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Stugots reviewed on 05 Apr 2010
This doesn't install on 10.6.3. I run the installer, the progress bar goes fronm 0 to 100%, it tells me the installation was successful, and then... nothing. Help } Installed Plug-ins doesn't list the Flash player. Restarting Safari doesn't help. Safari can't find the flash plug-in.

Is this PEBKAC, or is anyone else seeing this too?

2 Replies


Stugots replied on 05 Apr 2010
Update: The installer created the folder /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin/. It's empty.

Stugots replied on 06 Apr 2010
I did that before installing. Next guess?

Stugots reviewed on 10 Oct 2009
As supplied, this doesn't work for North American names. Fail. (if you live in NA.)
[Version 0.9.1]

Stugots commented on 27 Sep 2009
I installed this update, but the About page says it's b207. Is Macupdate out of date or does the app not report the correct version?
[Version 2.6b221]


Stugots reviewed on 21 Sep 2009
This does exactly what it needs to do, no more and no less, and another review noted. I'd used it all the time, except that I have a paid subscription, and I can't login to my account via the app.

The "account" pulldown is displayed, but it's not functional. I'm running SL.
[Version 1.0.17]


stugots reviewed on 31 Jul 2009
I switched to this from NetNewsWire, after the NNW Beta update nuked most of my subscriptions.

I find Vienna to be very stable, with a cleaner UI than what I've been used to with NetNewsWire. There's a better use of real estate. The overall visual design looks far more polished than what you usually find in an open-source project.

The default fonts are OK but there are better choices, IMHO. They are easy to change in the preferences.

The only feature I miss is synchronization with a service out on the web, so I can share my feeds between work and home. (*Not* Google Reader, TYVM.) From what I gather in the support forum, synchronization is one of the new features being considered.


stugots reviewed on 31 Jul 2009
I've used NetNewsWire for over a year, and never had a problem with it. When I read the update notice, I immediately updated.

After the update, 3/4 of my feeds disappeared. And my clippings folder disappeared. Pfffffft, gone.

I tried making a new folder to start recreating some of the lost feeds from memory. And discovered that a folder name containing a "," made it take a big dump over some of my remaining feeds.

I know its a Beta update, but geeze. This thing should have gotten more testing before being released.

Adding insult to injury, there's no, zero, naught new features or UI improvements. They changed the Dock icon, very nice. Everything else is the same. So, NetNewsWire is now just a UI front-end to Google Reader. Except that it nukes some of your feeds.
[Version 3.2b6]


stugots reviewed on 21 Apr 2009
I've used Retrospect for years, and tried most of the 8.0 Betas. Retrospect 8.0 is *not* yet ready for production use. It was rushed to market. Check their support forums (there are two, one for general questions and one for bugs), you'll see it has a lot of problems. Network performance is extremely slow, optical devices don't work, scripts get randomly mangled, and it crashes a lot for some users.

When they've debugged it, this may be a great product. They've dreamed up some nice new features, and the new UI may one day be great. But for now, stay away.
[Version 8.0.608]

stugots commented on 25 Mar 2009
It's way too easy to permanently delete a note. I hit the delete key, thinking I'm deleting a character in the note, and -poof- it's gone. No trash can, no delete confirmation message. This app needs preferably both, but definitely at least one or the other.
[Version 1.21]


stugots reviewed on 10 Mar 2009
The UI doesn't have all the Mac touches (no shift-select to select a range of sites, selecting and updating bookmark fields is a tad idiosyncratic, etc.). And, I got different results on some bookmarks each time I ran this, which could have been caused by network conditions, or conditions at the target sites, but maybe not.

However, this does the job, and it's free. It's hard to ask for more out of a free app. Using it, I cleaned out a LOT of dead cruft in my bookmarks. It's not perfect, but it's hard to beat the price.

If you're going to run this repeatedly, you want to also have a terminal window open on ~/Library/Safari so you can delete the Bookmarks_saved-by_sbc.plist file before each execution. I found it useful to open open the preferences and crank up the site timeout value, and increase the number of simultaneous requests outstanding value.

Basically, you run this, click a button, and wait for it to finish. Then, click the status column header to order the status results (Eh, this was a little clunky IMHO), and find all the 404's, 500's, 301's, etc. bookmarks.

You can also order the window by name or URL, which is a poor-man's way to find duplicate bookmarks.
[Version 1.30]


stugots reviewed on 26 Jan 2009
Three limitations make this less useful than it could be...

You've got to click a button to send your tweet. It would be more convenient if Return could send it. The widget window isn't resizable (Hmm, is this a limitation built into dashboard widgets?), so the display window that shows e.g. your friends' tweets can't grow. I wish I could, say, extend the widget's height to be the height of my display. Lastly, and maybe this is also due to the Mac dashboard, there's no system notifications (e.g. Growl). So I won't know that a friend said something interesting unless I happy to flip to my dashboard and happen to see it.

It's a nice looking widget, and I really like how you can select the service, e.g., instead of being hardwired to use Twitter. I'm looking for micro-blogging client for my team to use at work, and this comes close to what I want us to use.
[Version 09]

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