it has good keyboard support.
[Version 3.3]

TheBloke commented on 11 Oct 2011
Seems quite good - but where's the keyboard shortcut to open the Scrapbook?

I looked everywhere and can't find any shortcut or a way to configure a shortcut. This is a HUGE omission, it basically makes the app completely unusable; doing stuff with mouse alone is awful.

I tried configuring a shortcut myself using the standard Keyboard->Applications shortcut, assigning a key to the Open menu of Scrapbook, but it didn't work. The Open menu showed my shortcut against it, but pressing the shortcut didn't open Scrapbook.

I'll look at this app again when it has proper keyboard support; it needs a shortcut to open the scrapbook window, and then keyboard/shortcut support to quick-select the paste entries (at least the first 10 or so, e.g. Command-1, Command-2, etc)
[Version 1.0.2]

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TheBloke replied on 11 Oct 2011
Thanks ARIES for the fast response. That's slightly better to know that there is a keyboard shortcut.

But, after bringing up the window and hitting enter on a paste, nothing happens. It's not pasted into my current window, even though I have "Paste clip on cursor position after selection" selected. So I don't see how I get the scrap book entries pasted into my app? I suppose I have to select the scrapbook item, then do a separate paste with Cmd-V - this is annoying.

Even worse - after bringing up Scrapbook with Ctl-Alt-C, the focus is lost from the window I was on!

So these are the keys I must use to paste a clip from Scrapbook:

1. Control-Alt-C
2. Tab to get down to the list of scraps
3. Arrow-keys to highlight one I want
4. Enter (or Cmd-Enter, it makes no difference)
5. Alt-tab back to the window that is no longer focused
6. Cmd-V to paste

You can see that this is not really usable.

Note that I tried Cmd-Enter on a clip and that did not paste it either, and I still lost focus on the window I was on (Chrome). This must be a bug?

I think your app looks good, but it seems to need some usability fixes to make it worthwile using, right now it seems clunky and buggy.


TheBloke replied on 04 Apr 2012
I just downloaded Scrapbook again after several months.

Great to see that the shortcut stuff has been added, and done very well.

I think that Scrapbook is now going to become my clipboard history manager - it's now definitely better than the Alfred one I used before.

Great job!
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