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Tanner1294 reviewed on 30 Apr 2013
The developer's website is down and my app updated itself to the newest version that crashes upon opening. Is this still being supported or is it a dead project now?
[Version 1.73]


Tanner1294 reviewed on 11 Apr 2013
This is definitely just a prioritizer but it's also the best one there is. The biggest reason I use it is on my PowerBook G4 which struggles doing the OS X leopard animations such as when using Exposé, this app eliminates those animation stutters. Other than that no it doesn't do much so 40 bucks it IS NOT WORTH IT.
[Version 6.2]


Tanner1294 reviewed on 01 Mar 2013
This is definitely a wonderful browser that runs very well even on old PPC Mac's. I love the interface and simplicity of it.

I will say thought that it is definitely under development still. It hasn't reached version 1 yet as the developer (like in the description) intended it as a demo and not a total project. He has however told me via Twitter that this app IS still under active development.

He's also stated that he's still in the process of making Stainless open source and that he's going to keep the PPC binary alive.
[Version 0.8]


Tanner1294 reviewed on 08 Jan 2013
This app is completely useless now. YouTube changed their url scheme months ago for their videos and the developer of this app hasn't updated at all. Now most videos just don't load (unless of course you use the YouTube Flash Player within MacTubes. Ew.) because of a 403 "Not Found" error. That's always nice.

Plus the interface is horribly confusing for first timers. I recommend Mr. Gecko's YouView over this any day.
[Version 3.1.6]


Tanner1294 reviewed on 15 Nov 2012
I'm starting to love this browser on my 1.5ghz PowerBook G4. It's very fast, runs with almost no lag (something PPC's are infamous for when it comes to the internet) and even things such as Flash run much better (even better than TenFourFox 10-17!).

One complaint though... Well it's more of a suggestion. The interface needs some work still. Something about it looks... off.

Some kind of AdBlocking would also be nice.

I really would like the tab bar to look more like the latest Safari's tab bar. Where the tabs fill the entire bar, and as more tabs are created they shrink and move to accommodate them. (Look on youtube if you don't understand what I mean).

Big problem I'm having right this second. I do enjoy the fact that when you are in a text field, the field enlarges a slight amount to show you (I love this. It's cool.) but it's not that noticeable. So under-noticeable in fact that it looks more like a glitch to regular users. And right now while I'm writing this, the text field blurs every 5-10 seconds or so which is VERY disorientating (at first I thought it was from lack of sleep). It would be awesome if you could open the settings and change how much the text field enlarges by (I personally would like it to be more obvious and bigger) or turn it off completely.

[Version 2.8]

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Tanner1294 replied on 15 Nov 2012
Thank you for the quick reply! I haven't actually seen any ads, maybe I'm just used to seeing an option for AdBlocking in an apps preferences :) It seems to be working well enough though!

I had seen the VisiTabs settings and screenshots on here but they hadn't shown up until I played around with it a bit, I hadn't realized they were there yet. Sorry about that.

Right now I'm playing around with the text box sizes. 2 is an interesting setting at the moment.

Tanner1294 reviewed on 09 Aug 2012
This app does work on 10.5 Leopard and on PowerPC but it installs Chromium for an Intel only OS. Waste of time, the system requirements should say something like this.
[Version 0.2.2]


Tanner1294 reviewed on 06 Jun 2012
This sounds like a great thing but on an iBook G4, PowerBook G4 and a PowerMac G4, it doesn't work. At all. The controller is never recognized by the computer or the 360 Controller Preferences. I've tried using this with every new version that's released but none work with these computers. And now that his PowerMac G5 has died, for some reason every single version of it (including the original) on his website no longer works with PowerPC based Macs. Well, at least the preferences pane doesn't. (It flat out says, "this preference pane cannot be opened because it is not compatible with PowerPC based Macs." I've never heard of a PREFERENCE PANE being Intel or PPC based.)
This is garbage.
[Version 0.10]

Tanner1294 rated on 01 Jun 2012
[Version 0.6.1]


Tanner1294 reviewed on 01 Jun 2012
Truly a good and valuable app for anyone using a PowerBook G4 or (as far to my knowledge) and iBook G4. These computers tend to get very hot (aluminum hurts at around 146ºF) especially when playing games such as the Sims 2 and Penumbra because the default temperatures set by Apple are way too high. I think this is because Apple wants all their products to be silent, no noise. Fans are loud when they're working effectively but quiet when not.
I digress, this app keeps my 1.5ghz PowerBook G4 from heating up much at all while playing games now. It can keep the computer at about 115º while playing which is actually about 10 degrees lower than it's normal operating temp.
Great app, I don't think it should cost anywhere near 8 bucks though, maybe 99cents.
[Version 0.6.1]

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Tanner1294 replied on 01 Jun 2012
Oh and I forgot to mention, I do have a late 2005 1.33ghz iBook G4 but this app doesn't work on it. The sensors come up as N/A and everything's set to 0º. Not sure if it's just mine, but I guarantee it's a near mint iBook, no flaws excluding the average scratched up lid.
Tanner1294 had trouble on 22 Mar 2013
Has anyone else had any performance troubles with the latest build? (20.0a2) The whole app seems to lag like crazy when doing anything at all like opening menubar items, clicking interface buttons, etc. Browsing web pages is even slower with poor scrolling, slow loading, and even the mouse cursor changing to the little gloved hand can't go without taking a few seconds.
On the Google Code site I downloaded the Nightly 17.x build and that still runs great.

I've tried this build of AuroraFox on a 1.5ghz and 1.67ghz PowerBook G4 both with 2 gigs of RAM and fresh OS installs. Everything else runs fast, except this browser. It's odd..
[Version 20.0a2]

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