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Steve Copley commented on 24 Sep 2012
Version 1.3.1 release notes: "Bug – Fixed a bug that prevented rich people from switching between tabs"

How does Chocolat's personal wealth detection work?!
[Version 1.3.1]


Steve Copley reviewed on 19 Sep 2012
Just to add to the V2.0 notes...

- Nice area capture dialog allows you to easily adjust area
- Post-snap cropping is easier
- Much simpler UI - less clutter

The BAD:
- No user-definable shortcuts
- Only runs as an icon-in-the-dock app, not in the menubar
- No history, except via Evernote (i.e. you need to be online)
- Much simpler UI - less options!

I've just downloaded V1.x to keep using until V2.0 has matured a little.
[Version 2.0]

Steve Copley commented on 29 Aug 2012
I admire the developer of this application for breaking with conventional UI design, and developed an exciting new style - more Mac applications should look as exciting as this one!
[Version 1.0]


Steve Copley reviewed on 14 Jan 2012
It's quite amazing to see so many people griping on about Skype because of the new UI in version 5.

You do realise that you can use Skype to communicate with other people THOUSANDS of miles away... for FREE?!

I wouldn't care if the UI was modelled on a cat's bum... the Skype service is really excellent. I've used it for years to keep in touch with family and friends in the UK, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand with barely a problem. Video and audio is generally excellent. Even my mum was able to install and use it (and she' no It wizard, I can assure you)

If you really hate the new UI just use 2.8. But don't be petty and give what is an excellent application a 0.5 star review just because they've not listened to your complaints - that's just childish.

Did I mention that you can talk and see people across the other side of the world... FOR FREE?! Just stop and think how AMAZING that is! Now ask yourself if living with a slightly fat and ugly UI is something that you might be able to cope with to be able to have this for free... If you honestly can't, then you might want to have a little think about priorities...

2 Replies


Steve Copley replied on 19 Jan 2012
@Frantoo I do understand the principles behind the Skype service. I also know that ads are heading our way. But it's a case of benefits vs costs... and I'm happy to 'pay' the price of a little bandwidth and CPU time, and seeing some ads (which I can ignore) for a fully functional application and generally excellent service

@TGBX This is one of the most uniformed things you've *ever* read on the Internet? It's on a level with OMG-2012-IS-THE-END-OF-THE-WORLD sites and the like? ... Really?!

My original point is that people are rating this poorly, not because the application doesn't work, or even because it's a bit ugly, but because they seem to have some kind of petty axe to grind about Skype and/or Microsoft.

Steve Copley replied on 19 Jan 2012
Ooops: 'Frantoo' should be 'Franztoo' and 'uniformed' should be 'uninformed'

Steve Copley reviewed on 13 Nov 2011
I dream of going into orbit... this is probably the closest I'll actually get!

This is a really well implemented application. It provides a view of earth smoothly passing by 'below' the viewport of your Mac's display. I can't stop gazing at it.

A couple of little issues...

The earth texture is fairly low resolution, so coastlines, etc. are a bit blurry. (I'd happily pay for a version with higher resolution textures).

The textures are high-mapped (so that mountains, etc. are shown in '3D') but the heights are over-emphasised. The result is the sight of comically huge, pointy mountains passing by. I think this is done to compensate for the low resolution high map. (Once again, for a more detailed height map, and more realistic display of those heights, I'd happily pay)

The paid version offers lots of extra details (famous sights, labels, etc.) but I think the lack of information is what makes this free version all the more charming - just the view of our blue/green planet.

Thanks to the dev. for this.
[Version 1.0.0]

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Steve Copley replied on 13 Nov 2011
'high-mapped' should be 'height-mapped'

(Grrrr... Why can't I edit my comments?!)

Steve Copley replied on 14 Nov 2011
Yes... it is too fuzzy.

This is the awesome reality:

I *really * want to see this with my own eyes! :-(
Steve Copley commented on 28 Jun 2011
93MB for Pong... LOL!
[Version 1.0.0]

Steve Copley commented on 17 Feb 2011
OMG! I'm having flashbacks to my Sinclair ZX Spectrum owning days... writing similar skiing/driving/river scrolling games in BASIC.

Kudos to the author of this game for keeping it old skool!
[Version 1.0.0]

Steve Copley commented on 23 Sep 2010
$16... LOL!
[Version 1.1]


Steve Copley reviewed on 07 Apr 2010
Nice little binary clock.

The fact it's a true menubar widget (so can be place where your normal clock would go) is a bonus, although the installation is a bit fiddly as a result. However the installation instructions are clear enough.
[Version 1.10]

Steve Copley commented on 05 Jan 2010
While it's always nice that a developer takes the time to create a free application, I can't help thinking that it's definitely not cool to create one that blatantly copies the work/design of another developer.

I don't think that the similarity of this app to DaisyDisk can be put down to mere 'parallel evolution' - It's pretty much a straight rip-off of the UI.

Maybe I'm doing the developer a dis-service. Maybe the app's design was created without ever seeing DaisyDisk... if so I apologise.
[Version 1.1]

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