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Soderberg commented on 01 Apr 2012
The app version on their website is 4. Haven't tried it, no idea how well it works, but there is a newer version available.
[Version 3.2]

Soderberg commented on 31 Dec 2011
Although the app is apparently compatible with OSX (according to the site and @xefned below), when trying to launch it in Lion I'm told "PowerPC applications are no longer supported" — which, admittedly, is not really a surprise since the latest version is from 2001.

Maybe I'll give it a try on my pre-Intel laptop. Will update here if I get a chance to do that — it would be remarkable if an app this old still ran in OSX!
[Version 1.0]

Soderberg commented on 26 Oct 2011
Is there a newer version of this? The version here is PPC and from 2005; please update the description, e.g. to indicate that this widget is for pre-Intel users only, as an alternative to MacUpdate Desktop, etc. ... thanks!
[Version 2.0]


Soderberg reviewed on 26 Oct 2011
To start with, this is a beautiful app, which always helps with motivation in getting things done. For me, it has exactly the right blend of simplicity, functionality and customizability for keeping up with ever-evolving to-do lists & master plans.

As others have noted, there's practically no time spent learning the software; once you have (quickly) figured out how this works, it's a breeze to use. After setting up the sync servic and learning some very simple syntax you can, with thoughtful use of tags, make this do pretty much whatever you want it to with a minimum of fuss. Syncing across devices is of course essential, and I like that the aesthetic/formatting and functionality are consistent whether I'm on my Mac or iPhone.

I'm always happy when an app takes up a minimum of hard drive space, and when the deeloper keeps forward/backward compatibility in mind, which seems to be the case here. The software's price (Mac and iPhone/iPad) looks kinda steep at first, but to be fair ti does include a syncing service (using the website & app); some might not want to pay that price once the new upgrade offers syncing via DropBox.

There are lots of other apps that can keep track of images & other file types., so text-only is fine with me. However, if the option to format text colour, italics and underlining (or whatever other options wouldn't mess up the syntax) were available, I would use it (with a monochromatic palette to keep the visuals clean).

All in all, a daily go-to app which is a pleasure to use.
[Version 2.3]

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Soderberg replied on 27 Oct 2011
Update: just discovered "Theme Options" in preferences; pre made text color/formatting themes are available, and you can override to create your own. (Formatting within individual notes outside of the syntax & theme, which I would use, is not available. I think ... unless I've missed something else.)
Soderberg commented on 26 Oct 2011
Hi, just realized that my "troubleshooting" query didn't show up here on the main window & therefore might not be noticed re: someone replying ... can anyone enlighten me re: syncing TaskPaper in Lion?

I really like TaskPaper's clean and straightforward interface, and for things that don't need a calendar entry it's a real pleasure to use, great for organizing and overview. I installed the most recent version, which works great, and then downloaded SimpleText (which is required to sync with the webpage) but the SimpleText app didn't respond at all when I clicked on it; the version is 1.0.1 from March 2010 so probably needs an update.

I had no luck finding any new versions or even info re: this specific problem, neither in the wiki nor the forums. A search in Google was likewise unsuccessful. Hopefully I missed something glaring, but the developer's last login here on MacUpdate is from a few months back ... any assistance would be gratefully received!
[Version 2.3]

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Soderberg replied on 26 Oct 2011
Okay, just tried again - success! Not sure why the SimpleText app wouldn't open the first couple of times I tried it, but it has now and I'm up and running. Glowing review forthcoming ...

Soderberg rated on 22 Oct 2011
[Version 5.8]


Soderberg reviewed on 06 Jul 2011
I'm really liking this app so far, although I haven't had a chance to put it through all its paces.

The single comment on the Mac App store reported a concern about output resolution being limited to 800 x 600 pixels (not enough for serious projects) ... happily however, it's possible to set custom resolution when you open a new file, which seems to change the default for that session, although it resets to 800 x 600 when you close & reopen the app.

Working at a higher resolution slows down real-time rendering, but you can set the preview resolution to half to speed things up without affecting the resolution of the finished file.

The only glitch I've come across so far is that sometimes the brush "paints" over the canvas without me clicking to activate it; perhaps I've inadvertently set it to "auto" but I can't find an option on the tool board. Minor annoyance, since you can undo.

Since I didn't buy this via the App Store, I can't make a review or comment ... perhaps the developer would like to clarify so that others aren't discouraged from trying it, since this app is definitely worth a look.
[Version 1.25]


Soderberg reviewed on 27 Jun 2011
Just tried this for a quick enlargement of a photo from 640 × 458 to 1024 × 733 (minimum dimensions requested from the recipient) ... looks fantastic! Effortless and pretty intuitive, I got the job done in about a minute after downloading. Lots of configurable options in the preview before saving your expanded file. Great!!
[Version 0.9.0]


Soderberg reviewed on 26 May 2011
Bought this in a bundle and then forgot about it until a couple of days ago ... great app! Love that it's so flexible without being overly complicated. The tabbed now/later/scratch pad & objective boards are invaluable — especially since they allow formatting so you can tweak notes to your visual preferences — so I don't feel the need to switch between this and a notes app when juggling tasks/projects.

White noise machine is a nice option, although I would love the option of using custom sounds/soundscapes.

A pleasant and effective tool for being more productive!
[Version 1.63]

Soderberg commented on 06 Nov 2010
Link to developer's site is broken ... found it here:
[Version 3.1]

Soderberg had trouble on 26 Oct 2011
Hi there,

I've got TaskPaper (love its elegant simplicity!) on my Mac Mini running Lion and am trying to set up syncing with SimpleText, but can't find the most current info ... downloaded the SimpleText app from the Hog Bay website but the app doesn't respond when I try to launch it; the app info says it's version 1.0.1, last modified in March 2010, so I'm guessing it needs an update. I had no luck finding a newer version or any answers on the website or the Wiki ... can anyone enlighten me?
[Version 2.3]

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Soderberg replied on 26 Oct 2011
SimpleText now responding, not sure what the problem was ... left comments and a review.
Soderberg had trouble on 21 Jan 2011
I really hope there's an answer/solution for this issue, because I'm liking the possibilities here ... not sure whether it's because it's a demo version (and I don't want to pay to find out), but after changing window views the dates for some tasks in the dashboard (Gantt-ish) preview are suddenly set to start and finish "today", when I had assigned different dates to finish.

The visual timeline is one of the things that most appeals to me about this app; obviously, if there's a glitch re: arbitrary date changing it renders the software unusable.

Anyone else having this issue? Please let me know if there's something I'm missing; I didn't see anything (in preferences or other menu options) that might explain why this is happening. I have 11 projects with 1-4 scheduled subtasks in each one (MacBook Pro/10.6.4).
[Version 4.3 r1096]

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Soderberg replied on 22 Jan 2011

Thanks for your quick response.

Okay, I've realised what caused the date changes ... I had quite a few tasks with start dates of "today" and finish dates anywhere from "tomorrow" to a week or longer from now ... some of those were more urgent than others so I dragged them from "might do" into the "must do" section, which caused them to have a start and finish date of "today". Is there a way to add them to the "must do" section without losing the finish date I entered?

I'm liking a lot of what I see in your software and have high hopes that it will be a solution for my particular workflow. A few features I would love:

— the ability to reorder projects in the dashboard by drag & drop; for the current alphabetical sorting I'm giving projects a priority number at the beginning of their name so that the most urgent ones will show up at the top of the chart; interestingly, they don't show up alphabetically in the Projects page when I click on Title ... drag & drop functionality here would be appreciated as well

— the ability to collapse projects in the dashboard; that would help to focus on one at a time as well as allow all (or at least more) projects to be visible in one window

— the ability to sort individual tasks in the dashboard according to their start or due dates, regardless of which project they're in

— the ability to adjust spacing between text lines; it's visually appealing and spacious right now but I'd like to have the option to see more items on one page

Thanks for your time & attention!
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