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Southpawami rated on 15 May 2013
[Version 13.2.4]


Southpawami reviewed on 08 Apr 2010
Caches are magic. To give a run down... I started using terminal to run periodics, flush dns cache, and permissions checks. You'd think that was everything... but I've had some odd problems along the way.... most fixed by permissions... or flushing dns cache or ipconfig... but some come along like today... "Battery Isn't Charging".... That battery was hanging around at 12%. 12%? Not too cool. If I knew the BSD terminal like the back of my hand... I might look at SLCC as just a way to not type the same command in again. But Deep Cleaning of Cache at System and User worked magic... and the restart afterwards gave me my battery charging again.
[Version 5.0.5]


Southpawami reviewed on 04 Apr 2010
Alright... I was wrong. What I *expected*, and what this program *does* was completely different. For example... when you have a friends list for WoW that tells you the friends that are online... you assume, because everyone doesn't have macs or this program, that this program is talking about actual logins. It's not. It's about other people that own this program all having a made up account for this program, and then when they login to this program... which can be automatic... it says that their character is logged in. Not quite what I was hoping. What is rather nice is the realms... apparently, the checkmark is the status whether the realm is online, and the color shows the population of the realm. Anyone that regularly checks realm status from WoW will be confused by this because they use the color to show realm status. However, once it clicks in your head that it works this way, you can choose a great realm for your new ALT I suppose.
[Version 1.5.1]


Southpawami reviewed on 04 Apr 2010
Using 10.5... I installed it and payed for it. It does not work presently. Neither did the servers correctly update, or show green. I also attempted to login in to see the friends list, which I thought novel, perhaps even useful. The login did not work either. While I will say that WoW updates probably broke this version... I changed my password just in case. Of course, if it gets updated, I'll try it again, as such a program would be useful. Only thing I can say about it now is that I haven't seen it crash.
[Version 1.5.1]

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Southpawami replied on 04 Apr 2010
please disregard this review
Southpawami commented on 18 Nov 2009
It works well. Imports utf-8 text files which can be made with TextEdit. Parses stuff like the first five books of the Bible, which is over 12,000 lines, with minimal wait. Stable, hasn't crashed on me yet.

dreamlist is small:
font resizing, so you could read the book at an enlarged font of 14, 16, 18, or 20
automatic scrolling window size, so it reads down like a book and starts at the top of the window again
color sections, so when your tired, a left section of green text a right section of blue text make it easier

It's a great application.
[Version 6.2.2]

Southpawami commented on 02 Nov 2009
It just doesn't get better. It's stable, it's solid, it has a library of options that aren't elsewhere out of box. How can you not like this? The only thing that really isn't nice about this software is that it isn't on Linux or Windows.
[Version 5.10.1]

Southpawami commented on 02 Nov 2009
It seems there is a rather distracted view of this software. I think I remember paying $25 for the 1.x version I believe, and I'm still happy with it. At that time, Storyist was a very hot piece of software that everyone was happy with getting. My 1.5.2 version still serves me well, and has several features I still don't have a handle on(like the auto linking which interferes with typing if you don't know what's happening). And this software has most everything that's useful to me except a full dark screen with green or yellow type for typing.

I'm sure this 2.x version isn't as bad people are making it out to be.
[Version 2.1.2]


Southpawami reviewed on 01 Nov 2009
The 'stable' version is the version you want to download. It works fine, very quick to connect. I have a license to YummyFTP 1.7.2, and use it. I may use the stable version of this depending on how effective it is with file transfers over time.

Yes, it's ugly. It needs a two button mouse. This is true. Most of the multi-platform software that works on Linux, Windows, and OS X don't appear very nice from an image and one-button mouse perspective. The main question is whether it functions. Yes. You simply put your ftp server, user name, and password in the upper box. It remembers it if it connects fully. After that, it will remember until you tell it to forget. Oddly... the option to forget is in the same menu as all your quick bookmarks... making the whole accidents happen a concern.

Permissions is very GUI friendly as well. All 9 options are available via point and click.

The interface takes a minute to get. The empty screen near the top is the log screen. The two screens on the left below that are the files on your computer. In the top one, you pick a directory, and the window below that shows you the contents of that directory. It only seems weird at first... some seconds later your thinking this is fast... and it's the layout that contributes to the impression.

The empty two windows on the right are the remote directories from the host.

It'll take time for me to determine if the file transfer is as reliable as Yummy. It does log into my domain faster, displays the contents of directories faster, and shows a file viewing in a timely fashion.
[Version 3.3.0-beta2]


Southpawami reviewed on 26 Oct 2009
The recent update fixed the problems, and the software works great. It is presently significantly better than 1.x ever was.

The developer is right, problems should be reported through proper procedures first, so the developer has a chance to work on these problems before he sees everyone in the world seeing a problem he could have fixed had he known about it.
[Version 2.0.2-271]

southpawami commented on 30 Jun 2009
It's fast. The pictures aren't partial either which is often how other browsers obtain this speed.

I can't comment on how useful it is, or what breaks it, but this Firefox 3.5 is speedy like a... well, fox. Significantly faster than any prior beta of 3.5 I've tested, or any recent update of Firefox 3.0.

10.4.11, Core 2 duo, 3gb 667, 64mb shared, & 5400rpm.
[Version 3.5]

Southpawami had trouble on 18 Oct 2009
This update broke it on my OS X 10.5 which was updated, not freshly installed from 10.4. Not sure why it's broke. I deleted it, downloaded the lasted from and it still didn't start up. I'm guessing, though I could be wrong, that this update fixed snow leopard stuff and broke leopard stuff. Doesn't load up enough to update, so, I guess I'll have to keep checking back.
[Version 2.0-261]

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Southpawami replied on 20 Oct 2009
Developer... I was figuring it was a 10.5 issue only. As 10.4 isn't supported anymore as far as I know. The prior macsword I was speaking of crashed after the update, then would not start. I had to go into Application Support through the Library to delete the MacSword folder before it would load up again. After that, it did start, the window just would not display. I deleted the Sword folder as well, but to no avail, it would simply start up and never display a window. I'm sure you've fixed the problem already, and I'll be downloading this version in a moment.
southpawami had trouble on 11 Jun 2009
As much as can be said for Opera 10.0b1, you can NOT run Opera 10b1 on a case-sensitive format with Leopard 10.5.7.

After much trial and error over the last year, I finally tri-partitioned my 320gb hard drive for work, games, and school. The first format was case-sensitive as it has shown me a rock like dependability that the simply journaled format doesn't have. The second the normal format so things like WoW work. The third for windows rc 7.

The case-sensitive format has a few things that show up differently
- some programs don't install or work, or work partially like Opera 10b1
- Manga Studio 3.02 EX works faster... significantly
- WoW doesn't install
- Programs appear to crash less and load slightly faster
- There are no temporary duplicate displays when working in finder (Leopard 10.5.7)

As is the standard, Omniweb just works.
[Version 10.0b1]

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