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Star-Affinity reviewed on 23 Jan 2014
Hahaha! This is really funny. Nice tribute to the game. :)

Slows down the computer a bit (at least my MBP from mid 2010), but it's worth it for some time at least. :)
[Version 1.0.0]

Star-Affinity commented on 19 Nov 2013
”…copy files up to 4 GB to or from your Mac”

Nooooo! Why not more than 4 GB files?
[Version 1.0]

Star-Affinity commented on 31 Oct 2013
Hmmm… Still no ”Cocoa native” pop-up menus? I guess Firefox still isn't Cocoa. Anyway, I really don't like the shortened ”Windows style” pop-up menus Firefox brings. Take a look at for example and how the pop-up menu is shortened even if there's space for it to be longer.
[Version 25.0]

Star-Affinity rated on 21 Oct 2013
[Version 8.0.0]

Star-Affinity commented on 15 Oct 2013
"Changed the default tab switching shortcuts for new users to Control-Tab/Control-Shift-Tab, to match Safari."

Yes! I think this should be the default shortcut globally for all app and windows where the frontmost window contains some kind of tabs.
[Version 1.5.8]

Star-Affinity commented on 24 Sep 2013
”Note to all PS3/Xbox users: Playback has built-in support for HD MKV files. No transcoding required!”

So it say, but yet when I try browse a folder on my PS3 where there is an MKV it can't see it. Works in PS3 Media Server. What gives?
[Version 1.8.15]

Star-Affinity commented on 10 Sep 2013
Here are the details for the 14.3.7 update:
[Version 14.3.7]

Star-Affinity commented on 31 May 2013
Enigmo is free nowadays. Version 2.2 according to the website, but when one gets info on the app in the Finder it it says version 2.1.

It's also one of those games that you can't ”cmd tab” out of when running it in fullscreen.

Still like it very much, though. :)
[Version 2.0.8]

Star-Affinity commented on 19 Apr 2013
Dear Adobe,

When view videos in full screen (on YouTube for example) is it so hard to get the arrow cursor to hide consistently when not moving it? Seem like it is. :|
[Version 11.7.700.182]

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Star-Affinity replied on 19 Apr 2013
When viewing* videos…
Star-Affinity commented on 06 Apr 2013
What's up with this chocolate stuff? I liked the previous radio icon. After all this software is about radio not about… chocolate.

Oh, well…
[Version 3.0.1]

Star-Affinity had trouble on 13 Sep 2008
Ehhh.... at least on my girlfriends MacBook running Mac OS X 10.5.4 the screen freezes when pressing the + button to zoom the Bookends window to cover the entire screen. Only the arrow cursor can be moved around and force quite doesn't work. It seems a forced shut down is required. I could reproduce this two times.

So, an app can still drag down the entire system. Like back in the 90's! :)
But maybe this is a graphics driver issue? I hear something about a graphics core update coming in 10.5.5...
[Version 10.3.2]

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Star-Affinity replied on 13 Sep 2008
I of course meant "force quit" not "force quite".

Also to clarify; a forced shut down and restart of the comp was what I meant.

Star-Affinity replied on 14 Sep 2008
Safe mode to be able to zoom a window so it covers the screen? Sounds a bit fishy to me... :)

Well, I'll email you instead of communicating here.
Star-Affinity had trouble on 17 Sep 2007
Impressive. This game manages to *TOTALLY FREEZE* my MacBook Pro when loading the first level. Can't force quit with Cmd + option/alt + esc. Have to force shut down the computer by holding down the power button. Feels like I'm using a Commodore 64 or something... but hey! It's 2007 and I'm on Mac OS X!
It would be better if the games freezing power was used to re-freeze the melting arctics. :P
[Version 1.0.1]

Star-Affinity had trouble on 04 Apr 2007
The "GoogleDesktopDae" daemon every other five soconds eat about 30% to 50% processing power on the MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2, 3 Ghz with 2 GB RAM I have. Fans start to make noise.

Is it indexing perhaps?
Think I will remove it for now...

Star-Affinity had trouble on 06 May 2006
For me the audio is laggy and doesn't play smoothly in QuickTime Player with this codec installed. Video is fine though.

Both audio and video is just fine in VLC. Why is this?
[Version 6.0.2]

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