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Suleiman Khan rated on 15 Feb 2011
[Version 0.641]

Suleiman Khan rated on 30 Dec 2010
[Version 1.0]

Suleiman Khan commented on 02 Mar 2010
Folks don't waste your money. You can get this as a part of the Macheist bundle starting in about 5 hours ;)
[Version 3.2.6]

Suleiman Khan commented on 09 Dec 2009
I was a long-time user of the predecessor to this program, Multi-Clutch, which brought to the Mac user base a different way of thinking about the multi-touch features of the new Apple portables.

Really this is not about "adding gestures" or "trackpad shortcuts," it is about a whole new way of interacting with the graphical user interface on your Mac. I now minimize windows with a three-finger downward swipe, pin windows to the top with a swift swipe in the opposite direction, and navigate sleekly through each of the four virtual desktops with four-finger swipes in whichever direction I desire.

BetterTouchTool picks up where Multi-Clutch left off, and it adds boatloads more, all for the same great price the original tool was offered for: Zilch. What more is there to say? If you're not using it, you're not really using your Mac.
[Version 0.419]

Suleiman Khan commented on 21 Sep 2009
Okay, but what about the free and awesome Quicksilver? How is this product competing with that?
[Version 1.0]

Suleiman Khan commented on 29 Aug 2009
Oh man...this is one application I NEED to have working to keep up my browsing workflow.

Cases in point?

1) Use the address bar shortcut key to quickly do a google search whenever opening up a new tab (seeing as Safari likes to give focus to the address bar whenever a new tab is made)

2) With multiple tabs open, use the tab sidebar to scroll down to the last of your tabs where Safari itself would have you click on some miniscule arrow presenting a drop down list where you get to try and remember what tab you wanted again.

3) Again with multiple tabs, quickly go from tab to tab using just the comma and period keys.

I miss it. I miss it. I miss it.

Dev, any ideas when we can expect an update? This is irreplaceable software.
[Version 4.0L167]

Suleiman Khan commented on 28 Aug 2009
Although this terrific apps is actually "Snow Leopard Ready" it is not a 64-bit app yet.

Given that the primary use of this app is to be a faster/low resources version of itunes, it would be great to get a 64bit version out soon, so we can enjoy little to no resource utilization on Snow leopard.
[Version 1.2.4]

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Suleiman Khan replied on 30 Aug 2009
Thanks for the update.

One of the main reasons I bought Ecoute is because the developer is so responsive and the updates are so frequent!

I understand that 64bit is not crucial to this app, or that it wouldn't hardly make any difference to it at all, but I suppose as more apps are released for snow leopard, the impulse is going to be to want to see 64bit versions of those apps and not 32bit versions, even though the difference is not as big as was the case with running PPC vs. Intel apps under Tiger and Leopard.

If I can be allowed to make one complaint however, it appears as though under Snow Leopard Ecoute does not properly capture the Play/Pause media keys on the Macbook/Macbook Pro.

Whenever I have Ecoute launched, I can use the media keys to play and pause, but doing so forces iTunes to load (the version app I was hoping to avoid!). Oddly, if I use the next or previous media keys I don't run into the same problem.

I don't recall this being an issue under Leopard. Perhaps the developer has a fix?


Suleiman Khan replied on 30 Aug 2009
Wow…that is really really annoying.

Hmm….maybe if we both write e-mails!

Let's also see what VLC and a few of the other media player apps have to say about this so-called feature. Maybe they can figure a cleaner workaround / hack.
Suleiman Khan commented on 14 Jul 2009
I have not tried this software, but the very first thought that came to mind was that it was the famous "qtwitter" app for jailbroken iPhones.

The developer may wish to consider renaming his/her app, considering this is release 1.
[Version 0.8]

Suleiman Khan commented on 24 Feb 2009
Glims is excellent. After having installed this plugin I have disabled both Saft and Safari Stand.

That having been said there are just a few features I miss from Safari Stand that aren't there in Glims:

1) Tab Sidebar - this is pretty much essential, and can provide a quick visual way of switching from one tab to another. Awesome.

2) Tab toolbar button - this is also truly essential. We need one of these because when navigating around with a mouse it helps to not have to switch to the keyboard before we absolutely have to. I realize this may be me being lazy, but what if it's not? ;)
[Version 1.0b13]

Suleiman Khan commented on 11 Sep 2008
Will GLADLY hand over some hard-earned money for an app that themes leopard. Unsanity have been lazy, uncommunicative, and just generally bad monopolists over the Mac theming world for far too long.

Goodbye shapeshifter. Hello Facade :)
[Version 1.0b2]

Suleiman Khan had trouble on 26 Apr 2010
One problem here is that Totalfinder's Finder Visor window now appears above Quicksilver whenever Quicksilver is invoked.

This is a problem, since I use QS frequently and especially when I have finder windows open.
[Version 0.8.3]

Suleiman Khan had trouble on 05 Mar 2009
Safari Stand is working great except it's not able to save my toolbar configuration. I go in and reset it every time.

All I'm doing is adding my new tab and sidebar buttons to the toolbar, but I'm hitting up against no joy each time I go and restart the app to see my changes are wiped. :(

Anyone else having this issue?
[Version 4.0L166]

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