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Steffan-Miller reviewed on 11 Apr 2014
It has always done the job for me perfectly as far as I can recall in the 6 years I have been using it.
[Version 3.3]

Steffan-Miller commented on 24 Mar 2012
There really should be two different reviews and ratings for this. Civilization V is a great game and plays very well in single player. Of course it's always more enjoyable to play against a human opponent. (I've read that multilayer is simultaneous moves with each unit action having immediate effect, so it's almost like real time, a very different game.) But now that I am ready to try multilayer I find that the game requires an update. Update failed twice due to connection timeout. Steam now tries to download the whole game again, 4494 MB which, of course, fails every time due to connection timeout. When I bought the game I had to try to download it many times before finally succeeding. There does not seem to be any resume capability within STEAM so if your connection is not perfect for a long enough time period to get this downloaded it will start again at the beginning every time. I also find that STEAM is very slow to load and login. Now new behaviour from STEAM, it endlessly downloads an update and restarts only to download the same update again, etc. The update does not mention any fix for the first problem. Top stars for the game, zero stars for STEAM. Is there any way to get this game without STEAM?


Steffan-Miller reviewed on 02 Oct 2011
Now that I'm reminded of this software I guess it's time I write a review in that I spent a lot of time trying to make it work. First of all I came to the conclusion that Yazsoft is eager to make many claims about the features of their products for which they provide no further documentation and when it comes right down to it, don't in fact work.

It installs a plugin that for Firefox is very feature limited. While it appears it can be disabled it cannot and must be removed. This removes the Safari plugin as well. And this is not documented. You must search the forums for this information. There you will find that the word "Firefox" is ignored in searches!

I found that there were many files I was unable to download with SD in Firefox. I had to conclude that SD only handles direct links on most sites. Most download links these days are PHP script redirects. The only way to be able to download these files at all was to remove to SD plugin and use Flashgot to direct those few downloads that SB could handle to it. Maybe it works okay if you only use Safari. But for Firefox users I'd say this is a complete waste of time and money at any price. I have a SD 5 license and have not used it in 2 years. DownloadThemAll! and jDownloader are far superior and they are free.
[Version 5.2.28]

Steffan-Miller commented on 01 Aug 2011
Actually, I must correct myself. It is possible to download this from the developers site without making a donation. Just click the big icon on the download page. So, comments about the donation being compulsory taken back. However, I'm sure I'm not the only one who didn't click the icon as there is nothing to show that it is the download link. It's now version 3.3.
[Version 3.1]

Steffan-Miller commented on 01 Aug 2011
Well, now I tried to make the donation I see that it seems to open a European PayPal site where I do not have an account. I'm not sure what is happening there because the PayPal site is all in a language I don't understand and I could not see any way to change it into English. So, I guess this is a deadend for me unless the developer or anyone else can enlighten me as to how I might proceed.
[Version 3.1]

Steffan-Miller commented on 01 Aug 2011
There is no direct download link for this program. The link above redirects and opens iTunes and then iTunes Store where there is no mention of this program (at least it does on my system). If you will vist the developers page there is no direct download link for this program either. The download link reveals a link to PayPal to make a donation. So, it is compulsory to make a donation in order to even download this. It is therefore not free and there is no trial. It could be describe as compulsory donation-ware. I am total for donation-ware, but this should not be listed as "Free", and the download link on this page should be removed.

Because of the high ratings I suppose I will donate $1 in order to try it out. I don't know if I'll make it back to to donate more even if I find it to meet my needs perfectly. I think I would be far more likely to promptly donate at least $10 if I find it to my liking if there was no compulsory donation to begin with.
[Version 3.1]

Steffan-Miller commented on 31 Jul 2011
I quote the developers website, "a new license is $34.95". This information should be updated here. $14.95 is the upgrade price.
[Version 2.4.3]


Steffan-Miller reviewed on 31 Jul 2011
There are some good ideas here. However, the software is beta quality and is certainly not fit for sale. There are numberous obvious bugs and lots of strange behavior that comes and goes. Quirks in the resulting interface need to be cleaned up. It is no were near as powerful as Pathfinder, although it might be more stable, in that it didn't crash as Pathfinder has often done.

It can be made to work with frequent messing about and work-arounds. But that is hardly acceptable in commercial software.

At least the uninstaller seems to do a proper job of removing it.
[Version 1.2.1]


Steffan-Miller reviewed on 23 Feb 2010
I found many problems while testing Unison 2.
My Unison 1 bookmarks where not imported. I have tried 2.02, 2.03, 2.04 and deleted the com.panic.unison2.plist file every time and I have never got any bookmarks from 1.8.1 imported.

Unison 2 still does not handle any kind of interruption in the connection to the news server gracefully at all. It simply stops doing what it should be doing and requires a restart to get it going again. For me this is a very significant short coming because I must rely on a mobile broadband connection from a flaky service provider which frequently drops the connection. This was really the only fault I found with Unison 1 and the one thing I was hoping would be corrected in version 2. It is actually a little worse in Unison 2 because the groups freeze and can't be closed and reopened independently when frozen to get them loading headers again.

I also get needless error messages from time to time that it has failed to establish an SSL connection. That is normal, the connection is flaky, it should just try again and I don't want to know about it.

I also find that it keeps downloading the headers all again with every new version. Is this really necessary when going from version 1 to version 2? Downloading headers takes days! I understand it is doing that because I deleted the plist file, but is that behavior necessary? The header data is not deleted, it is all sitting right where it should be waiting to be read.

6 days to test this software is just a sick joke and will surely make many people angry! In those 6 days I did nothing but download headers, then got the 15 min time out when I tried to actually use it to download something I wanted.

I found that the only support from Panic available is by email. I sent them an email regarding the issues mentioned above and have not received a reply from them in well over a week now.

I also found these issues:

- The only way I found to organize groups already marked as favorites into folders was to drag them. I found this can sometimes cause the program to crash (possibly when dragging in the first group with the folder closed). When organizing the folders it is not possible to drop a folder between other folders, folders can only be dropped at the bottom, between groups, or into other folders. If not careful folders and all the groups inside of them can be accidentally dropped off the edge of the window and instantly removed from the favorites list.

- I also wanted to modify, hide or delete the directory, but I could not see any way to do this. I didn't like it at all.

* Fixed problem with SSL connections never timing out and getting stuck in "stalled"

I could not see how this was fixed at all. Behavior with 2.04 is as described above. I am using SSL and connections constantly get stuck and the only way to get them going again is to quit and restart Unison.

* If operation queue can't connect to the server and the error is retry-able, we now re-queue operation and try 30 seconds later

Would this be without error messages? Or does this happen with the error message also displayed? If so, could the error include the word "Retrying"?

Note that the list of problems probably does not end here because it was not possible to fully test this software. There is a 6 day trial after which it will only run for 15 min. each time it's started.

Kudos to MATREYA the previous poster for mentioning the marking of cross-posts as read. Over a decade ago I was using Xnews and it not only handled that as I recall, it could also be set up to treat as spam messages that where cross posted to too many groups, an essential feature IMO.
[Version 2.0.4]

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