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Tazintosh reviewed on 27 Aug 2010
This prefpane is just a pretty amazing time saver.
Thanks to the very powerful built-in options, you can make almost any kind of sort and sift on your Mac. And if you need to go deeper on your rules, this little love can also execute your own actions (AppleScript, Automator, Shell).
The developer is clearly responsive to my questions and features proposal.

Not yet sure you'll need it? Just a quick example:
• Regularly, I've to download my mobile phone bill as pdf on the provider website.
• Rather than find the file, open a new window, browse this window to go to my administrative folder, find the bills folder, move the pdf to the bill folder, rename it to the today's date, etc. Hazel make this works for me, I really do not care about this work now.
• Hazel looks into the my Download folder waiting for a kind pdf, created "today" and containing my unique ID as a client. When is condition is met, Hazel move the file in the right folder and rename it for me. A one minute action becomes 1s action for Hazel and it also notice me when done. Think about creating multiples rules for your daily actions! Time saver I said, pleasure maker too.

Some would say "there is no need of Hazel, you can make everything free with Automator and action folders"… Yes, that's true… But Hazel is just the best to create fast and efficient actions in seconds. Personnaly, when superb solutions like Hazel exist, why lose one's head?
It's now on my inevitable software. Many thank to the developer.
[Version 2.3.7]

Tazintosh commented on 12 Mar 2010
I was using ClipMenu before buy Clips in the bundle for my multiple clipboards needs.
Sure I'll go back to ClipMenu, the most efficient and probably powerfull I've tried so far.
If only he could support abbreviations…
[Version 1.5]


Tazintosh reviewed on 10 Mar 2010
Ok, I've paid for "this" - yes I'm sorry, that's nothing but "this" - when buying the last MacHeist nanoBundle2. By chance, all the rest of the Bundle looks great, but I'm seriously disgusted given money to Conceited Software. Looking at the online demo on MacHeist, Clips was just looking amazing... but forget about it.

Ok, you got a point, not everything is bad and some ideas are great (at least, works):
• Clips Organizer (even if I do not use it often, it's a great feature). Organizing clips by Spaces, Apps, etc. give to any people a way to use Clips on his own and it's clearly nice.
• Smart Clipboard: very great idea here.
• Shortcuts seems to work.
• Stats & co, why not, deserved by Smart Clipboard so it's great.
• Drag and Drop. Great! We're on mac right?
• ... That's all folks...

Here's the "best" part:

• "Unintrusive system clipboard monitoring"
The monitoring is unintrusive, right, but I find intrusive to restart the app at every single edit, because you have many chances for having it not working if not, crossing fingers for your new setting to be taken in consideration, even after restart. I also call multiple crashs "intrusive" in my workflow.

• "Clipboard Sharing"
My personnal conviction should be to allow sync (MobileMe or so). When I'm at home or at work, I'm generaly using a single computer... so clipboard sharing is not usefull. By the way, sync a clipboard via MobileMe to be always up to date between my work and home computer would be more logical (TextExpander is a great example of this). And about sharing on local network, well, it'll work with sync too.

• "Live Search"
The app is so badly designed that I've never found this need.

• "Abbreviations"
This is an amazing possibility... when it works... and here, it works only 1/20th of the time, you type your abbreviation, and nothing appends. So you try again... nothing, ok, let's try another time... nothing. Well, you finally need to find another way to paste your clip. In TextExpander or the great Coda, you can set a delimiter and conditions for the abbreviation to be apply. For example, I've "invit[space]" to paste a whole code for Flickr invitation. So I need to press [space] for the abbreviation to work.
With Clips you can not set delimiters (yes they made it!), so if you really want to write "invitation" word, you'll never be able to!
An amazing thing: sometime, enter your abbreviation and the pasted content has nothing related with... it's just another clipboard!
It's completly badly developped. I was not able to delete a clipboard with an abbreviation, I had to create a new one (painful as you can not even edit or copy-paste a text clipboard right in the app) and I've tried to add an abbreviation. Obviously, as I set the same, my new one was refuse... logic, but I can not delete the other one, I can not even change it... so? I don't remember how I've found the trick, perhaps by restarting multiple times the app and making some "PowerUser" things. Unsuable. The only great this of this app is that I'm actually writting this review to alert you all not making the same mistake.

• "Designed with Leopard in mind [...] We've utilized many of the new technologies in Leopard such as Core Animation, Core Data, Cover Flow, and Quick Look to provide you with a rich software experience you'll be familiar with."
Too much eye candy things kills the aim of an app. I do not want to see those big and intrusive effects on my screen. And moreover, the UI is not so great. Especially on my 30" ACD. Design and content anti-aliasing are sharp and not smooth. I hardly understand the point of creating a multiple clipboards, with so much great ideas (because some are) for real workers, supposed to be time saver and very effective, and proposing such a UI.

• "Made for humans"
Definitely, in front of "this", I think I'm not one of them.

• Support
A fine "open ticket" option in the menubar application, but wait... You said support? I'm always waiting for mine, but I guess they have much to do with such an app for sure...

• Why not being able to add shortcuts to left column items of the Organizer? So you could open - on the mouse focus (should be an option) - his content, just pick and boom, it's paste.

• No "real" Edit option even for a simple text

• Multiple selection of clipboard is impossible in the organizer. You want to move your 40 clips in a new collection? Simple, just drag them one by one. You want to remove multiple clips, simple, just delete them one by one. It's that simple! I've rarely used such non-ergonomic app.

• When I copy a URL path to an image, why trying to connect (thanks LittleSnitch) to display the picture? I'm copying a text, a path file, I'm not copying a picture!

• Bunch of thing I could find...

• Be happy Conceited Software, I'm one of those who buy it...

• As I've now a license, I believe in the reliable update, centered on workflow (should be the main aim of such an app) and only after that, playing with effect and fun, if needed. So let's see.
[Version 1.5]

Tazintosh commented on 09 Nov 2008
This is a great app with amazing goods and simples ideas to make things useful.
BTW, the major problem I've encountered is the window resizing... slooooow (on my MacPro 8 cores, 8800 GT & 8 GB ram).
Resizing a window on Finder is 100x as fast. Really annoying, a big pain for an app that want to make things more productive.
[Version 5.0.2]


Tazintosh reviewed on 28 May 2008
Powerful application. You can control & program almost anything you want. The node UI, like Shake, QuartzComposer & others app. Possibilities are infinite.

A must have!

Btw, choosing Bezier lines by avoiding straight lines connections and deleting them by double-clicking (or pressing suppr) on it for example, would be cool for the futur. Sometimes, nodes alignment isn't perfect too.

Really great support.
[Version 4.3.5]

Tazintosh had trouble on 25 Sep 2008
I think I've tried everything possible, in any ways: I can not get it to sync on MobileMe.
I would like to be able to sync every snippets so I could have the same data, automatically updated beetween my work & my house. It worked one or two times... then never more.
Really anoying...
(I'm on 10.5.5 with the lasted known version of TextExpander).
[Version 2.4.1]

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