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Tachy0n reviewed on 12 Mar 2014
I'm afraid this one doesn't work the way I do. Having separate settings for the Finder and for other apps is just confusing.
Also— maybe something else I had installed was interfering— but apps wouldn't instantly 'take' the keybindings I applied. This hasn't happened with competing window managers.
[Version 1.5]


Tachy0n reviewed on 12 Mar 2014
The flexibility this provides is excellent compared to some of the other competitors.
[Version 3.0]

Tachy0n commented on 06 Feb 2014
Stupidfish website is down with a php error. Can't download right now.
[Version 3.0.5]

Tachy0n commented on 30 Jan 2014
Download link still goes to v1.3.5 http://hyperdock.bahoom.com/hyperdock/1.3.5/HyperDock-1.3.5.dmg rather than this 1.4.1 I heard about.
31 January 2014
[Version 1.4.1]

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Tachy0n replied on 08 Apr 2014
Thgis link works http://hyperdock.bahoom.com/hyperdock/1.4.1/HyperDock-1.4.1.dmg
Tachy0n commented on 18 Oct 2013
I wanted to add Izotope RX http://izotope.com/products/audio/rx/ as a Similar Software, but it doesn't appear to be in the Macupdate database.
[Version 3.0]


Tachy0n reviewed on 03 Oct 2013
Look, I'm in IT, and this is still too hard.
It doesn't appear to actually check and fix a directory, only the partition map.
I tried to create an image of my dead drive at /dev/disk2 onto the internal drive onto /dev/disk0s2 and it just has an obscure error:
"Couldn't create file" or some rubbish. TELL ME WHY NOT
[Version 6.14]

Tachy0n commented on 01 Aug 2013
Links are dead. Current link for download is
[Version 2.0.2]


Tachy0n reviewed on 18 Jul 2013
I want to like this app as it's so pretty but I just can't understand the interface.
[Version 1.3.3]


Tachy0n reviewed on 14 Jul 2013
Link broken, try http://www.haller-berlin.de/download/MacSOUP-2.8.4b2.dmg
[Version 2.8.4b1]


Tachy0n reviewed on 02 Jul 2013
Someone will probably say I've done something wrong, but I just used Grappler for the first time and was disappointed. Why? Because it just downloaded the ads instead of the real video.
Even though it’s not as pretty, I might as well stick to my old favorite the Firefox plugin VideoDownloadHelper. (I do not work for them)
At last that understands the ads and skips them!
[Version 1.0.7]

Tachy0n had trouble on 11 Nov 2013
Yay, thanks to Brilliantpebbles https://www.macupdate.com/members/profile/Brilliantpebble suggestion I got it to work in Mavericks!
That's right folks, make an alias of YourHardDrive/Library/PreferencePanes/xGestures.prefPane/Contents/Resources/xGestures.app and right-click on it then choose 'Open'.
[Version 1.75]

Tachy0n had trouble on 26 Oct 2013
Mavericks problem: This seems to have made mouse clicks stop working in a lot of places. SystemUIServer still gets them if you click the menu bar but Zooom2 stops responding to them! I am hoping it might be a conflict with something else I have installed. Anyone else got it running in 10.9?
[Version 2.5.0]

Tachy0n had trouble on 15 Sep 2013
on my old 10.6.8 mac, it crashes upon launch.

from the log:

Dyld Error Message:
Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_NSTableCellView
Referenced from: /Volumes/Quicksilver/Quicksilver.app/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/QSCore.framework/Versions/A/QSCore
Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework/Versions/C/AppKit
in /Volumes/Quicksilver/Quicksilver.app/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/QSCore.framework/Versions/A/QSCore

1.0 worked fine.
I wonder if this means we're moving towards 10.7 Lion minimum?
[Version 1.1.0]

Tachy0n had trouble on 03 Jun 2013
I have an Intel Mac with 10.6.8 but when I try to install it I get "CDRViewer can’t be installed on this computer."
Can't even open the .pkg file as it has been flattened.
[Version 1.0]

Tachy0n had trouble on 03 Aug 2012
Conflicts with Syncode Syncopy. Causes Syncopy to crash at launch.
[Version 1.2.2]

Tachy0n had trouble on 03 Nov 2011
You can download the demo from https://www.bkeeney.com/products/downloads/macintoshdownloads/29-file-sheriff-for-mac-os-x/download
[Version 2.0.8]

Tachy0n had trouble on 16 Jan 2011
I just tried it on OSX 10.6.6 and it crashed when I tried to export.
[Version 1.2]

Tachy0n had trouble on 13 Dec 2010
The TED updater sees v2.0.2 and keeps downloading 1.4.8 repeatedly.
I see from the comments that this is not a free upgrade.
The user should be warned that it isn't free.
[Version 2.0.2]

Tachy0n had trouble on 05 Dec 2010
I just downloaded this from macupdate, and the version in the about box says v 1.0.0UB
There appears to be a bug; I can't change the "MyTint" color. Nothing happens when I click on it.
[Version 1.0.1]

Tachy0n had trouble on 12 Oct 2010
This doesn't appear to be working anymore after I updated the Music Server running iTunes to v10.
The Client can connect OK and shows me the Growl notification, but after that the client can't see the Music Library. It just says (null) (null).
Also, the Bug Report submission doesn't work, as it redirects to a site called 16bugs which the developer hasn't renewed.
I call Abandonware.
[Version 2.1]

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