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Talatharb reviewed on 28 Mar 2014
quickly downloaded, and tried.
definitely not worth the money - 1$ would be too much. quickly einstalled.
stay with WhatRoute
[Version 5.0.0]

Talatharb commented on 23 Dec 2013
it looks like this is a gui to graphics/image-magick without any user settable options written in Qt.
So, ease of use, but no killer features. Why $19,99?
[Version 1.5.0]


Talatharb reviewed on 19 Dec 2013
i still miss features found in GC6...

But one thing really hurts:
OSX knows to kinds of links: created from the finder as an Alias and in the Unix shell with `ln -s` (symbolic link). The Finder works with both just fine.

GC8 and GC9 can not show slide shows from aliased folders, if the alias is created with unix. But the GC browser shows both kind of aliases.
@developer: can you please make GC8/9 work with any kind of alias or symbolic link? THX
[Version 9.0.1]

Talatharb commented on 07 Dec 2013
The link to xkcd is:

and the explanation is here: http://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php?title=936:_Password_Strength
[Version 1.5]


Talatharb reviewed on 02 Oct 2013
globe spins and cannot be stopped.
any idea how to stop it?
-> worthless

if this is fixed 4/5 stars


Talatharb reviewed on 12 May 2013
Tested this with a drive connect via USB2. The drive is used by a IcyBox media player.

Features: It does r/w ext file system - so this is the only software available under OSX. Great!

Features missing: assign a name to the partitions. my partitions both appeared as "untitled". I'd like to change the name on the mac side, without messing up the unix side.

Option to disable spotlight. It should be off by default - maybe it is? The manual does not mention Spotlight at all.

Its easy to use - just connect your etx2 disk and go.

Features not tested; repairing ext2 volumes. Didn't dare that (now).

Performance: r/w performance is ok, but i noticed occasional slow downs in the finder. Had to wait minutes until a window from the local HFS+ disk opens. Performance monitor does not show which process took so long, neither top. Maybe ExtFS does caching, but again: nothing in the manual.

Documentation: Poor

[Version 9.0.0]


Talatharb reviewed on 10 Mar 2013
scans fast about 22k songs from the library file, but founds none. On my Mac, (10.8), they are on a different partition.
Worthless :-(
[Version 1.8]


Talatharb reviewed on 10 Feb 2013
It is incredible how the software developers manage to implement or even re-implement new bugs in very new version, be it beta or so-called stable.
This demo installer after heaving installed everything eats 37 % CPU on a i7 2.6GHZ doing nothing! Programming an installer is not so difficult as a flight sim...
so: tons of features, pretty much worthless for serious flying with all these annoying bugs
[Version 10.20]

Talatharb commented on 02 Apr 2011
works on PPC.
My Mac is old an slow (G4 Dual 1GHz from 2002), obviously TrailRunner is not optimzed for speed
[Version 3.3.605]

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Talatharb replied on 03 Apr 2011
regarding speed: i compared TR to rubitrack and ascent. And I am not the only one complaining about TR's speed. While my mac surely is one of the oldest here, IMHO drawing lines and a map should be done easily with 2GHZ.

Talatharb replied on 03 Apr 2011
If you want to see how god an application performs, just run it on old hardware. you learn a lot from it. Everything is fast on a 12-core.
Talatharb commented on 02 Apr 2011
Platform PPC works as well
[Version 3.3.605]

Talatharb had trouble on 09 Jan 2010
OS X 10.5.8 on PPC:
launches and quits with this error in the system.log

09.01.10 17:36:59 OpenGL Extensions Viewer[19987] Unable to load nib file: MainMenu, exiting
[Version 3.16]

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Talatharb replied on 09 Jan 2010
reason: the german MainMenu.nib is empty

fix required, please
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