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Soundman reviewed on 26 Jul 2012
Just a comment here: Just a real handy app. Sometimes I just want to hear a document spoken, and if the formating is fairly simple, just copy and paste the text into the app and you're off! Thanks to the dev for making this free.
[Version 1.5.2]


Soundman reviewed on 20 Jul 2012
To anyone not familiar with this dev, search MacUpdate for SoundConverter, his infamous app. I give the star ratings so that I'll be allowed to post this. Otherwise, my suggestion is to stay away from this dev!
[Version 20120126.0]


Soundman reviewed on 19 Apr 2012
Simply one of the very best. Don't bother with it if you're an audio dilettante; it's deep. Been using since version 1. Developer's committment is unwavering.
[Version 4.0]

Soundman commented on 10 Feb 2012
Could, should, would. AppDelete is not meant to be the definitive uninstaller, as is.
That said, it is a great convenience and for Apple guideline apps that don't have hidden files in low level folders, and generally leave traces, like turds, all over the OS, it saves lots of time. If you really know how to set it up, it just does it's job. Yeah, always room for improvement, but unless a developer leaves an updated and frank blog, you don't know jack about the circumstances surrounding an app's development cycle.

p.s. some apps have to install files and packages (plugins, frameworks, input this and startup that, kexts, and blah, blah. This makes certain apps what they are, and we love them, despite the fact that apple does not support em.
[Version 3.2.2]


Soundman reviewed on 07 Nov 2011
Please tell me that the new icon is a coffee bean and not a generic bean - cause beans make me fart and that was my 1st gut reaction when I 1st saw the icon. Definitely am into the old one.
That said, my real problem with the new beta is that it no longer opens html files! Whats with that? Please tell me it is a glitch and not done with malice. You see, its a breeze to open an html in Bean and then from the apple menubar use TextSoap to extract the text....all in Bean.
But now....the only solace I have is another cup of
[Version 2.9.8]

Soundman commented on 04 Oct 2011
Yeah, the flash pref pane changes my settings on it everytime I close Firefox. Next time I open the browser, the flash settings are reset to default. That is because I have an add-on that deletes all the damn supercookies. They need to have a pref pane that doesn't rely on supercookies.
The war for privacy never lets up.

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Soundman replied on 05 Oct 2011
I use Perfect Privacy to delete supercookies automatically. You set it up to delete ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/

Another good option is the standalone app, NetShred X.
Remember, if you set it up to delete the crap, you need to reset the Flash prefpane as a preliminary to opening Firefox each time.
It's awkward, but works.
Soundman commented on 18 Aug 2011
Using 10.6.8 with FireFox 6. This latest update changes the 1password menubar tool. The GUI is ok but I liked the old one better.
But the thing is I can't get it to save new logins. It's got a funny preferences window that opens and I specified to save logins but, I don't know, it doesn't. Fix? Aaarrggh!
[Version 3.8.0]


Soundman reviewed on 29 Jun 2011
Hey guys, has anyone noticed that the current version (and at least the previous version) of Flash resets its preferance pane settings. I'm not sure if it resets when you close the browser or when the computer enters sleep mode (probably the former).
So what I'm doing is, at the start of every browser session I reset the prefs my way. Otherwise Flash automatically compromises computer security, which is a no-no.


Soundman reviewed on 06 May 2011
Just want to comment on how much I enjoy using SonicMood. Have had it for several years and consistantly enjoy hearing its soft, peaceful sounds while working on this project or the other. This latest update is mind boggling and one can see that with the developer, it is a labor of love. Less noise pollution - more sonic refreshment!

Soundman commented on 07 Nov 2010
Again I.
I want to give keka 4 stars. Sorry, don't know how.
[Version 0.1.4]

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