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Stephen Borisoff reviewed on 01 Jul 2011
If iBank 4 is really the Gold Standard of Finance Apps then version of SEE Finance is Gold Pressed Latinum!!!

This ambitious software for the Mac has gone through a major big time leap in design parameters. The developers have implemented 4-1/2 pages of Release Notes on this version in order to make SEE Finance able to handle all anticipated problems with online banking, loan amortization, bond market prices...the whole enchilada. While SEE Finance is not an accounting package, it goes so far as to be just like one...and it is a great winner to be sure. Also the interface has been modified for a smaller "footprint" on your Mac.

Finally, SEE Finance is LION-READY!!! If SEE Finance sounds complicated, don't believe it. While this app can do anything, all features can be turned off or customized to be simple as PIEcharts...


Stephen Borisoff reviewed on 15 May 2011
MarkRoderick's Review says it all and the developer is a brain! And the support is terrific. There is another reason to really consider SEE Finance over even the paper waster iBank 4 since SEE Finance makes great concise reports, and that is that Apple is undoubtedly getting rid of Rosetta in its Lion Operating System coming in the Summer!!!! This has broad implications. QEM 2011 by the traitor Intuit cannot stack up to SEE Finance and SEE is virtually finished for most users and reliable as MarkRoderick has said.

Now, with the loss of Rosetta comes the loss of Quicken 2007, the old impotent standard for the Mac. For the first time, the contenders to be the Quicken Killer are more important than ever because Intuit will not send those who complain about QEM 2011 back to their old 2007 any more. They state the obvious. Stay with Snow Leopard and Quicken and 2007 or go to Lion and deal with QEM which doesn't support the features that 2007 had.

So, what to do? Well, upgrade to Lion and buy...SEE Financer! Read all the reviews below as to why you should switch now. Do not fall prey to iBank 4 while SEE Finance is king of the mountain. When it is released as a full version one it will be tops. By version 2, there will be nothing to stop this fine software and its developers.


Stephen Borisoff reviewed on 11 May 2011
This little app is a sweet blockbuster. I want to make my opinion clear. I like the pie chart 'progress bar"...simple and neat! Numbers, so what? Also, there are presets already. As far as retaining settings, when it comes to converting practically all media clips from YouTube and the Web (which is only one thing this mighty little app can do), the user will discover that clips never are consistently the same in their advanced settings downloainded from the Tube. Yet Reggie Ashworth can easily set up some defaults in the Advanced palette. Many users who have not canvased the Mac market can not appreciate what Reggie has packed in this little guy, like a media properties palette and enough filetypes for many devices and media players and QuickTime and iTunes at only a very low price!!! Great job, Reggie! I give it a 5 in every respect though I know Reggie will do more in the future like perhaps the ability to actually "live" view clips while doing edits and cropping precedures. If not, the app still is a mind blower as it is.
[Version 1.0.3]

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Stephen Borisoff replied on 11 May 2011
P.S. The reason that Reggie is getting 5 star ratings now in version 1.03 is that some bugs have been fixed since I climbed on board with his app. Reggie is way too honorable to have people write reviews for him. The product stands on its own. It is simple, powerful and what it cannot do does not reduce its five star rating because it does things without pretending to cost very much cash!!!

Stephen Borisoff reviewed on 25 Apr 2011
I resolved the installation, and save to disc backup issues with the AppStore problems I was having. If the AppStore Utility in Snow Leopard finds your Media Inspector/MediaInfo Mac DMG in the Applications Folder or the two com.massanti.plist folder/files in the User Library preferences, AppStore assumes your app is installed.

Now, here is the rub and its resolution making the AppStore work well for me... I removed the above files but no luck. HOWEVER, somewhere in my iMac I have a Programs Folder with a hard copy of the older MediaInfo Mac DMG in it. The AppStore apparently knew about that file too!
Therefore, it claimed your app was installed.

Also, while the old app was there, the new Media Inspector DMG stated oddly that it was missing components when I tried to install it from a backup DVD. However, once I removed all traces everywhere above mentioned and installed the new 1.1 Media Inspector via AppStore, I was able to back up the DMG file and the com.massanti.plist, etc. in the User Library to DVD or external drive. So, as long as one uses the proper protocol of deleting everything, a backup can be copied your iMac and AppStore cooperates splendidly and registers that backup as "Installed". Groovy. Love your app!
[Version 1.1]


Stephen Borisoff reviewed on 31 Mar 2011
Dear Developer,
I am so glad I found your app, free or not, because a certain downloader which demands that the user know the specs of the flv they are downloading to put the right ones into the codec doesn't want to put the needed media info palette in that product for no other reason than it would make the downloader app look too much like their more expensive app they want to sell you next. So in their library, after download, a right click of the mouse luckily takes you to Finder and the downloaded flv is highlighted. In GetInfo, your app can be made to be the default opening app for all flv files and so by double clicking the highlighted flv file I can bring up your app which stays put right next to the downloader app, looks great as a workaround and gives me the needed data. It remains in view while I go into convert in that downloader option codec and I can put in the right numbers. Whether it is free or costs $7.00 is not the issue for me. Here is what bothers me. Call me old fashioned, weird, a geek, or whatever...I paid $2.99 and discovered that i cannot write a dmg file or the actual app to disc or to a CD or to a place I put all my software on my computer. Its all up in the sky somewhere in AppStore. I have paid 2.99 but until something changes like it can get smaller in size, etc., I frankly use the last version which I am glad I paid for indirectly this way. I simply do not like the AppStore concept at all. I am the type that even downloads standalone updates for iWorks. This makes me feel I own them. This may seem strange to you but I actually would pay you $12.00 for your marvelous app if you sent me the dmg file to write to disc that I could physically own. While you seem quite defensive towards other comments in this review section who seem quite unreasonable about your making a profit, you will notice that I would pay the world for your app. I need it to make that other incomplete app be what it has to be. The app is pretty, sleek, small in footprint, though I wouldn't mind if I could make it horizontally a bit narrower. I need just a few pieces of information and your app is the greatest ever. It is not your fault that Apple invented this auto install system of AppStore which I can't live with quite frankly. I would pay you any amount to get from you the actual installation dmg with key. This gives me the illusion that I own the product. You will notice that in no way am I blaming or attacking you. I am just old fashioned or a control freak perhaps but i am using the last version because it is in my hands on a physical media. Is there no way to have a place on your site where you can order the app on disc like many developers have for 2.99 plus 5.00. Notice that there is no concern on my part for free or cheap software. It may be eccentric, but I actually for my needs would pay any price for your marvelous perfect app. But the AppStore and computerized downloading from Apple bugs me terribly, sir. At least now I have paid you 2.99 for the freebee and that makes me proud because I am putting my money where my mouth is, but the method of distribution, to me, needs to include hardcopy purchase option for nuts like me. Please understand that money obviously has nothing to do with this comment and it is a five star app and you deserve and are getting my cash. VideoSpec is free but big and cumbersome, The original MediaInfo is plain large and not elegant. Your app has been a blessing for me since downloaders are not complete or even work right for the Mac and yours has saved my downloading life.
[Version 1.0]

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Stephen Borisoff replied on 04 Apr 2011
Dear Truthhurts,
What are you, some self-annointed laughing philosopher? You may be right about my lack of brevity, but while you comment on paranoia and the virtues of conciseness which have nothing to do with Diego's fine work and others criticize him for no good reason, at least however i got it all out, I said what was the absolute truth...that his app is really outstanding. Your critique is noted by me, but please go join aesop's fable's existential philosophy group with your glib irrelevant insights.

Stephen Borisoff reviewed on 16 Feb 2011
Reggie Ashworth just put out 1.1. The VidConvert is Sweet! It has more robust bitrates in the high quality auto settings for mp4, h.264, mov, etc. and the settings are adequate for the audio file types mp3, m4a and wav. The advanced mode lets you home in on the perfect numbers and another neat panel as the qualities of the source video. The audio bitrates could be made a little more robust but using the codecs in iffmeg, I don't think it his problem. Where another product I know has many more filetypes, what I see is that for the Mac and sending the most important filetypes over to the PC, here are the perfect handful of filetypes. The value and ease of use stars on this site seem to not let me give Reggie 5's, but the app deserves 5's on these scores. Reggie's app is much handsomer than people in this comment list think it is. The new release of 1.1 today fixes a lot of issues. Reggie is just so open to improving this app. Because this app is getting so good so fast and because you can convert simply or convert to the max, I strongly recommend his new release which raises his work 1000%. If you need a good basic, high quality converter which aims right at what you actually need for the Mac, this one is a fine, well tuned little guy that really works great. I say "Buy it!"
[Version 1.0.1]


Stephen Borisoff reviewed on 03 Dec 2010
After having the opportunity to check out the actual released version of iTubeX 8.0, I felt it was time to review it. If you have followed my reviews in the past and my latest hint mini-review, I have explained that I have discovered that YouTube is becoming a very tough site for Downloader software to deal with. The technological changes partially motivated by a policy towards users just watching videos online versus discouraging downloading of their videos have "broken" a whole slew of downloaders for Mac which worked before but then earlier this year went through long "blackout" periods" when YouTube's changes took hold.

On top of this, YouTube is not the only site on the web and if the user doesn't just want a downloader/converter app which is trapped hopelessly in YouTube but wants to go to all the other sites, the pickings of still functional Mac apps get very slim. If you Google on Video Downloaders for Mac, you will discover that quite a few apps have given up the ghost, a number of others offer download sites for the Mac app, but a PC version comes down instead. Then several alternate apps mentioned in the reviews below, still in beta, display error messages that never go away and no new releases seem on the horizon. Often "grabbing the URL features don't work any more" on many apps because the algorithms are just too complex to deal with the realities of the workings of video web sites.

In the end, only a few worthy candidates remain and they some are actually apps and converters which are one single same exact build but sold by different affiliates. They are pretty, they work, they have little bugs. One app by Xilisoft covers the web nicely at many sites but their converter has numbers, numbers and more numbers and no user manual! Tech support would love to help the user, but the task in reality is too overwhelming. Their download app costs $39.95 and their converter costs $69.95. Another app is made by Wondershare and its affiliate iSKYsoft. While the downloader is great and sleek, it is another product that plays the numbers game. The user must enter the Video bitrate, the resolution and aspect ratio, the audio sample rate, etc. What do these terms even mean? There are third party apps which give you all of this information but the number challenged user will still be frustrated. It is not enough to know the standard numbers for certain videos the user downloads from YouTube and other sites, because the users who upload video clips to such sites don't usually know what they are doing either so there are a bizarre collection of unpredictable video properties contained in many videos the user wants to download.

Between the above problems, the antics of YouTube and other sites with their different ways, the discriminating user, whether a Geek or a user who wants utmost simplicity will enjoy the fact that Joris, the 17 year old developer of iTubeX 8.0 has handled all the complexities for the user by staying on top of changing trends all over the web. In 8.0, There is multiple downloading now, ability to pause a download, Flash video download mode where one can choose specific resolutions, or another mode which automatically picks the highest resolution clip available, even offering the user a choice sometimes as to whether he or she wants a pretty high quality readymade Mp4 for iTunes or a highest quality Flash video instead. While these Flash videos usually need to be converted, the built-in converter in iTubeX can allow the Geek to play with numbers or can be set up to automatically convert a flash to another format like mp4 by any user who can follow a recipe to bake a cake with the FAQ the developer has put on his site. The converter never needs to be fiddled with again. Converting is done with the click of a button. In short, no cogitation is needed to use iTubeX. This app deserves a test drive because it is complete, not buggy and, holy cow, it only costs $15.00! (Free for previous owners of other versions of iTubeX). This is the most sophisticated and most stable version the developer has yet put out. In this time of such confusion in the tube world on the web, iTubeX 8.0 is an app with an automatic brain and the tech support is par excellence.
[Version 8.0]

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Stephen Borisoff replied on 12 Dec 2010
I have tried Tooble. The Pro version is not quite there yet. They seem to grab ready-made mp4's from sites which are probably for devices that have no flash plug in and lower bandwidth. This is a good scheme as Joris does the same thing too. However, the resolution is "one shoe size smaller than you expect to get, you will notice if you want to get technical about it." However, aren't you glad that Tooble is fine for you and you can recommend it. What's wrong with iTubeX and Tooble sharing their glory on the Mac? It is true that Tooble doesn't go to independent sites. But they are working on that. Mutual respect for two fine products gives healthy competition and incentive to both developers and it is a win-win situation for everybody. Glad you like it, why not own both products? They are both extremely reasonable. Maybe they compliment each other.

Stephen Borisoff replied on 13 Dec 2010
So you see, YouTube is playing hardball. They don't want the user to download things, just watch them. Both Joris and Tooble's developers are doing all they can to cope. Don't think for a moment that Tooble developers aren't fretting over these antics on the part of YouTube. Joris has had to fall back on his tremendous knowledge to cope with what has happened. If Tooble has no other way to cope for the moment they may go into "blackout mode" for whatever length of time it takes to remedy the situation. If Tooble doesn't work for weeks or months, don't think that they are not responding and working hard. This is a very good object lesson why when you can have two reasonably priced downloaders, it is a wise idea to consider having both as a backup for just such an occurrence as what just happened on YouTube.

Stephen Borisoff reviewed on 11 Nov 2010
This uninstaller is the best ever. It is true that the logging daemon takes 10% of a gig of ram but so...If you pay attention to the logged items which turn orange when you check them and use caution, this app is so thorough that you can install 200 apps of interest to you, then when you uninstall them because you don't like them, you will discover that your operating system is as clean as a whistle like just before the first installed app you tried out.

If you have a utility to turn on hidden files, you will discover that there are plenty of places and little folders for hidden dot files to hide. Well, CleanApp knows that they are there and will remove them every time. Without this capable app with its logging capacities, I would have to do an clean install of Snow Leopard every several months just because of the orphaned file "dead bodies" which other uninstallers leave behind.

CleanApp does plenty to warn you not to tamper with certain shared files or files that set preferences for so many other apps. One need merely use God-given common sense and judgment and this app will never let you down.
[Version 3.4.3]


Stephen Borisoff reviewed on 29 Oct 2010
Well, what can I say? I guess I am just lucky because I have seen Joris' latest final prerelease of his new iTubeX 8.0 to be published very soon. I am just bursting at the seams to tell you what this 17 year old developer has done in the next release but I am not saying a word until its release. This mini comment review is to tell those looking for a downloader that they needn't look any further. I can only say that I have gotten the privilege of seeing and testing the most simple, powerful, automatic downloader ever for the Mac. With the new version will come multi-downloading, totally automatic conversion from flash to mp4. If one could only guess what is going on in the YouTube world, then you mmust know that there are so many changes and that just any old downloader apps and converters for Mac just can't handle all the crazy things that are happening up there on many sites like Google Video,Vimeo, Daily Motion, Revver, New Ground and most of all, YouTube and Vevo. Who wants to go to college to learn how to operate a downloader/converter app like the ones out there with complex numbers and calculations you have to make without so much as a user manual to even know how to begin in order to just get that flash video on YouTube into a format whose quality is identical to the source viewed online into iTunes or QuickTime ? Do you want an app that does every last thing for you automatically with a few clicks of the mouse. This mini-review is my teaser for something that Joris is putting out that will just blow you away in its functional simplicity. iTubeX 8.0 is almost here! As soon as it is released, I will review all its features that you can try out for yourselves and then buy the best app ever for the Mac. I can just hint to you that the impossible has happened: With the new iTubeX 8.0, Joris has outdone the most capable developer of the the best dowloader app in years past and that developer is none other than himself! Tell you about it soon...
[Version 7.8]

Stephen Borisoff commented on 02 Oct 2010
I want to comment on SEE Finance's ability to import and export. First of all, importing from Quicken 2007 for Mac is flawless. While you have the choice in SEE Finance to enter transactions by order of magnitude with credits first then debits, whether you use the "clock" to make one transaction entry earlier in the day than another on the same date so it is entered in the register first...or whether you choose to allow SEE to enter transactions in the order you put them in regardless of amount, the fact is that when you create a QIF export file from SEE and import back to Quicken 2007, the data goes back to Quicken perfectly every time. In contrast, Moneydance can only produce an export QIF which works for Quicken 2007 and that QIF becomes corrupted in any other "third party program" including SEE Finance, CheckBook Pro et al. Moneydance, in its courtship with the old Quicken 2007 for Mac as its prototype, always sends to Quicken the debits before the credits and this means hours of work to switch things around. SEE doesn't have this problem. SEE Finance is working on other file formats for import and likely for exporting data because Intuit has dumped the QIF. Quicken Essentials for Mac can't use a QIF to bring data from its own older product Quicken 2007 for Mac but uses that older product's actual data file. And there is a poor CSV file for export begrudgingly put there by Intuit probably as a stunt to look like they are not trying to tie the user into Intuit forever. So, you can't get out of Moneydance by QIF except if you own a copy of Quicken 2007 for Mac and are willing to spend the hours reordering transactions on a specific date to get them right. SEE Finance's interplay with the old Quicken is perfect every time but the developers know that a different type of export file needs to be used and is working on it. Perhaps SEE Finance might consider uniting with other good developers of other third party products in cooperating on developing a new universal import/export standard instead of the outmoded QIF?

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