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Steve R commented on 31 Dec 2011
According to a post on his Website at, WeatherDock is coming back!
[Version 2.5.1]


Steve R reviewed on 06 Aug 2011
Excellent tool for importing settings into the iPad 2 using a cutdown micro sim from pay-as-you-go. Rather than settling for 250MB for nearly $20, I now have unlimited for $10.

Search engines are your friend.
[Version 3.3]

Steve R commented on 23 Jun 2011
Part way through the installation, the fans came on full force. Toook upwards of 15 minutes to calm themselves down.
[Version 10.6.8]

Steve R commented on 10 Jun 2011
Go to the Appple on the menu bar, About This Mac, click on More in the open window, choose Graphics/Displays. If you have either ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro or HD 2400 XT *and* if you have a 20 or 24-inch aluminum iMac, then you may need to install this update.

That said, I wonder if this is Apple's 'get out of jail free' card for all of us who have complained that our iMacs suddenly and randomly shut off for no apparent reason. I ended up taking mine in for an Applecare repair for that exact reason, and ended up getting a new LCD because of what I had assumed was smoke residue on the inside of the glass.
[Version 2.0]


Steve R reviewed on 17 Mar 2011
This app just keeps getting better and better. Many thanks to the developers.
[Version 3.0.21]

Steve R commented on 20 Jan 2011
Developer's website reveals nothing other than a download link. Developer's email address is a throwaway web account. As an enduser I need more before using the app.
[Version 1.01]

Steve R commented on 11 Jan 2011
I'm glad to see the choice of torrent for downloading. A great political statement for those who see torrents as only being used by pirates.
[Version 1101]

Steve R commented on 29 Jul 2010
I'm no longer finding that 1Password will create a new login account, and I'm also finding that 1Password is no longer able to login to certain websites.
[Version 5.0.1]


Steve R reviewed on 29 Mar 2010
This catalogs non-mac formatted network drives. It is worth its weight in gold.

Previous versions I"ve used were great except for not being able to index network drives. But then, there didn't seem to be any other apps that could do it either so I thought it was one of those things. I use this app to catalog everything, including internal drives. It is far faster using this app to search for a file than it is to use Spotlight. Great great app. I wish it were less expensive but... version 5.7 indexes network drives. I'm so happy I'd probably pay even more.
[Version 5.7]

Steve R commented on 17 Sep 2009
I've been using the app extensively for the past week and give it high marks with certain caveats. Exporting to Quicktime takes a long long long time. I gave up several times using the timeline I'd created. Yesterday I created a smaller timeline with 42 entries and decided to let it run till it was finished. Started at 2:30pm and it finally finished at 9:30am this morning. The finished mov runs 2:37 mins. Intel iMac Dual Core, 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM with nothing else running. MenuMeters never indicated that either processor was using more than 8% capacity. I believe a much quicker way to create a QT file will be to export jpgs to iMovie or use a screen capture application while running in 3D. Exporting to another app will also allow for re-ordering the slides which for some reason drop an occasional one mid-timeline only to stick it at the end.
When creating a timeline with multiple rows, I'd like to see dropdown menus similar to iCal which allow for which row the event is added/modified. Barring that feature, I'd like to see a way to have each row be a distinct separate color so there is no need to repeatedly scroll to the end of the timeline to see which row an event is being added to.
I'd like to also see a feature that will allow the entire timeline to be seen on one screen even if the font size is so small it can't be read. Having that visual can be helpful in understanding a timeline.
I believe this is a well-done app, and I also believe it has great potential to be even better. I will recommend it to others but I will stress that the export to QT feature -- as is -- should not be the one of the reasons anyone purchases the application.
I've emailed the developers on weekdays and have had rapid responses. I have no qualms about their customer service.
[Version 2.9.1]

Steve R had trouble on 11 Jun 2009
I updated to the latest 8.0.3 today, midway through working on a slideshow project. Prior to updating I had successfully exported several versions of my project using the same non-DRM-protected mp3 file. After updating, my slideshow has no exported sound. None. I tried AAC, still no sound. Restarted the computer, no sound. Even tried the built in themes, no sound on the exported file. Deleted the ~.plist, restarted the computer, iPhoto opens like new (all libraries intact) but once again, no sound on the exported slideshow.

Frustrating. Tomorrow I pull out my disks and reinstall software, not letting iPhoto update to see if there is any joy in mudville.

iMac 24" 2.8GHz/4GB RAM
[Version 8.0.3]

Steve R had trouble on 30 Sep 2008
Can anyone tell me what the E2 error code is telling me? I suspect it is saying the app is not compatible with a certain tracker since it always happens with the same tracker that gave me problems with Tomato.

Happens in Tiger and in Leopard.
[Version 0.13b0186]

Steve R had trouble on 30 Jul 2007
Stopped working. After I bought a new-to-me computer and reload the software the application started giving me error messages -- "Baywatch can't find an ebay auction in your front most window." Since I'd grown to depend on this **great little app**, I was a bit saddened that it somehow got broke.

In searching for an update, a previous comment led me down the right path. When I re-installed the OS, some location settings were changed so trying to add an eBay.COM auction wasn't working. Adding eBay.CA auctions is working.

Hint: sometimes having an auction in the front window will work simply by changing to ebay.CA/yada/yada. I have no idea if this will work for, etc.
[Version 1.0]

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