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I love trying new software. If it's compatible with my computer and I can think of a possible use for it, I will download it and give it a whirl.

Developers who still make software that is compatible with PPC Macs, especially if it works with Tiger and/or G3s are my favorite people of all. I do use Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion as well.

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Snowwhitesickette reviewed on 03 Nov 2011
Beautiful! I used to use Click2Flash, but for some reason had not installed it on my MB. I was noticing the fans making a lot of noise, and I was only running Safari with multiple tabs open. I installed Click2Flash, restarted Safari, reopened my tabs, and the fan noise disappeared immediately. I sure won't be missing all those ads. :-)
[Version 2.5.3]

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Snowwhitesickette replied on 03 Nov 2011
Oops, I meant ClickToFlash, sorry.
Snowwhitesickette commented on 25 Apr 2010
The developer's website says version 2.0 (update from March 30, 2009) has been compiled for Leopard and is now a universal binary, not just PPC as it is currently listed here.
[Version 2.0]


Snowwhitesickette reviewed on 15 Dec 2009
This is a very funny prank application. Good for many laughs. I admin all of the Macs at home, so it is very easy to set up for the victim(s). I think it would be a nice feature if once it was installed, it used a name besides Poop Alert. I changed the name of the application, but Activity Monitor still listed "Poop Alert Client" under the victim's running processes. I would prefer more stealth, but it is still a great application. Tip, make sure the victim's volume is on before pooping on him or her.
[Version 2.0]


Snowwhitesickette reviewed on 09 Nov 2009
Does just what it says. Also can be used to repair permissions. I had one "ACL found but not expected," and this got rid of it like a charm. (Leopard 10.5.8.) Thanks for this useful program!
[Version 1.2.1]


Snowwhitesickette reviewed on 29 Oct 2009
Fabulous! IMO, one can never have enough Halloween wallpaper. These are great. I love that they give you a selection. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
[Version ]

Snowwhitesickette commented on 23 Oct 2009
I have every major version of iPhoto, from 1.0 (on a system-specific disk) to the current iPhoto 8 (iLife '09). I wanted to try this out, and noted the technical requirements listed here of 10.4+ and iPhoto 4. With iPhoto 4, iPBE kept giving me an error message instead of enhancing any pictures. It didn't crash outright. I don't think it is my configuration, as I zeroed out the drive and reinstalled Tiger (+ all updates) 36 hours beforehand. So I upgraded iPhoto 4 to iPhoto 5 and tried again. It works just fine with iPhoto 5.
[Version 3.0.3]


Snowwhitesickette reviewed on 16 Oct 2009
I have several Macs and backup drives. Because I like to have certain files on all of my Macs, I noticed I had a lot of duplicates, particularly in one backup partition that all the Macs access. With the massive size of drives these days, I felt I could no longer do the job of removing duplicates manually. Who has the time? I downloaded several programs that locate duplicates, searching for the "right" app for me. Tidy Up! was the winner, hands down. There are cheaper applications, and my runner up choice was free. But Tidy Up! impressed me so much, I bought licenses for the version 1 for Tiger and version 2 for Leopard. I got both for $40, on sale at the Kagi page.

Tidy Up! is FAST. I scanned an entire 120GB drive on an old G3 iMac, and Tidy Up! spotted thousands of duplicates and was done in less than a minute. Amazing! Some of the apps I tried were so slow I gave up and quit mid scan. Tidy Up! has plenty of customizable settings that can be set for scanning and/or deleting. I prefer to delete manually, because I want the greatest control over what is deleted. Some of the duplicates that Tidy Up! showed me were files I didn't even want one copy of, much less multiples. I am an icon junkie, and Tidy Up! helps me keep 15,000-20,000 icons per Mac duplicate-free. I thought I liked the version 1 of the application better, until I tweaked the preferences on version 2. Then they offered the same options on start up. Until I decide to learn more about the features, it's easier for me if both apps are alike.

Tidy Up! deserves better ratings than it currently has, IMO. Most of the poor reviews are for the price to upgrade, not performance. I don't have a problem with someone leaving a poor rating for that reason, as that the reviewer's judgment call. But the application itself is very good. Tidy Up! 2 has a different look, and additional features over version 1. There are also complaints about the price from people who never bought a license. IMO Dupe Guru and its offsprings are the real rip-off in this category. Three programs from 20-25 bucks a pop and Tidy Up! finds the duplicates that take three Dupe Guru apps. Tidy Up! is a bargain in comparison, and faster by far. Tidy Up! is not cheap, but if money is more important than time, there are free apps that can help remove duplicates. My only complaint with Tidy Up! is I would have liked if the trial period let you delete more stuff, as the amount alloted is so small it is hard to judge how fast larger actions will be if you buy the license.
[Version 2.1.1]


Snowwhitesickette reviewed on 02 Oct 2009
SuperDuper! is a gem. I use it on all of my Macs that run Mac OS X. I've tried other backup applications, and SuperDuper! is the best I've used. It's easy, faster than the others, and best of all, free! The developer has links to download older versions of SD for those Mac users that haven't upgraded their OS as long ago as 10.2. (I appreciate that, as a Tiger and Leopard user.)

SD is so easy to use. Hook up the backup drive, open SD, show it where you want it to backup, select backup type and other options (if you have bought a license), and tell it to go. The second time is even easier, as SD remembers where you backed up to the last time. For example, three of my Macs share one external FireWire drive, along with media backups and other data. I have six partitions on that drive, including one apiece for the Macs. SuperDuper! remembers which partition belongs to which Mac every time. Very nice, and saves me from accidentally backing up to the wrong partition. (Not that I'd ever do THAT.)

I bought a license after backing up once with the free version. I wanted to use the feature allowing SD to remember what it's already backed up. That saves a lot of time compared to backing up the entire drive each time it's backed up. The license is not needed to make a full, bootable backup of a Mac. That's a great service to our community, and makes it worthwhile to buy the license without the extra features.

The developer may be the best there is in terms of support. I've never needed any, but have read the SD forum, and noticed how thoroughly and quickly he replies to questions. Sometimes a question is answered in three minutes. Can't beat that!

SuperDuper! is very stabile, and every backup I've made has booted perfectly. I like that I can see and access every file of the backup if I need to. Some backup utilities make large, mysterious files that can't be viewed through the Finder. I don't trust a backup if I can't see what's inside. SD has given me the freedom to take risks with my Macs I'd have been reluctant to try without it. I've successfully installed unsupported software (like iLife 06 on a G3 iMac) because I know if there's a problem, I can restore from my backup.

Every so often, I zero out my internal drive and reinstall the OS. (Archive-install takes up far too much room on a smaller internal hard drive, IMO.) SuperDuper! is superb with this, as my backup can be used with Migration Assistant, or just to drag something over manually. I can make a new backup of the clean OS on a different partition or drive, and keep the old backup for archival purposes. (I always burn photos and other important files to disk. NOTHING is better to archive important files than keeping multiple, burned CDs and DVDs of anything that can't be replaced. SuperDuper! and Time Machine are not substitutes for having precious files burned to disk, kept in a safe place.)

All in all, SuperDuper! is great. Anyone looking for an easy, reliable way to make a backup that can be booted should give it a try.
[Version 2.6.1]


Snowwhitesickette reviewed on 03 Sep 2009
My review is biased, because I hate Flash. It's been so many years, I've actually forgotten if Flash ever worked normally on one of my Macs. I think it did almost a decade ago. Flash makes the internet very unpleasant for Mac users. I wish it would fade away for good. Adobe Flash saves a file of cookies in the user library that are not deleted the usual way. There is no preference panel to access Flash, unless you go to the Adobe website. I think it's very rude of them to save unwanted debris on my hard drive. I found a bunch of remnants from websites I hadn't visited in a year. No thank you. And Flash allows websites to interact with those cookies, and even access your built-in camera and microphone. I don't know about you folks, but when I want to share my live video and audio, I use iChat or some other program. Not my web browser. (There may be a useful aspect to this, but to me it's just another potential security hole.)

Dear Flash, I loathe you. You are a buggy, flawed, stuttering, choppy mess of a plug-in. You are the only thing that ruins the otherwise perfect enjoyment of my Macs. And you are everywhere. I hope to see the day when you are nothing but a distant bad memory. Sincerely, SWS


Snowwhitesickette reviewed on 02 Sep 2009
Monolingual works well. I used it to remove some of the junk I don't need that clutters up my hard drive. I ran Monolingual to remove each of the three nuisance types it helps you delete. (Languages, keyboard layouts, and architectures.)

When running languages, I unchecked all English options, but I probably would have been fine just leaving English and US English unchecked. Got rid of all keyboard layouts I'll never need, as well as the Intel binary that just clog up my hard drive. Everything was smooth, fast, and worked perfectly.

I was so happy with the results, I ran Monolingual on two more Macs that day. Each Mac had good results, and for each Mac the process was fast, trouble-free and uneventful. Nice app, but people who don't read instructions before diving in, or who don't know what the keyboard layout or architecture type they are deleting is used for, should tread with caution. (Based on reading some of the comments.) Intel binary is nothing I need running a PPC, and deleting it isn't going to cause a problem. But for Intel Macs, I suggest learning about Rosetta and why you might not want to delete PPC code if you don't know if it serves a purpose. Backing up the disk ahead of time is a good idea.

I believe Monolingual could be used to make a DIY optimized version of an application. For instance, if you have a G3, you can remove the architecture for the G4 and G5, as well as Intel and others. I'm going to try optimizing some of my larger Universal apps and see if it helps. I always back up my hard drive with SuperDuper! before doing anything like this, just in case.

Monolingual saved 180MB on one Mac, 250MB on another, and 750MB on the third Mac I tried it with. I always do a custom install when I install OS X, and leave Additional Languages, Printer Drivers and Additional Fonts unchecked. I think the point updates sneak the languages back into the system, because Monolingual found stuff I know I deliberately did NOT install in the OS.

Monolingual worked as advertised for me, and freed up valuable disk space.
[Version 1.3.9]

Snowwhitesickette had trouble on 03 Sep 2009
Freezes and hangs more often than it works. It's supposed to be compatible with Tiger, and it does work. But hangs, sometimes even before any keys are pressed. When it works normally, and too many keys are pressed, it freezes. It gets so locked up force quit doesn't work. I have to use the power button, and this has happened at least five times during the demo period. Not a good thing. I tried it on two computers, but it was the same each time.

Otherwise, it's not my favorite app but my little one really likes it. He laughs constantly when he plays. (Until it locks up, then he gets pretty upset.) Twenty dollars is too much for this app in my opinion, even if it worked properly. But my toddler likes it so much I probably would buy it. There is no chance I'm going to pay twenty dollars for an app that doesn't work. Hopefully the developer is still working on this project, because it definitely appeals to the pre-preschool set.
[Version 2.1.7]

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