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Sparrowhawk commented on 12 Mar 2014
Does this still need to be run from an admin account? This was the main drawback for me with v2
[Version 3.0.2]


Sparrowhawk reviewed on 28 Feb 2014
I've been playing this since end of the interminable wait for the boxed edition. I still play it every other week or so and currently have 3 different games going as various factions. Yes it's a little dated perhaps but I still think that Rome is the best of the Total War series to date (I have not played Shogun 2, mind)

In my experience Feral are a great company - they have responded promptly to emails when I had trouble with early versions and they also also provided me with a special version to run without the CD inserted (in the days before the game was available in the MAS).

Version 1.0 was a little buggy but the patches they pushed out have sorted all that - I have not had a crash in well over a year. The odd overly long lag when switching to a battle perhaps.

I think it's time the price dropped though.
[Version 1.4]

Sparrowhawk commented on 19 Feb 2014
Note that lots of people (including myself) have been experiencing hangs with Netbeans 7.4 when using the current JDK 7

There is a known bug in the JDK (not in Netbeans itself) that causes this. For now the workaround is to upgrade to the beta of JDK8 (which I have done with no ill effects seemingly with regards other Java apps) or to wait for the JDK7 u55 release which also has the fix (according to the Netbeans bugtracker ticket on this - (bug id 236101)

Hope this helps anyone else experiencing this problem.

I'll refrain from saying too much about the commenter below who castigates other reviewers for putting up with Java aesthetics whilst giving half a star to a product that is so feature rich and free... to each their own, eh?
[Version 7.4]

Sparrowhawk commented on 23 Sep 2013
Those screen-shots look remarkably like a Psion Revo running the EPOC 32 OS! I have one of those in the loft somewhere...

So, does this Prolog run in a Psion emulator? That would be rather retro chic but I'm not sure how useful it would be for OS X users wanting to write larger Prolog apps
[Version 8.0]

Sparrowhawk rated on 16 Sep 2013
[Version 5.5.3]


Sparrowhawk reviewed on 25 Jun 2013
Hi MacUpdate Admins,

7.3.1 is out now, and 7.3 had been out for quite some time.

I love this IDE (in my opinion it is far superior to Eclipse, but I appreciate that others will disagree). I use it for large-scale backend PHP work and it a joy and huge timesaver.

It may be a Java app, but frankly I don't care - the features are outstanding and the responsiveness is more than acceptable.
[Version 7.2]

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Sparrowhawk replied on 28 Jun 2013
My pleasure. :)
Sparrowhawk commented on 21 Mar 2013
Note to MU admins: Current version is up to 1.3.4
[Version 1.3]

Sparrowhawk commented on 21 Mar 2013
Note to MU admins: Current version is up to 1.3.4
[Version 1.3]


Sparrowhawk reviewed on 25 Jan 2013
v1.0 RC1 is out (you can download it via the blog pages)

This latest release adds polish to the interface and even more stability. There are some great time savers such as folders in the connection list, and bug fixes (find/replace now work correctly in the edit-field view)

All in all, this really is a gem of the Mac development tool world.

It still has some features missing (Stored routine support is rudimentary so I use Workbench for that) but overall it is an A+ application.

Future releases plan to support PostgrSQL and possibly SQLite which will open up this wonderful app to even more developers.

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Sparrowhawk replied on 09 Apr 2013
I have tried Valentina: I didn't like the UI. It also failed to show me any of my stored routines, unlike Workbench or Sequel Pro.

Additionally, you really ought to publicly declare that you are the owner of the company making the product that you are recommending - I checked your profile and did a quick Google check.

Sparrowhawk replied on 29 Apr 2013
Perhaps because this thread is to do with Sequel Pro and that you did not state that you are the owner of a competing product? Just a thought.

With regards procedures, I clicked on the procedures control: they simply would not load. Other object types loaded when addressed in the same way, but not procedures.

With regards your comments on Sequel Pro, I am surprised that you did not like the UI - it is a byword for good design and clarity in OS X database admin circles. I'm afraid that I found VS less intuitive - I accept that this may be personal preference.

"In Sequel Pro procedures are shown in same list on left side where table are (hmm?). In VStudio, procedures are grouped separately. May be you did search them by habit in wrong place? "

No, I saw precisely where procedures were supposed to be displayed in VS, just as with other database object types. VS studio simply did not list them. Not sure what you mean by "hmm" though: perhaps you think that this is the wrong place for them, I disagree - I prefer a tree/pseudo tree control on the left to having to click drop downs to access object types (as done by Workbench, TOAD, etc etc). Each to their own though.

"Besides, we have not found way how to add a new procedure in UI of Sequel Pro."

That's correct, it has a View source, but no create. I believe that this is coming but in the meantime, as I said, I use Workbench for Stored Procs as its editor is very capable.

"With all respect to Sequel Pro, it does not have right now, for example:
- related data editor "

Not quite sure what you mean here, but if you mean data linked through foreign key relationships, simply clicking the arrow in the field in the result set view takes you to the related row... This is not available with MyISAM tables of course.

"- advanced filters of records"
I believe that is coming soon as it is one of the most asked for features

"- query builder"
I have absolutely no need for this - I have been designing SQL databases for over 20 years so I want my toolset to be as lean and fast as possible. For beginners I agree that this may be of use

"- diagrams"
I use Workbench which is also free - incidentally, I see from your site that you must pay for the pro version to get full use of diagramming (synching between model and database bidirectionally). I have no problem with that, but it's not comparing apples with apples.

"- support of postgre SQL and SQLite"
True. I use Base for SQLite, I don't use PostgreSQL so presently this is not an issue for me. Both have been requested and I *think* are being worked on

"- support of win and linux"
Of no interest to me. When I do have to use those platforms as clients, I use Workbench (or ideally TOAD on Windows).

"- ..."

To be clear - I have nothing against your product. Perhaps you are not aware of the MacUpdate etiquette, but linking to your own product is considered bad form - at the very least you should add a disclaimer as to your relationship with the linked product.

This is not meant as personal criticism, I hope you do not take it that way. I wish you all the best with VS which I am sure does appeal to many people.

Sparrowhawk replied on 29 Apr 2013
To be clear, when I wrote "(as done by Workbench, TOAD, etc etc)", I was referring to the fact that the way they do it is similar to Sequel Pro.
Sparrowhawk commented on 06 Sep 2012
Note to site admins: version 1.5.0 is now out.
[Version 1.4.1]

Sparrowhawk had trouble on 24 Jul 2012
Is anyone else seeing the following: downloading the 3.3.1 zip and installing the app reverted my copy of MDVDRP from 3.3.0 to 1.6.4. Same thing if downloading directly off the developer's website?

Luckily I still have my 1.x password so I entered that, allowed it to download 3.3.1 itself and then entered my 3.3.1 password.

Possibly just a glitch my end, but I'm not sure how :)
[Version 3.3.1]

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