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Steelie rated on 24 Oct 2013
[Version 2.1.3]

Steelie commented on 30 Aug 2013
Ooo! I’m glad to find this!
I used to use TimeLog for my project tracking and had a very similar activity-tracking feature that worked quite well but, unfortunately, the feature was removed when the app evolved into its successor, Timings.

Definitely looking forward to testing this one out! :)
[Version 0.8.2]

Steelie commented on 07 Aug 2013
Anyone know why this app is free here but $23 in the MAS?!?
Seems like a huge flaw in pricing somewhere…
[Version 4.3.1]


Steelie reviewed on 14 May 2013
I’m sure it’s bad form to write a review then follow up with a completely contradicting one, but I can’t figure out how to edit a review I’ve already made. So, this will have to do.

SizzingKeys is definitely a 5-star app for me. I’ve tried a bunch of other ones—Synergy, Bowtie, Alfred, etc.—but none of them are as feature-rich as SizzlingKeys. As far as I know, none of he others will let you fast forward incrementally through songs, engage and disable shuffle or loop, plus all the other standard functions the other ones let you do (paid version features).

I was complaining about the app in my previous review as it was PAINFULLY sluggish, but the more I thought about the more I realized it was only since I had upgraded to Mountain Lion, and that other apps were sluggish too.

THEN I realized that most of the one that had become sluggish around the same time were all set as startup/login items in my system preferences. Suppressing these apps at startup and launching them right after made them as good as new! Including SizzlingKeys!

I’ve been using it for almost a week without issue. It’s back to the near-instant responsiveness I remember from when the app was packaged as a preference pane.

I love this app again!
[Version 5.1]


Steelie reviewed on 07 May 2013
I used to be a huge fan of this app but I have to take back my “Works perfectly fine…” comment in reply to a earlier review.

When it works, it works quite well but it’s been lagging horribly lately. And more often than not.

I can press any of the commands a number of times with no reaction from the app. However, when I switch to iTunes to take care of it myself, it will rapid-fire the commands I had previously tapped.

@M_Wilke below was right… the preference pane version was way better.


FWIW, Alfred is not a great replacement as it only gives you a fraction of the iTunes control that SizzlingKeys does.

Giving the Bowtie app a go.
[Version 5.1]


Steelie reviewed on 01 May 2013
I’m actually quite a fan of this application. Especially when paired with Timings.

It’s one of the only one I’ve tried that gives me absolute control over the look of my estimates and invoices. All you have to do is drop a PDF with the majority of your design elements already on a layout and it automatically gets applied as the background. No more horribly tiny or stretched logos. After that just tweak the overlaying app-specific pricing/client information bits, customize your fonts a little bit and away you go!

There a some workflow things that I struggle with constantly, especially when looking through estimates and invoices. All of the estimates I’ve ever created are listed on the Estimates section, even when they’ve been invoiced. You can filter by “Sent”, “Accepted” and “Cancelled” but not “Invoiced”. So, scanning through the list is impossible to see what’s active “Accepted” shows both open and invoiced estimates That one addition of being able to hide invoiced estimates would make a world of difference.

I love being able add custom fields to project templates. Lets me create custom messages on the cover page.

I wish the app would allow me to create estimate/invoice numbers on a per client basis but few-to-none do that, so that might be an unfair complaint.

Reporting side of things is a bit weak too.

I know a new version in in the works right now, so I think I’ve been wordy enough. Hopefully it gets brought up to the polish of Timings and its iPhone app.

In a nutshell, not perfect but suits my needs nicely. Far less clunky that Billings, and I used that for quite a while.
[Version 2.1]

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Steelie replied on 01 May 2013
Hmm… it would appear that I like to omit punctuation. :)
Sorry for not proof-reading more carefully before posting.

Steelie reviewed on 27 Oct 2012
I actually bought this app’s successor, Timings, because (according to some email correspondence with the developer) the way Mountain Lion worked was no longer going to support the integration required to have TimeLog work seamlessly.

Timings is nice enough, in its own right, but it removes key features from TimeLog that I had come to heavily rely on: automatic activity tracking, file name tracking (great for multiple projects in the same app), iCal integration (which was expected), and the friendly nagging to be productive and track my time.

I’ve been using Timings for a bit but kept forgetting to set the timer to track my projects. My problem, I know, but it’s no good if I don‘t remember to use it.

So, I came back to give TimeLog a try again today because I’ve not been on top of my time accounting as much as I’d like—I needed the nagging—and I have yet to find anything that completely replaced it.

Guess what? TimeLog runs perfectly fine for me in Mountain Lion! Totally pleasantly surprised!

Now I have dedicated some effort switching over to Timings, so I’m a bit reluctant to switch back entirely. Still, I have my nagging and constant activity monitoring back.

Just wish it was still being supported.
[Version 4.6.1]

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Steelie replied on 02 Oct 2013
I actually left TimeLog behind soon after posting this last year and it was a bit painful at first without the constant prompts to track time. However, a few months later, I discovered a wee app called Mindful Mynah ( that chimes every so often to remind me to track my time.

I’ve only missed TimeLog a few time since meeting Mynah.
Steelie commented on 12 Dec 2011
Glad this app is beta because this app still needs some work.

It looks great at first glance but that’s about it for me so far.

I have yet to successfully import a GPX or KML file. It keeps telling me that every single file is corrupt, which can’t be entirely true because those files open up in the TrailRunner app recommended above.

On top of that, every time I click one of the buttons along the top menu of the main screen, it opens a new window for that feature (it may not do it for all of them but I stopped after four).

In ten minutes of testing it was impossible to import a file and maintain a clutter-free screen.

It might be a great app but it feels like it’s working against me.

***NOTE: I am not using any of the recommended devices/apps listed by the developer to generate any of my routes. I am trying to import GPX files generated by a variety of other iPhone running apps. Could be the reason why nothing’s working. And why it’s not fair for me to actually rate it if not following dev’s instructions. Still, if I have the “Import File” option, it should work regardless.***


Steelie reviewed on 06 Nov 2009
This little wonder does exactly what it says and does it well. And for that it gets a well deserved 5-star rating.

Now here goes a little wishful thinking on my part… any though given to allowing the user to specify how many windows they want open? I use a larger monitor at work and it would be ideal (for me) if 2finder worked for three Finder windows.

Overall, thanks for a great little application. :^)
[Version 1.3b]


Steelie reviewed on 03 Nov 2009
This is great little application and a HUGE thank you for making it free.

I really want to give it five stars but - and this has happened to me every time - whenever I try to copy the folders from my iPod Touch to my Macbook (running 10.6.1), it will copy the folder I'm dragging and the top-level files in it, but none of its subfolders. The same happens every time I copied over a subfolder… it takes that folder and its top-level files and again, ignores its subfolders.

Copying *to* my iPod was seamless. Dropping the main folder into iPhone Explorer brought 100% of the contents with it.

Now, I *did* manage get it to work finally by holding COMMAND as I dragged the folders from the application window to my desktop.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm running 10.6 but this seems kind of frustrating set up the default.

Anyone else? Or is my problem just an anomaly.
[Version 1.182]

Steelie had trouble on 05 Dec 2009
Is it possible to arrange three finder windows? Two used to be perfect for my Macbook but just bought a new iMac and a three-landscape arrangement would be ideal.

[Version 2.0.1]

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