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Tareed reviewed on 14 Dec 2012
Although this program is a bit overpriced, it has become absolutely indispensable to me. I had an encrypted disk image full of passwords previously, but that wasn't portable to my iOS devices and was a pain to use. Managing passwords really can't get much easier than it is with 1Password.
[Version 3.8.20]


Tareed reviewed on 14 Dec 2012
I have used plain text editors extensively for many years, but I've never found one that I liked better than TextWrangler. It's extremely powerful.

One thing I frequently do with it is use the grep-based find and replace to massage data from an awkward form (such as copied from a table on a web site) into something more useable (like tab-delimited data fit for import into a database or spreadsheet).
[Version 4.0.1]


Tareed reviewed on 12 Dec 2012
MacScan has a serious problem: it only detected 2 of 51 different malware samples in a recent test:
[Version 2.9.4]


Tareed reviewed on 10 Apr 2012
Be cautious of relying on scripts like this one. It is based on instructions for a specific variant from F-Secure, which do not work for all variants. It would be better to rely on some good anti-virus software, like Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition or ClamXav, both of which are completely free, with no subscriptions or time limitations. And no, I'm not associated with either product.
[Version 1.0.2]


Tareed reviewed on 03 Feb 2012
WARNING!!! Although it looks like you can still purchase and download iAntivirus, it has not been updated in some time. If you look at their threat list, it is missing EVERY new Mac malware that appeared in 2011! (For example, MacDefender and its variants and Flashback.) DO NOT USE!
[Version 1.3.6]


Tareed reviewed on 22 Mar 2011
This company has taken the scuzzy tactic of taking the domain ( is the site of an existing competitor in the AV arena) and putting a misleading page there that redirects those thinking they're downloading ClamXav to the MacKeeper web site. Not to mention that many of the things this app does are questionable... cache cleaning? What are caches for? Keeping your system running fast. Deleting caches is for troubleshooting specific problems, not cleaning up "wasted disk space".
[Version 1.0.3]


Tareed reviewed on 23 Oct 2009
Version 0.5a4 does not work for me at all. I'm not sure if this is a Snow Leopard issue or not, but when I try capturing packets on my AirPort interface, I get nothing. Worse, when I start capturing, a second copy of Eavesdrop starts bouncing on the Dock and keeps bouncing there, doing nothing, until I finally get tired of it and force quit the thing.
[Version 0.5a4]

Tareed commented on 23 Oct 2009
Why is this app in a Stuffit archive? (And not even a .sitx file?) Stuffit hasn't been the standard for Mac downloads since Mac OS 9. I no longer have anything that can open Stuffit files, and I'm certainly not going to download Expander for this. Any developer worth his/her salt should know that a zip file or a disk image are the way to go these days, and have been for some time.
[Version 1.0b1]


Tareed reviewed on 18 Oct 2009
This game has some great things in its favor. It is extremely creative, graphically beautiful and fun to play with some very unique puzzles to solve. The ability to rewind time eliminates the frustration of many games, where you have to replay from the beginning of a level when you fail. It also provides for some of the best puzzles I've ever seen!

That said, it suffers from some very serious problems. First and foremost, it's way too short. I'm disappointed to find that the $15 I spent yesterday only lasted me until today. And the replay value is very limited... once you've solved the puzzles, the only thing to do is to run the levels faster. That sort of thing - trying over and over to get your timing just exactly perfect - is something I find to be mind-numbingly boring and frustrating rather than fun.

Some of the puzzles were also a bit more difficult than they could have been with some basic instructions... yet the only documentation consisted of what the keys were for movement and jumping. There's a lot of experimentation involved with learning about what you can and can't do. I won't post spoilers, but I will say that each level can be solved before going to the next... for a long time, I thought maybe I needed to gain some power or item and come back to solve some of them, and that is not the case.

More annoyingly, I find my $15 wasted even worse because I can't get to the ending. I'm right there, on the last level, and not far from the end according to walkthroughs... but because the ending requires such perfectly precise timing from the very beginning of the level, I can't manage to finish it after over an hour of trying. Even with the ability to rewind time, so that I can try over and over at the spot I'm stuck without having to replay from the beginning of the level every time I fail, I still can't do it. Since it has reached the point where trying is not even remotely fun, I've given up. I guess I'll just have to live without seeing the end.

That also won't be much of a hardship, as the storytelling is surreal and confusing to the point of not being interesting. So missing the end of a story I don't really get isn't the end of the world.

So, long story short... the puzzles and gameplay are extremely creative and can be very fun, but this game also has some pretty big frustrations.
[Version 1.0]


Tareed reviewed on 06 Oct 2009
Intaglio's main strength is that it has a moderately powerful set of vector drawing features at a price that is much lower than something like Adobe Illustrator. I've found it particularly good at creating web graphics. It also seems to work just fine on Snow Leopard.

However, I've also found some strange problems. It has crashed on me a few times since I've been using it. I've lately been working with a very large document (large in terms of length and width, not file size), and the visual artifacts are awful! The little dotted blue lines that indicate when an object being dragged is lined up with another object don't get properly erased, so I end up with a bunch of them scattered all over my document. Scrolling erases them, but this is still a pain. Some of the floating palette windows also have gone white, forcing me to close them and reopen them. (While I'm on it, those windows are awfully awkward... I don't really like them at all. They take up a lot of space, there's no easy way to group them together and some of the functions don't need to take up space on screen in a window.)

I tried to contact the developer, using the support e-mail address provided on their web site, and after 5 days it bounced back, with the error from qmail saying that it had "been in the queue too long."
[Version 3.0.1]

Tareed had trouble on 06 Dec 2009
Worked nicely before, but not under 10.6. I e-mailed the author about a six weeks ago and haven't ever gotten a response.
[Version 0.98]

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