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Tedg reviewed on 03 Mar 2013
Basically indispensable. It doesn't help with the problem of having many duplicates. I haven't yet found a good solution to that. But it is extraordinary in quickly helping find where all that space went.
[Version 2.1.2]


Tedg reviewed on 06 Nov 2012
I bought both this and Flame Painter. They are both quite interesting programs. They both seem to be written by single Eastern Europeans. They both have profoundly inadequate documentation. Profoundly bad. Profoundly.

They both have a slider control panel and there is no way to understand what to do with them, from a real point of view. I would have easily paid double for something I could control.

That said, this is the one of the two applications I will be using, because its set of sliders allowed me to converge on an effect I want. And it has a promising lightning tool.
[Version 2.3]


Tedg reviewed on 31 Oct 2012
Bought and used the Aperture version. Bottom line is that I would recommend this.


— It is not an annihilator at all. It finds suspected duplicates and tags them. That's all. You have to do the deletion.

— The speed. It takes time. But these things do.

— The instructions are incomplete. They do not mention that after the application finishes, you need to do things in Aperture to find, evaluate and delete the photos.

— The Aperture version does not work unless you (with some risk) rename your iPhoto library to be recognized.

I have no idea how accurate it really is. I deleted 3,000 dups. The ones I checked were real dups, but I cannot attest that I did not delete something unique.

It was advertised to be packaged with an orphaned thumbnail remover. Maybe that is built into the app now.

Again. Seemed to do the job well at low cost and in only a few hours.
[Version 4.3.0]


Tedg reviewed on 25 Oct 2012
It has been two months now that I have been using this rather extensively. I chose it after some extensive research. Overall, I am greatly pleased with it and have it as my default PDF application.

I am thrilled with the redacting function because it means that any searches I perform are on the text I care about.

Some niggles:

— the go-to page dialog is in the wrong place and I still can't get used to it.

— when you perform a find, the results are helpfully listed in the sidebar, but the bar is the wrong size to show them! And you have to manually re-size each time. Very annoying.

— I often have to OCR or re-OCR a document. I have no scientific measurements to go on, but my impression is that the OCR capability is less good than ABBY which is supplied in Devonthink.

Otherwise, this is the sort of application that makes me happy.

Shucks. Macupdate is broken and won't let me mark "ease of use" at 4.
[Version 5.8.6]


Tedg reviewed on 21 Aug 2012
I've tried them all. This is just the very best in features and usability. But I need to mention the very best aspect of this software, and that is the support.

Chances are that you will use this the way I do, for mission critical professional work. If something goes wrong, you just cannot diddle.

Sonny Software responded quickly when I got into trouble. They didn't even get upset that a good part of the problem was me. You need someone like this covering you. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
[Version 11.3.1]


Tedg reviewed on 06 Mar 2012
Its been well over a decade that my two stalwarts have been Fetch and Interarchy, with a 90%-10% split.

Yes, I try the others, but it‘s the little things, the polish.
[Version 5.7.1]


Tedg reviewed on 11 Jun 2011
I’ve been using this for well over a decade. It just works and I consider it an essential application.
[Version 10.4]


Tedg reviewed on 21 Jan 2011
I seriously evaluated the competition 2-3 years ago. Some of them may have caught up by now in some areas. My experience with Mellel is overwhelmingly positive. It is incredibly stable.
Some of the UI conventions are unfamiliar, but make good sense.
The feature set is superior to anything else for long structured documents with many numbered variables and typed internal links.

I used to use FrameMaker and miss it. This is the best for my use. The only real limitation (2.7) is no anchored frames. The text engine is superior to Mac's, supports OpenType and custom glyphs properly.
[Version 2.8.0]


Tedg reviewed on 10 Sep 2010
I would define Tinderbox as an integration of four things.

- it is an outliner in the ordinary sense with tree structure. It is a particularly rich outliner compared to others, with clones and special tools. Each note is cleverly designed to have an open set of attributes and everything is an attribute: note location in the hierarchy, fonts, colors badges and so on. Most of these are changeable by the user or automated agents. Attributes provide a deep, consistent and easy way to work with outlines.

- it is a typed link hypertext environment. You can make links, usually by simply dragging, among notes and text blocks. These links have a user-definable type system, which is about the closest you can get to a machine-understandable structure that reflects human cognitive constructs. This is a hyper-text or better, “meta-text” system.

- it is a programming environment where the programs understand attributes and links and can act on those, changing some. A built in language, tailored for this is provided, and you can move to shell scripting for a greater capability if you wish. The native file format is XML, and you can manipulate that directly as well. Most attributes associated with notes can be modified. This programming power extends to Tinderbox publishing and export, making it the most powerful XML document producer I know.

- it is a graphical environment for spatially presenting and creating concepts and their relationships. In this sense, it is more Mac-like (in terms of the System 9 Spatial Finder) than the Mac currently is.

If you are limited to thinking about files with static tags, you will find this challenging. If you are looking for something strong in snipping and media management, look elsewhere for a complimentary application (I use EagleFiler). If you are not prepared to think seriously about you work and can improve how you work - and invest in growing as you tailor this tool, you will be better off using something simpler out of the box.

The price is trivial if you use it and it enhances your creativity even a small amount. In my case, I am an order of magnitude beyond that threshold.
[Version 5.5.4]


Tedg reviewed on 10 Sep 2010
Let's face it, the Finder is not great. To make it manageable, this app has been a mainstay for me for many years and so far as I know has never caused any problems. It increases my productivity in a simple, small way, but those tens of thousands of times add up.
[Version 4.3.10]

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