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Soren0 rated on 23 Dec 2011
[Version 4.1.1]

Soren0 tipped on 05 Nov 2010
If you don't like the Beta version, Skype has a feedback page where you can leave them feedback. Go to:

Scroll down and click the Visit our feedback link.

Soren0 commented on 11 Mar 2010
After upgrading from v4.0.4, to v4.0.5 on a MacBook, I noticed that it was faster overall. Version 4.0.4 was slow, i always got the beach ball when I opened it. 4.0.5 opens with one bounce and it loads sites faster.

What is your experience with the upgrade?

MacBook, 2.4GHz, Mac OS 10.6.2, 2GB of RAM.
[Version 4.0.5]

Soren0 commented on 30 Apr 2008

If you have read the Mac Mojo post, then I don't know what there isn't to understand about the reason why their is no consumer A/V support. Simply put, Windows corporate Messenger uses a new A/V standard and Live Messenger is transitioning to that new A/V stack too. So it's perfectly reasonable for Mac Messenger 7 to also be built using the new A/V stack. The reason why there is no consumer A/V support is because Live Messenger hasn't finished transitioning to the new A/V stack. So in fact, Mac Messenger is ahead of Live Messenger, not behind. And so when Mac Messenger is behind in technology we complain and when it is ahead in technology, we complain more. Admittedly, it'd be nice to have consumer A/V working right now, but it would have been pointless to port over an old A/V stack which is going to be replaced in a few months anyways.

Personally, I hope that Mac BU manages to update Mac Messenger quickly to activate A/V functionality once the next version of Live Messenger is released. If there is too much of a delay, then I'd agree they're coasting.
[Version 7.0]

Soren0 commented on 02 Nov 2006
I really like the new icons. Thanks for creating them. I hope google adopts them.
[Version 1.0]

Soren0 commented on 25 Sep 2006
I'm not having any problem with iTunes 7. It installed fine and woks without problems.

I did notice a little bug, where I have more songs in my library then I have on my iPod. It says I have 588 songs in my library and 577 songs on my iPod.

If anyone is experiencing the same problem that I described above go to: and reply to my topic.

Thank you.
[Version 7.0]

Soren0 tipped on 28 Jul 2006
You can now download the bootable CD of this version from:

Thank you Apple!
[Version 3.1.1]

Soren0 commented on 07 Jul 2006
When will REALbasic support creation of Universal Binaries?
[Version R3]

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Soren0 replied on 07 Jul 2006
I read on their site that they are currently in development to support creation of Universal Binaries. Here is what they said in their forums:

Note: Universal Binary support is currently under development and is expected in a forthcoming release of REALbasic. Given the REALbasic Rapid Release Model, this capability will be made available to customers as soon as it is finalized. More information will be distributed as it is available.

Soren0 replied on 07 Jul 2006
Everyone, read this:
Soren0 tipped on 28 Nov 2004
X-Plane 8 as well as X-Plane 7.62 can be downloaded from a conventional server. Here is the link:
[Version 8.0.2b1]

Soren0 had trouble on 21 Jul 2011
WIll this be updated to support Safari 5.1 on Mac OS 10.6x and 10.7 Lion as well? I downloaded an extension to block flash from the Safari extension gallery in the meantime. I liked this add-on since it had a whitelist feature.
[Version 1.6b9]

Soren0 had trouble on 02 Oct 2006
Whatever you do, don't click the Enable Front Row button in Enabler if you are using Mac OS 10.4.7 or 10.4.8. It will destroy your system.

Your Mac will startup and you will see the blue screen but your desktop will NOT load.

You will end up having to reinstall Mac OS 10.4 via the Archive & Install feature on your Mac OS 10.4 Installation disk.

I had to go through this TWICE due to Enabler screwing up my system

If Front Row stops working after upgrading to 10.4.8, just wait until Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) ships, which will include the next version of Front Row for both PowerPC and Intel systems.
[Version 1.3]

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Soren0 replied on 03 Oct 2006

Soren0 replied on 03 Oct 2006
It worked for me without problems, Thanks.
Soren0 had trouble on 27 Sep 2006
I just emailed the developer and got a response from Yahoo saying the account has been disabled or closed.

I guess this project is dead unless the developer responds or updates it.
[Version 1.3.3]

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